Your doctor will probably push an ACE inhibitor on you for hypertension. But this natural extract is as strong as a prescription and comes with none of the risk.

This Natural Extract Fights Hypertension Without Putting You at Risk

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If you’re one of the 1-in-3 Americans with high blood pressure, then you know all too well… It can seem impossible to keep it under control. And forget trying to reverse it.

Sure, Big Pharma has plenty of pills that may help you regulate your blood pressure. But they could leave you with a dry cough, kidney damage, or erectile dysfunction. We’ll take a pass, thank you very much.

Especially since there are natural solutions to beat high blood pressure once and for all.

According to a new study, a natural extract from a familiar plant can help. In fact, it’s just as effective at lowering blood pressure as a prescription. And it doesn’t come with any of the dangers.

One study followed 20 pairs of identical twins with borderline high blood pressure. So they didn’t quite have hypertension. (But if they had visited a doctor, he probably would have whipped out his prescription pad anyway.)

The subjects were given either a placebo or this extract each day for two months.

The twins taking just 1 gram each day lowered their combined blood pressures by a total of 15 points in eight weeks.1 Talk about potent. But there’s more research that shows just how strong it really is…

Like olive oil, olive leaf extract contains oleuropein. It’s a powerful polyphenol that can help fight oxidative stress and inflammation.

Maybe you don’t like the taste of olive oil. Maybe it’s hard for you to find a quality, organic variety that won’t put a dent in your wallet. Olive leaf extract is a convenient and inexpensive alternative for your daily dose of oleuropein.

In fact, there’s more of it in the olive leaves than the olives themselves. That means the extract is a better source of oleuropein than olive oil.2 And research continues to show just how effective it can be.

Another study shows that 1 gram of olive leaf extract each day for eight weeks is just as powerful at lowering blood pressure as 50 mg of the popular prescription ACE inhibitor Captopril. Oh, and did we mention the side effects for that one? Swelling, fatigue, bruising, and irregular heartbeat are just the beginning. 3 It can cause kidney damage and even liver failure.4 And roughly half of Americans with hypertension use an ACE inhibitor as their only means of lowering their blood pressure.5

So this study proved a natural extract worked just as well, but with one major difference… Olive leaf extract is safe and natural. Although it does have side effects…like killing harmful bacteria, clearer skin, and regular bowel movements.6 Not exactly a hard choice to make!

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