Organic Food Helps You Sleep Better, Study Finds

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Regular Health Watch readers know we’re big fans of eating organic. We’ve told you about research showing that chemical-free food is more nutritious, fights cancer, lowers the risk of Parkinson’s and autism, and even helps protect you from drug-resistant superbug infections.

Now, a recent study finds another reason to go organic…

Insecticides on conventionally raised fruits and vegetables can keep you awake at night.… Read More

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It Raises Your Parkinson’s Risk by 250%…and It’s in Your Food

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Big Agriculture has a problem. And they are making it your problem.

For decades, its most effective weed killer was a chemical made by Monsanto called Roundup. But weeds are becoming resistant to it. Roundup no longer kills many varieties.

So corporate farming operations are turning to a different chemical. It’s called paraquat.

You may have heard of it. It made headlines in the 1970s when the American government sprayed it on marijuana plants in Mexico.… Read More

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5 Simple Tricks to Save Money on Organic Food

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We all know that eating organic foods is an important part of staying healthy.

Chemicals on conventionally grown foods are linked to a long list of serious illnesses. They include cancer, Parkinson’s, birth defects, brain damage, male infertility, asthma, and diabetes.[1] [2]

And that’s just the beginning.

But the problem for many of us is that organic foods are pricey.… Read More