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Coffee Wakes Up Obesity-Fighting Brown Fat

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Can coffee help you lose weight??

Plenty of dieters use coffee or other caffeinated drinks to curb their appetites. But researchers have found that coffee works through another mechanism to help make you thinner.

A new lab study shows that when you drink coffee, you activate brown fat in your body. It promotes a process called thermogenesis, which generates heat.

And it does another thing as well… It burns calories.

The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports. Researchers had subjects drink coffee. At the same time, they used high-tech imaging to observe brown fat in subjects’ necks.[1]

Dr. Michael Symonds was the study leader. He said the imaging revealed that brown fat “got hotter.” That means it was burning calories.[2] 

Scientists used to think that brown fat existed only in animals that hibernate and in human babies. In 2007, it was discovered in adults.[3]

Most fat (the yellow or white variety) stores energy. “Brown fat works in a different way,” said Dr. Symonds. It burns sugar and fat, often in response to cold. So, when activated, it helps control blood sugar and cholesterol. And it promotes weight loss.

The study is great news for people who like coffee.

“The potential implications of our results are pretty big,” said Dr. Symonds. “Obesity is a major health concern and we also have a growing diabetes epidemic. Brown fat could potentially be part of the solution to tackling them.”

Drink Coffee to Activate Your Brown Fat

To get the activate brown fat, the study authors recommend you drink your coffee strong and black. Adding sugar or other sweeteners may cancel its weight-loss effects. 

The researchers believe that it is the caffeine in the coffee that activates brown fat. Therefore, decaf likely won’t have the same effect.

Scientists said they used “doses compatible with human use.” In other words, you can get a fat-burning benefit by drinking one or more cups per day.

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