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Coronavirus: Why You Should Never Use Restroom Hand Dryers

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You’re in a public bathroom. Like most people, you’re concerned about the coronavirus. So you make sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

Now you have to dry them. You head toward the paper towel dispenser. But there’s also an electric hand dryer.

Which do you use?

Researchers have found that your decision could mean the difference between catching a nasty virus or not.… Read More

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Coronavirus: One Vitamin May Be the Key to Stopping It

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Here’s the scariest thing about the coronavirus epidemic…

Doctors have no way to prevent it.

And they have nothing that treats it. 

Researchers are working furiously to come up with a vaccine. But it looks like they are at least a year away from developing one. 

They are also trying to come up with antiviral drugs that can treat it. That will also take months, if not years. … Read More

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How People Catch Coronavirus… You Did It 11 Times in the Last Hour

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Wash your hands.

That’s the number one recommendation from mainstream doctors to avoid getting the coronavirus or other viruses that are circulating, such as the cold or flu.

But hand washing is only half the answer.

Here’s why…

Viruses don’t get into your body through your hands. Unless you have a cut or sore, germs can’t penetrate your skin. Your hands can be teeming with coronavirus or flu virus, but you still won’t get sick unless…

You touch your face.… Read More

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Don’t Wait Until You Get Coronavirus to Do This

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Here’s the scariest part of the coronavirus outbreak…

Mainstream medicine has no answers.

They have no vaccine to prevent it. They have no treatments to cure it. Conventional doctors don’t even know exactly how it’s spread.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t protect yourself. You can do it by using the secret of people who never get sick.

You know the type…

When a cold sweeps through the office, they are the people who don’t get it.… Read More

Don’t Freak Out Over Coronavirus. Freak Out Over This Instead.

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You’ve seen the panicked headlines about travel restrictions and quarantines… The photos of terrified people wearing surgical masks and even gas masks…  And the grim news that the coronavirus has arrived in America.[1]

Photo: Science Focus

“This outbreak is unrolling right in front of our eyes,” said the CDC’s Dr. Nancy Messonnier.

It seems like the whole world is freaking out over this highly contagious and deadly illness. … Read More