A certain kind of leg cramp can be a symptom of peripheral artery disease (PAD). PAD patients have a high risk for a heart attack.

Certain Type of Leg Cramp Can Signal a Coming Heart Attack

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Most of us think of leg cramps as painful but innocuous. Drink some water, eat a banana, and everything will be OK.

But a certain type of cramp can be a sign you’re headed for a heart attack. In fact, nearly a quarter of people with this kind of cramp die within five years from a heart attack or heart disease.1

Typical leg cramps strike at night or during exercise. Even though they can be painful, they go away quickly. They can be a sign of dehydration or electrolyte imbalance.2

The kind of cramp you have to worry about is different. It persists and stays with you throughout the day. It may affect your ability to walk.

This type of cramp may indicate a condition called peripheral artery disease (PAD). It’s caused by blocked arteries in your legs.

If your legs have blockages, the chances are high your heart has them, too. Without treatment, PAD sufferers face a major risk of heart death. Among those who have difficulty walking, as many as half will die of heart problems within five years.3

If you have a leg cramp that doesn’t go away, don’t delay seeing your doctor.

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