Health warnings about eggs are all wrong. New U.S. diet guidelines have finally caught up to current science. Here's why you shouldn't skip eggs.

Why Every Man Should Eat Egg Yolks

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You no longer need to feel guilty when you eat eggs for breakfast. And those terrible-tasting egg white omelets? It’s time to go back to the real thing.

Doctors have taken a fresh look at egg yolks and cholesterol studies. They’ve determined that the good old egg is great for your health. The conventional wisdom about cholesterol in the yolk damaging your heart? Forget about it.1

“Cutting dietary cholesterol is almost irrelevant when it comes to promoting healthy blood cholesterol levels and heart health,” said Donald K. Layman. He is professor emeritus of food science and human nutrition at the University of Illinois.

He and many integrative doctors have championed the egg’s tremendous health value for years.

The misconception about the cholesterol dangers of egg yolks started in the 1940s. A massive research project known as the Framingham study linked high blood cholesterol levels to a greater risk of heart disease and heart attack. Since men have a higher incidence of heart disease than women, doctors often warned men to avoid eggs.

But now researchers have reviewed that landmark study and concluded its cholesterol findings are bunk.

“Less than half of people in the study who had heart disease had high cholesterol levels,” Professor Layman said. “High cholesterol wasn’t even as good as a coin toss at predicting heart disease.”

The only people who need to stay away from egg yolks are those with a rare condition that prevents them from metabolizing dietary cholesterol.

How total is this egg yolk reversal? Last year, a study published in the American Heart Journal concluded that it is perfectly fine for heart disease patients to eat up to three eggs a day.

And also last year, the official U.S. Dietary Guidelines deleted its long-standing recommendation to avoid foods with cholesterol.2

Eggs are among the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat. They’re like nature’s multivitamin.3 Men, especially, should eat eggs regularly. That’s because men’s higher muscle mass requires more protein.

Eggs are not only high in protein, but they contain essential amino acids that make protein easier to absorb.

The Healthiest Kind of Egg

When you go into the supermarket these days, you’ll see all kinds of different eggs. But there’s one variety you should choose: organic pastured eggs.

The hens that produce these eggs are not given antibiotics or other drugs. They eat a natural diet rather than being force-fed soy, cottonseed meal, or synthetic additives. You may notice the yolks are more deeply orange-colored. That’s a sign of increased nutrients.

A Penn State University study found that pastured eggs are higher in vitamins A and E. They also have more heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids.4

We applaud mainstream health authorities for finally admitting they were wrong about eggs… And here are five more reasons you should eat eggs.

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