Campbell Soup is getting rid of BPA from its cans. Here’s a list of food makers that still use BPA and ones that don’t.

Stay Away from BPA: These Food Brands Still Use This Nasty Chemical

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Natural health advocates scored a huge victory when food giant Campbell Soup announced it would completely switch to cans that do not use the chemical bisphenol A (BPA).

INH has warned of BPA dangers for years. This chemical is used in plastics and in the epoxy lining of cans.

It disrupts your natural hormone production. It’s linked to a myriad of health problems. They include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, infertility, asthma, and migraines.1

BPA is strongly tied to breast cancer. It has been shown to damage DNA in breast tissue cells. This can lead to cancer.2

Campbell is the world’s biggest soup maker. With its announcement, other big food companies are expected to follow suit and go BPA-free. This is great news. And it’s long overdue.

The problem is that it will take years to phase out BPA. Campbell won’t be entirely BPA-free until mid-2017. What should you do in the meantime?

Of course, whenever possible it’s best to eat fresh foods instead. Frozen is the second-best choice. But it’s not easy to avoid canned foods altogether. You should know that many smaller companies (and a few large ones), have already taken BPA out of their cans.

The Environmental Working Group is a nonprofit consumer organization.3 It has compiled a list of brands that still use BPA and ones that don’t.

Canned Food Brands with BPA

A Taste of Thai           Andersen’s           Amour         Bar Harbor

Bookbinders         Brooks          Bruce’s          Bush’s

Carnation          Casa Fiesta          Chef Boyardee

Del Monte         Dinty Moore         Food Club          Goya

Green Giant         Hormel          La Choy

Musselman’s          Ocean Spray          Progresso

Spam         Valu Time          Vancamp’s


BPA-Free Brands  

Ace of Diamonds          American Tuna          Amy’s

Annie’s Homegrown         Beach Cliff         Bearitos

Bionaturae          Earth’s Best Organic          Earthpure

Farmer’s Market          Genova            Health Valley

Imagine            Juanita’s            Jyoti Natural Foods

King Oscar          Lucini Italia          Muir Glen         Native Forest

Natural Sea          Pillar Rock           Port Clyde

Raincoast Training            Read              Seneca

Sprouts Farmers Market         Tyson          Walnut Acres

Westbrae Natural

Keep yourself and your family safe. Stay away from BPA.

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Publisher, INH Health Watch

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  1. “Campbell’s” is the biggest canned soup distributor of all time, and it is not listed in either the ‘with BPA’ or BPA-free categories. ‘Habitant’ is also worthy of listing.

  2. Eden Brand does Not have BPA products and their label says “BPA FREE”….. HOW CAN THE CONSUMER KNOW FOR SURE the ones you list are truly BPA FREE Since they do NOT have BPA free on their labels !!!???

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