Why You Should Never Have an Operation in July…

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In your May issue of Independent Healing, we reveal the dark side of medical procedures your surgeon won’t warn you about… Like the three biggest dangers you face when having an operation—a surgical error is just one of them… Why you’re more than 10 times more likely to die from a hospital error than a car crash… And the REAL reasons why experts say these death rates have shot up 400% in less than 20 years.You’ll get access to our proprietary Surgery Survival Guide.… Read More

Blood Type Science: Bogus or Bona Fide?

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In your April issue of Independent Healing, we dug through 21 of the most in-depth studies ever published on blood type. Our research confirmed that your blood type could impact your health in ways you never knew. You’ll find out which blood type can put you at 72% greater risk of developing pancreatic cancer… Another that can make you 80% more likely to face memory loss… And more.We’ll tell you the real reason most doctors overlook blood type science today.… Read More

Give Father Time the Finger: Regain the Stamina, Flexibility, and Healing Power You Had as a Child

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In your March issue of Independent Healing, we reveal how to get in the best shape of your life—at any age—without setting foot in a gym… And how you can “play” your way back to your childhood levels of fitness. You’ll discover how the three most important components of fitness can reverse a decade—or more—of aging… And why you’ll never get this benefit from most conventional exercise.We’ll also tell you how jogging causes your heart to self-destruct… And why running like a kid boosts your heart’s pumping power.… Read More

Relieve Your Heartburn Without a Dangerous Prescription

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In your February issue of Independent Healing, we reveal what Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about their bestselling acid reflux drugs… And how you can get REAL heartburn relief without a prescription. You’ll discover why the drugs your doctor says will fix your problem will only make symptoms worse than ever. And the 30-second quiz that reveals if you really have acid reflux.We’ll also show you the seven steps for eliminating heartburn naturally… And how to keep it from coming back.… Read More