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Why Brushing Your Teeth Could Save You From Alzheimer’s

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Regular brushing and flossing can help you keep your teeth into old age. A new study shows it may also help you keep your mental sharpness.

Scientists at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry infected the mouths of mice with P. gingivalis. This is a type of bacteria that causes periodontitis. It’s the most serious form of gum disease.

The researchers saw P. gingivalis spread into the rodents’ brains. There it generated beta-amyloid. That’s a protein largely responsible for causing Alzheimer’s disease. The bacteria also caused brain inflammation. It’s is linked to dementia.[i]

This backs up scientists’ suspicions that P. gingivalis is linked to Alzheimer’s in people. They have found that human Alzheimer’s victims often have P. gingivalis in their brains. These patients’ brains also have higher levels of gingipain. It’s a toxin secreted by the gum-disease bacteria.

Professor Jan Potempa was lead researcher. He said there are a number of ways that P. gingivalis could invade the brain. “There are a lot of nerves going into our mouth which have direct connection to the brain,” he said. “If the bacteria get into these nerves, it can translocate directly to the brain.”[ii]

Here’s something even more disturbing…

About half of Americans have periodontal disease. This puts them at higher risk for Alzheimer’s, according to the study.[iii]

Save Your Teeth, Save Your Mind

To prevent gum disease (and therefore possibly Alzheimer’s) you should brush your teeth twice a day. Also floss daily. See your dentist for annual cleanings.[iv]

But avoid toothpaste that contains triclosan. It’s a chemical that the FDA banned from soap in 2016, but not from toothpaste. This makes no sense, as triclosan is linked to reproductive and thyroid problems, hormone disruption in children, and cancer.[v]

There’s no evidence that triclosan toothpastes do a better job killing P. gingivalis.

Many toothpaste brands also contain other harmful chemicals linked to cancer, such as sodium lauryl sulfate and diethanolamine. Look for natural brands without toxic substances.

Two natural toothpaste brands received top safety scores from the Environmental Working Group. They are Arganat and David’s Natural Toothpaste.

You should also avoid dental floss that contains PFAs or Teflon coating. They are linked to cancer, thyroid disease, and other serious illnesses. Make sure to buy either wax-coated or non-coated floss only.

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