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Your Doctor Takes Your Blood Pressure All Wrong

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When was the last time your health care provider had you sit quietly for 12 minutes before taking your blood pressure?

Probably never.

And that means your readings may be falsely high.

Following the correct procedure when taking blood pressure readings is more important than ever. That’s because a few years ago new guidelines came out on when to treat hypertension.

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Common Blood Pressure Drug May Do More Harm Than Good

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The most widely used type of blood pressure drug may do more harm than good for your heart, according to a major new study.

A research team led by Pennsylvania State University looked at L-type calcium channel blockers (LCCBs). These include verapamil (Calan, Isoptin) and diltiazen (Cardizem).[1]

LCCBs work by keeping excessive calcium from entering blood vessel cells. Too much calcium causes the vessels to become thick and stiff, which raises blood pressure.

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Before You Take a Blood Pressure Drug, Do This

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Since many health professionals spend their days checking patients’ blood pressure, you’d think they’d be really good at it. 

They’re not. 

Busy doctor’s offices routinely rush through the tests. This often ends up with patients getting falsely high readings. They are then put on drugs.

The American College of Cardiology has issued guidelines that are supposed to ensure accurate measurements. The problem is that doctors, nurses, and physician assistants are notoriously bad at following them.

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Why Blood Pressure Drugs Are Dangerous for Seniors

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When you go in for a checkup, one of the first things they do is take your blood pressure. If your numbers are over 130/80, chances are you’ll be prescribed a hypertension drug. 

But if you are older, taking the medication could send you to an early grave. 

That may sound alarmist. But it’s exactly what scientists found in a major new study of 415,980 people.

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Strange Fruit Juice Lowers Blood Pressure

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Maybe you’ve seen the recent headlines…

“Fourth Carcinogen Discovered in Heart Pills Used by Millions”Bloomberg[1]

“Yet Another Lot of Blood Pressure Medication RecalledThis Time for a Possible Carcinogen”USA Today[2] 

It’s just the latest example of how dangerous it can be to use hypertension drugs.

Not only were they recently found to contain a cancer-causing chemical, but many are linked to serious side effects.

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