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Avoid This Diet Myth for a Healthy New Year

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With the New Year just around the corner, most folks are thinking about their health… and looking for ways to improve it.

But if you follow the government guidelines on healthy eating, you could be doing yourself more harm than good.

When we first published this story a few months ago, many readers let us know that they were shocked that the government guidelines could stray so far from what’s really healthy.Read More

The Marathon Myth: Quickest Way to a Heart Attack?

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Do marathon runners really drop dead in the middle of a race? And if they do, why does it happen? It doesn’t make sense… shouldn’t they be in great shape?

We’re always told we need to exercise. It’s our best option for strengthening our hearts.

Yet, statistics prove that it’s no myth. Long-distance runners do drop dead. Usually in the middle of a run.… Read More

Enlisting Nature's Help to Battle High Blood Pressure

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Can a simple natural remedy really cut your risk of stroke by 34 percent?

A Cambridge-trained scientist says it can. His findings have been reviewed by Harvard Medical School. And they’ve given them the thumbs up.

As we explained on Tuesday, high blood pressure (HBP) is a life-threatening condition for millions of Americans. And the drugs that combat it pose serious side effects of their own.… Read More

Natural Remedy Reduces Stroke Risk by 34 Percent

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There’s good news for people with high blood pressure (HBP). That’s because new research shows that one simple remedy can significantly lower it.

HBP drugs are big business in the medical industry. But they pose risks of their own… everything from minor ailments like heartburn to life-threatening consequences like kidney damage.

That’s why a group of scientists have been looking at what makes these drugs work.… Read More

Combat High Blood Pressure – Naturally

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Can high blood pressure be lowered using a simple, safe herbal remedy?

Dr. Ann Walker believes it can. As we explained in Tuesday’s message, she’s a Senior Lecturer with Reading University in the UK. She also runs a successful alternative health clinic.

And she’s published a study that shows hawthorn extract can lower blood pressure. Even in people with diabetes.

The extract comes from the hawthorn tree, found in Europe, North America, and Asia.… Read More

Fed to Death: The Truth behind the Rising Tide of Obesity

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The U.S. is facing an obesity crisis.

Dozens of studies have reliably linked obesity to many of today’s worst diseases, including heart disease and diabetes.

And for the first time in history, this generation of children is expected to die younger than the last. If we don’t thwart the obesity crisis… any child or grandchild born today faces an ever-diminishing life span.… Read More