Don’t let doctors fool you… Research shows the best treatment for tennis elbow is one they’ll never recommend.

The Best Treatment for Tennis Elbow Is Your Doctor’s Worst Nightmare

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If you walk into a doctor’s office complaining of tennis elbow, two things will likely happen… You’ll get a steroid shot. Which can be very painful. And you’ll walk out with a prescription for physical therapy.

But a new study out of Norway finds these standard treatments don’t work.1 Even worse? Steroid shots, while bringing short-term relief, actually make matters worse in the long run. They seem to delay tendon repair. This means a longer recovery.

Tennis elbow is the common term for elbow pain caused when you overuse arm, forearm, and hand muscles. It strikes not only tennis players, but golfers, baseball players, bowlers, and gardeners.

People who work in professions requiring repetitive motions are prone to tennis elbow, too. These include landscapers, house cleaners, carpenters, mechanics, and assembly-line workers.2

How can you tell if you have tennis elbow?

Try this simple trick… If you have elbow pain, check to see if it gets worse when you shake someone’s hand or squeeze an object. If so, you likely have tennis elbow.

What should you do next?

It turns out, the best treatment is no treatment. But you likely won’t hear this from doctors… They’d rather keep doling out useless—and harmful—treatments to turn a profit.

First, stop doing whatever caused the pain in the first place. When the discomfort subsides, go back to the activity gradually. Start with 5 minutes, building slowly. If your pain recurs, back off until it again subsides. When you resume, take care not to overdo it.

If you’re like the vast majority of sufferers, you’ll soon be back in the game. That’s because most cases of tennis elbow heal within a year–with or without treatment.3

While you’re recovering, try rubbing some capsaicin gel or cream on your elbow. It’s a potent painkiller made from the same compound that gives hot peppers their kick. You can find it online and in many vitamin stores.

What natural solutions help you speed up recovery from tennis elbow? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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  1. I had tennis elbow for over a year, did the arm band and physical therapy, but nothing seemed to help. Then I went to a chiropractor and he used a tool that he rubbed/rolled on my arm to break up the scar tissue and I haven’t had a problem since. Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the tool.

  2. Years ago I ran across a very effective treatment (therapy) for tennis elbow. While taking a shower run as hot a water on your elbow as you can stand without discomfort, and then take a wet wash cloth and squeeze as hard as you can it in your hand while running the hot water on your elbow. Tennis elbow pain will go away in a few days. Then continue to do this routinely, and you probably will never have tennis elbow again! It works. I know by experience.

    Jack Guthrie

  3. We do a very simple and gentle adjustment which clears tennis elbow in one. Better than all the instructions above. Finally we teach our patients how to do it for themselves. No problems.

  4. Acupuncture is extremely effective also. When I was undergoing my (acupuncture)training, two of my fellow students treated me for tennis elbow, from which I had suffered on and off for years. Each of them inserted one needle – one at the elbow crease and one behind the wrist bone (L.I.11 and S.I.6). For a couple of days after, the pain got worse, but by the end of the week it disappeared completely and HAS NEVER COME BACK.
    I have treated many people successfully for this problem with acupuncture.

  5. Years ago, an engineer gave me the solution to tennis elbow. It’s not a “magic pill” or quick fix. But it’s a permanent cure.

    The secret has to do with vibration. You have to reduce the vibration coming off the racquet and being absorbed by your elbow and tendons. Then, gradually, your tendons can heal.

    You can reduce vibration three ways: 1) by using a string dampener; 2)by using a therapeutic Velcro elbow band that wraps around your forearm, which absorbs the shock of the ball coming up your racquet.

    But the most important way is to build up the muscles of your forearm with weights and exercises. The stronger and bigger your forearm muscles, the more they absorb vibration.

    Okay. Long answer. But this will permanently cure tennis elbow and keep it away.

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