Study Uncovers the Key to Preventing Cancer and Heart Disease

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If you can avoid heart disease and cancer, you can expect to live a long life. That’s because these two conditions kill more Americans than all other illnesses combined.[1]

Now, a major analysis shows that one nutrient may be the key to preventing both.

The study comes from Edith Cowan University in Australia. It followed the diets of more than 53,000 people for 23 years.

Researchers found that people who consistently consume moderate to high amounts of foods rich in flavonoids had a lower risk of dying from heart disease or cancer. The protective effect was particularly strong for those who smoke or drink too much.[2]

Flavonoids are compounds found in plants. They are powerful antioxidants. They are known to improve blood vessel function and are anti-inflammatory.

5 Foods You Should Eat Every Day to Stop Cancer and Heart Disease 

Dr. Nicola Bondonno was the study’s lead researcher. She noted that it’s important to consume “a variety of different flavonoid compounds found in different plant-based food and drink.”[3]

Dr. Bondonno recommends this combination of flavonoid-rich foods in a daily diet:

  • One cup of green tea
  • One orange
  • One apple
  • 3 ½ ounces of blueberries
  • 3 ½ ounces of broccoli

Combined, these foods provide a wide range of flavonoid compounds and over 500 mg of total flavonoids. The study found that people who consumed around 500 mg of flavonoids daily had the lowest cancer and heart disease risk.

It can get monotonous to eat the same foods every day. The following are more food choices, grouped by the type of flavonoids they contain. Choose one or two from each type to eat daily for maximum benefits:

  • Flavonones: Grapefruits, lemons, tomatoes.
  • Anthocyanidins: Strawberries, pears, cabbage, garbanzo beans, cherries, red wine.
  • Flavones: Hot peppers, celery, watermelon, parsley, cantaloupe.
  • Flavonols: Romaine lettuce, almonds, quinoa, sweet potatoes.
  • Flavanols: Dark chocolate, fava beans, grapes, white tea.

Cancer and heart disease are the two biggest threats to your well-being and longevity. Preventing them should be your number one health priority.

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