The Biological Key to Losing Weight – and Keeping It Off

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If your New Year’s resolution is to “lose weight” or “get into shape” we have some news that may help you reach your goals.

For anyone who has ever lost 10 or 20 pounds… simply to regain them back in no time at all… this will come as no surprise: Your own body fights against losing weight.

“We are machines designed to live through famine,” says British obesity researcher Stephen Bloom. “The only people who lived through [famine] were the ones that were overweight.”

In a small study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Joseph Proietto, a medical professor at the University of Melbourne, noticed that weight loss put dieters into a special – and frustrating – metabolic state. Their bodies started working overtime to regain the weight they’d lost.

“What we see here is a coordinated defense mechanism with multiple components all directed toward making us put on weight,” Dr. Proietto says. Which is why most weight loss treatments fail.

In his study, Dr. Proietto concludes that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to overcome the body’s natural tendency to regain weight.

How can you overcome your body’s fight against weight loss?

3 Keys to Losing Weight for Good

Emerging evidence shows that the first step towards lasting weight loss is understanding three “chemical messengers” that exist naturally in the body.

These chemicals are vital to weight control. They determine how your body reacts to the food you eat. They cause you to feel hungry or full. And they decide how much fat your body burns… or stores.

According to the Mayo Clinic, studies have examined how these chemicals affect your eating habits and play a big role in weight gain.

If you learn how to balance these three chemicals, you can lose weight… and keep it off for good.

The Satiety Chemical

Healthy levels of one of these three chemicals tell your brain that you feel full after eating.

But when those levels become unbalanced, you wind up hungry all the time. And, if you’re overweight, you can become resistant to this chemical. Which means that your body stops listening when it tells you you’re full.

Research shows that exercise may help keep this chemical in check. But you can also keep this chemical in balance by keeping a second chemical under control.

The Fat-Burning Chemical

Like the Satiety Chemical, the Fat-Burning Chemical plays a part in controlling appetite and burning fat.

When levels of this second chemical are low, your body burns fat. But it doesn’t when they’re high.

In fact, this chemical stores fat more easily as you gain weight… and makes it harder for you to lose weight.

When your body is working correctly, low levels of this chemical inhibits appetite. But the problem is that your body can become resistant to this chemical.

The solution to restoring your balance of this chemical is simple. All you have to do is eat the right foods. That doesn’t mean crazy diet drinks or rice cakes but real food that you want to eat.

When you eat these foods, levels of this chemical fall so low that your body burns fat for energy… and that kick-starts weight loss.

But there’s a third chemical that could put your weight-loss efforts in jeopardy…

The Hunger Chemical

This third chemical tells your brain when it’s time to eat. You might call it the Hunger Chemical. Levels of this chemical are high when your stomach is empty, and low when your stomach is full. When all three chemicals are in proper balance, they work together to signal your brain that you’re full… and to tell your body to start burning fat.

But when they are out of balance, the Hunger Chemical takes over. It keeps you hungry.

Dr. Tony Goldstone is a senior clinician scientist at MRC Clinical Sciences Centre at the Imperial College of London and Hammersmith Hospital. He’s studied the Hunger Chemical and found if you give people this chemical, they will not only eat more… but will crave high-calorie foods.

Even worse, another study published in the International Journal of Obesity shows this chemical increases belly fat. Visceral belly fat is especially dangerous because it can lead to life-threatening conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

A “Cure” for Weight Gain?

All three chemicals play a critical role in your body’s ability to burn and store fat.

But, in searching for a “cure” for weight loss, many researchers focus on the Hunger Chemical.

Researchers have uncovered a biochemical compound that may be able to counteract the effects of the Hunger Chemical. This protein – called PYY – is produced naturally by the gastrointestinal tract.

A study published in the journal Obesity Surgery revealed that levels of PYY are lower in morbidly obese participants than they are in non-obese participants… which indicates that this compound may play a critical role in maintaining a healthy weight.

Like the Satiety Chemical, PYY suppresses appetite and makes you feel full. However, people can become resistant to the Satiety Chemical, rendering it ineffective.

That’s why PYY is now getting attention. Preliminary studies – including one published in The New England Journal of Medicine – show that PYY can help reduce levels of the Hunger Chemical.

“As long as [PYY] is high,” says Stephen Bloom, who has studied the protein’s effects on appetite, “it stops you feeling hungry.”

Some scientists are working to create and market an artificial “weight loss drug” based on their knowledge of these chemicals. But there’s no way to know whether synthetic solutions will come with their own man-made risks. It’s much safer to learn how to balance these three chemicals yourself and make them work for you naturally.

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Finally – the Lean Body You’ve Always Wanted!

Imagine if losing weight – and keeping it off – were as simple as flipping a few switches.

If you could turn off the switch that makes you overeat… and turn on the switch that keeps you feeling full… your body could maintain a desirable weight naturally.

When the Hunger Chemical, the Satiety Chemical, and the Fat-Burning Chemical are working correctly, that’s exactly what happens. Your weight evens out easily and naturally.

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