Diagnosing cancer is the key to being cured. Here are five surprising early warning signs that you may have cancer.

5 Surprising Signs Cancer Is Growing in Your Body

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A woman in England started craving lettuce. Soon she was eating four entire heads a day. Her worried husband, a forensic scientist, felt there had to be a medical reason for her craving.1

His research revealed that lettuce contains sulforaphane. This is a compound that slows the growth of cancer cells. Could her body be craving lettuce to fight cancer?

The husband asked his wife to see their doctor. An exam confirmed his worst fear. She had cancer.

But the mother of three has now made a full recovery from breast cancer thanks to the early diagnosis. She credits her husband’s research for saving her life.2

Most people know that an unusual lump or strange mole can be symptoms of cancer. But the case of the woman who craved lettuce shows that early signs can be things you’d never associate with cancer. And being aware of them can be the difference between life and death.

This year about 564,800 Americans are expected to die of cancer. That’s more than 1,500 people a day.3 But you don’t have to be one of them.

Never Ignore These Symptoms

Here are five surprising early warning signs:

  1. Heartburn. Coffee, soda, and overeating can bring on heartburn. But frequent, unexplained heartburn can indicate cancer of the ovaries or esophagus. If a change in eating habits doesn’t end the heartburn, see a doctor.41
  1. Craving ice. A craving to eat ice, sand, soil, or chew on something metallic can be a sign of iron deficiency. But it can also signal internal blood loss. It can be an early symptom of gastrointestinal or bladder cancer.5
  1. Bloating. We suffer bloating when we eat too much. But frequent, unexplained bloating in women can indicate ovarian cancer. This is especially true if it’s accompanied by a dull ache in the stomach and unexplained weight loss.6
  1. Reddened skin on breast. A lump is not the only warning for breast cancer. Redness of the breast is a sign of inflammatory breast cancer. This is an aggressive form of the disease. It is often missed by a mammogram.7
  1. Diarrhea with facial flushing. These two symptoms together can signal a neuroendocrine tumor. They can indicate cancer arising from the hormone-producing cells in the body.8

If you have any of these signs and they persist, you should see your doctor.

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