Harvard research reveals that fiber lowers breast cancer risk. But some high-fiber foods can actually damage your health. Here’s what you need to know.

Fiber Protects Against Breast Cancer—But Just Say ‘No’ to Grains

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Thousands of women are looking for fiber in all the wrong places.

Why is that? It’s because a Harvard study made big news recently by declaring that dietary fiber greatly lowers the risk of breast cancer.1 And conventional doctors will steer women to the worst possible food source of fiber.

The study is impressive. It followed more than 44,000 women for almost 25 years. Scientists found those who ate the most fiber were up to 20% less likely to develop breast cancer than those who ate the least.

The study does not prove cause and effect. But the idea that a high-fiber diet protects against cancer is not new. Prior studies have shown that fiber lowers the risk of colon cancer.2 It’s also linked to lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

But there’s a catch. Not all fiber is created equal. You need to eat the right kind. Otherwise you could do yourself more harm than good.

Mainstream doctors generally tout whole grains as the best fiber source. That’s a mistake. Eating grains—whole or not—causes inflammation.3

Inflammation is at the root of some of the most serious health conditions, such as heart disease, arthritis… And cancer.

Three of the most common grains—wheat, barley, and rye—also come with gluten. Many people try to avoid this protein because they find it disrupts their digestion.

There are plenty of healthy high-fiber options that don’t promote inflammation or wreck digestion:4

  • Almonds (3.4 grams per ounce)
  • Apples (5 grams per medium apple. Be sure to eat the peel. That’s where most of the fiber is.)
  • Broccoli (5 grams per ounce)
  • Chickpeas (11 grams per cup)
  • Raspberries (8 grams per cup)

Harvard researchers say women should aim for 26 grams of fiber a day for optimal breast cancer protection.

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