The Real Reason Diabetics Die

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When it comes to lowering blood sugar, diabetes drugs work... But they won’t save your life. Because it’s not high blood sugar that kills people with diabetes.

In your August issue of Independent Healing, you’ll find out why heart disease is the biggest threat diabetics face…the four blood sugar drugs that can destroy your heart…and the shocking cover-up responsible for 83,000 heart attacks (that we know of).

But we won’t just expose the hidden dangers… You’ll have access to our 5-Step Diabetes Reversal Plan. It includes drug-free, science-backed natural solutions for taming blood sugar. Like the little-known vegetable compound that shuts off your diabetes genes…and a simple metabolism reboot for optimal insulin response.

Plus, you’ll find out why what you do in the bedroom might be giving you Alzheimer’s…and the common drugs that quietly raise your death risk by a shocking 25%.

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