Treat Ear Pain Fast With a Little-Known Plant

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When you get an ear infection, your first instinct is probably to run to the doctor.  But hold on…

About 90% of ear infections will clear up on their own.1 So you’ll most likely wind up with antibiotics that you don’t actually need. Drugs usually don’t help you get relief any faster than if you weren’t taking anything at all.

Of course, with that kind of pain, it’s no surprise you’d want the fastest relief. But consider the real source of that pain… Inflammation. And antibiotics do nothing to treat it.

There is something that works better—and faster—than prescriptions or drops. In fact, it can end your ear pain in just three days. 2

It’s a plant that grows wild by the side of the road. Maybe you’ve even seen it. Studies show that using the extract of the plant by itself is even more effective than using it together with an antibiotic.3

Mullein also treats diarrhea and respiratory infections. It’s why European settlers made sure to bring it with them on their voyage to the Americas.

This plant works better than antibiotics because it relieves inflammation in the ear canal. 4

You may know mullein as “beggar’s blanket” or “fluffweed.”5 Here’s how it works…

The fluid in your middle ear drains through your Eustachian tube and into your throat. When fluid builds up, it becomes prone to infection.

Anything that makes this tube swell up can stop the fluid from draining. That means a cold, sinus infection, allergies, and even changes in weather can lead to an ear infection. The common symptoms you know all too well – fever, intense pain, vomiting, and even hearing loss in the infected ear. 6 That’s where this “weed” comes in.

Mullein has natural anti-inflammatory properties.7 When you apply the oil directly to your ear, it reduces the inflammation of your Eustachian tube.

You may find mullein growing alongside a local road. It could be growing somewhere on your own property. But that doesn’t make it safe to use. It’s hard to know what sort of environmental toxins, like pesticides and car exhaust, it has been exposed to.8 Instead, you can purchase clean mullein oil or tea in health stores and online. It’s also an ingredient in several herbal complex supplements.

What natural remedies do you use to get rid of ear pain? Tell us about them below.

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  1. Mullein is excellent for the purposes mentioned. But, when you have that “cold” it is also a good tea for the relief of congestion. And, here is something on the order of fantastic. If you put a little of dried mullein into a “bowl” (tobacco pipe or other) and smoke it, it will stop a cough just about immediately. Its excellent for those coughing spells. I’m not talking recreational use here, or smoking it all the time. But its tars are medicinal for the lungs. So, while you have the cold……Smoking anything also produces carbon monoxide which replaces oxygen. So, the use I am recommending is only to be used when unable to rest due to coughing spasms. BTW, this is something I actually do. It works for me.

    1. I pick mullein leaves all summer and make a tea (3 leaves chopped in 1 litre of water). A cup a day is beneficial for my husband’s emphysema. In winter you can buy tea bags or dried leaves from a health food store, or on-line.

  2. Decades ago, when I was a kid, my mother had me rub mullein leaves on warts. They did disappear.

  3. Can it really be used to help INNER ear infections? Adding into the ear will not reach the inner canals and sure won’t reach the eustachian tube to help it drain. Would love to use it if it would help, though. Will a tea still help somehow?

  4. My sinus are tender and head and ears feel stopped up. How do I use this or is there something else to do. Will go to dr. Soon if not better. Started Sudafed today. Thank you.

    1. Sudafed and any other antihistamines will make it worse and probably end with a sinus infection. It used to happen to me with every cold until I wised up. The real object is to let it flow. Lots of vitamin C (preferably Lypo-Spheric), and enough vitamin D. Echinacea/Goldenseal and andrographis may help. Irrigate nasal passages with Xlear or warm salt water.

  5. I have been using mullein oil for ear aches for years — learned about as a Mom and now I am a grandma. We have it on hand all the time. We have an area that is away from roads where we go to harvest the blossoms so they don’t have exhaust fume toxins in it. If you are not sure of a clean harvest, please go to a reliable health foods supplier!

    1. Dear Jill,
      How do you make the oil, please? Do you steep the blossoms or leaves in olive oil?

  6. I had my ear problem for a month my dr,don’t know what to do,I can it hear from my left ear.

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