Natural Supplement Shows Promise as COVID Treatment

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The dietary supplement L-arginine shows strong potential to help COVID-19 patients recover faster. 

A double-blind trial tested L-arginine in 90 patients hospitalized with COVID. Half took L-arginine supplements twice a day. The other half took placebo pills.  

The patients taking a placebo were hospitalized for 46 days on average.  

But those who took the supplement recovered much faster. They got out of the hospital three weeks earlier, in an average of 25 days.i 

Dr. Heath McAnally, a physician based in Alaska, called the findings “groundbreaking.”ii 

L-Arginine Cuts Hospital Recovery Time Nearly in Half 


L-arginine is an amino acid that increases nitric oxide in the body. This improves blood vessel health and circulation. This in itself may help COVID recovery. But studies have shown that nitric oxide has other anti-COVID effects as well:  


  • Lab studies have shown that nitric oxide inhibits the ability of the coronavirus to bind to human cells and to replicate.iii 
  • Researchers in France have found that T cells, which are important for fighting off COVID, function better in the presence of increased L-arginine.iv 
  • Other studies have found that people with severe COVID tend to be deficient in L-arginine.  


Dr. McAnally summed up the L-arginine/COVID research this way: “What we think we are seeing here is that L-arginine deficiency leads to a double whammy of enhanced vulnerability to viral entry and replication, and vasculopathy (blood vessel disease.)”v 

L-arginine supplements are typically taken for blood flow issues such as erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure. They are widely available at health food stores and 

If you or someone you know is sick with COVID, show the doctor this article. L-arginine generally has no side effects, so there is little risk in taking it. And it might help speed recovery. 


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