A new study shows that whey protein supplements lower blood pressure and boost heart health.

Protein Drinks Cut Heart Attack and Stroke Risk

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Whey protein drinks have long been used by bodybuilders to add muscle. More recently, they’ve become popular among seniors seeking a way to stay strong as they age.

But new research shows that protein supplements may be good for everyone. A surprising UK study found they lower blood pressure and cut the risk of heart attack and stroke.1

Researchers at the University of Reading had 38 people with borderline high blood pressure drink two commercial powdered whey protein shakes per day for eight weeks. Each drink contained 56 grams of protein.2

The drinks contributed about 10% of the subjects’ recommended daily calorie intake. They removed an equal number of calories from their diets to prevent weight gain.

The participants wore heart and blood pressure monitoring devices. They also periodically underwent blood analysis and heart imaging tests.

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The protein drinks caused improvement in a wide range of heart health markers. Subjects’ blood pressure dropped by about 8%. Triglycerides were cut by 12%. LDL or “bad” cholesterol fell 5%. The flexibility of blood vessels improved.3

The study was published recently the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Professor Iain Givens was co-leader of the research. He said all the protein-induced improvements are linked to lower heart attack and stroke risk.

There are many whey protein drinks on the market. But you should look for grass-fed varieties that are soy-free. One brand we recommend is ProMix. Although many people mix protein powder with milk, the new study used water.

If you’re worried about your heart, there other ways you can protect yourself. Our researchers pinpointed a substance that lowers heart risk by up to 15% in just three months.

If you want to save your heart, I urge you to learn more now.

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