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Coronavirus: Chinese Discover Simple Trick to Support Breathing

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The coronavirus originated in China, so it is Chinese doctors who have the most experience treating it. 

They recently published a scientific paper about a simple trick they used to save patients who were critically ill with COVID-19.

The study was published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care. Doctors looked at coronavirus patients in Wuhan with acute respiratory distress syndrome.

This is a life-threatening condition in which fluid fills the lungs. Breathing becomes difficult. Oxygen levels drop. Patients must be put on a ventilator to keep them alive.[i]

Like most other hospital patients, those on a ventilator typically lie in bed on their back.

The Chinese doctors analyzed the effect of body positioning on patients’ breathing. They had some patients switch between lying face down and face up. The researchers measured the patients’ lung volume and airway pressure.

They discovered something surprising…

When they turned severely ill COVID-19 patients onto their stomachs, they often did better. Their lungs became stronger. They recovered.[ii]

‘The Lung Improves’ When the Patient is Lying Face Down

Dr. Chun Pan, a study co-author, said that when patients are on their backs, a ventilator can actually cause “more harm than benefit.”

But when lying face down, “the lung improves,” he said.

If you find yourself or a loved one ill enough from COVID-19 to require a ventilator, show the attending physician the Chinese study. You can access it HERE.

Coronavirus kills by making it impossible to breathe. And this new research shows that simply changing position in bed may be the key to better lung function…and survival.

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