It’s NOT All in Your Head: Why Depression Is Far More Dangerous Than Most People Think…and 7 Natural Ways to Overcome It

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Your November issue of Independent Healing is unlike anything we’ve published before. It’s an in-depth and deeply personal look at depression—one of the most widely-misunderstood illnesses in the U.S. If you or someone you care about has experienced it, you know how devastating it can be.

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7 Breakthroughs in Healing Joints and Eliminating Pain that Helped Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, and Stephen Curry Become Superstars

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In your October issue of Independent Healing, you’ll discover the seven secrets to healing joint injuries and erasing nagging pain. Like the strange injection—it wasn’t a cortisone shot—that saved the career of NBA All-Star Andre Iguodala... It transformed him from benchwarmer to MVP in a matter of weeks. And it can put you back in the game, too.We’ll share our proprietary Ultimate Guide to Pain-Free Joints.… Read More

Neurogenesis: The Secret to Lasting Brain Health

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In your September issue of Independent Healing, you’ll discover the secret to growing new brain cells. It’s called neurogenesis. For decades, prominent scientists said it was impossible. But modern research confirms it isn’t just real—it’s the key to saving your brain from memory loss.We’ll share our proprietary Brain Builder Protocol. It reveals the seven simple steps—you can do them all at home—to creating an unlimited supply of quality brain cells.… Read More

Jimmy Carter’s Cancer Cure Secret: Here’s what saved him… And how you can use the new science of immunotherapy to make yourself cancer-proof

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In your August issue of Independent Healing, you’ll discover the cancer-killing secret that saved Jimmy Carter from certain death. This isn’t the “next big thing” in fighting cancer… It may be what finally beats the disease for good. But you don’t need to have cancer to benefit from this treatment…Our unique Cancer-Proof Protocol provides you with seven tools that activate your body’s most powerful natural defenses against the disease.… Read More

How The Biggest Loser’s Weight-Loss Disaster Can Help You Stay Thin for Life

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In your July issue of Independent Healing, you’ll discover the weight-loss secret most doctors don’t know: Losing weight is more about brain chemistry than hours spent in the gym or restrictive diets. That’s because there’s a hormone that determines how hungry you get and how fast your metabolism works. If you can’t control it, you may still lose weight… But you’ll always struggle to keep it off.… Read More