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Boost Your Heart Health with This ‘Underground’ Omega-3

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Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the single best nutrients your body needs for your overall health and vitality.

And trust me, I’ve talked about them A LOT in Health Watch… especially when it comes to how they benefit your heart health.

The gold standard for most folks getting their omega-3s usually comes from eating fish, or taking an omega-3 fish oil supplement.… Read More

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Predict a HEART ATTACK… With Your Phone? (Wow!)

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When it comes to maintaining optimal heart health, it seems like mainstream medicine is quick to point out plenty of ‘problems’ – but very few SOLUTIONS.

In fact, ask most doctors and they’ll probably tell you outside of taking prescription drugs, the only ‘natural’ ways to prevent a heart attack are to:

  1. exercise for HOURS…
  2. or, consistently eat boring, bland foods.
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[Men] Is Summer Heat Bad for Your Heart?

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Guys, the dog days of summer are officially here.

That means more golf with your friends… or trips to the beach on a hot day.

It also means that some days are beginning to feel downright stifling!

Which is why it’s important that you start taking precautions NOW to avoid heat-related illnesses and conditions like dehydration, fatigue, and heat stroke.

Because according to new research, YOUR HEART could be a causality of the inevitable rising temperatures.… Read More

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Fight Heart Disease… With Your Sweet Tooth? (Yum!)

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Tell me if you’re heard this one before…

You need to stay away from SWEETS if you want a healthy heart.

Sure, eating mounds of sugar-laden chocolate everyday won’t do your heart any favors – and will likely put you down a path to an increased risk of heart disease.

But, maintaining a healthy heart doesn’t mean you need to eat a diet devoid of anything sweet and decadent…

Because today, I’ve got the scoop on how to harness better heart health with your sweet tooth!… Read More