The crazy presidential campaign is filling Americans with anxiety, say psychologists.

Traumatized Over Trump? Crazed by Clinton? You’re Not Alone

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Is the presidential campaign putting your anxiety meter into overdrive?

It’s turns out that lots of people are stressed out over politics. Psychologists report an uptick in visits from patients who say they are suffering anxiety from this year’s wild primary season.1

Patients often experience acute anxiety after a fight over politics with a family member or friend, doctors say.

Donald Trump’s unexpected surge is cited as a reason for many of the anxiety attacks. But there are plenty of people alarmed by the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency, too.

Mental health professionals recommend two commonsense steps to ease political angst:

  • Take a media break. Avoid TV news shows or websites with inflammatory commentary.
  • Avoid talking politics. If you know a family member or friend disagrees with you, talk about something other than the election.2

And we have one other piece of advice: Drink more green tea. It contains L-theanine. This is a natural amino acid. It blocks neurons from sending stress signals.

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