Cutting your risk of lung cancer—the deadliest kind of cancer—may be as simple as getting more of this vitamins, new research finds.

This Vitamin Turns the Tables on the #1 Cancer Death Threat

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Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in men and women worldwide.1

Smoking and inhaling secondhand smoke are a couple of the main risk factors. But you already know about those. And they’re not the only ones…

Of course, family history can put you in danger (although not as much as some people think). Exposure to asbestos from building materials or radon—a naturally occurring radioactive gas—puts you at risk as well.2

Radon seeps into basements from soil rich in uranium, thorium, and radium deposits.3 This occurs most often in Midwestern and Eastern states. It can also enter homes without a basement.

Despite the risks all around us, new research shows getting adequate amounts of one super nutrient can help us prevent this pervasive form of cancer…

A team of researchers from Soochow University in China did an exhaustive analysis. For every 10-point increase in their blood levels of this nutrient, participants were 5% less likely to develop tumors in their lungs.4

In fact, if you get the right amount of this vitamin, you could even cut in half your chances of getting lung cancer. Talk about good news…

What is this nutrient?

I’m talking about vitamin D.

Best of all, raising your levels couldn’t be easier. Just step outside and get some sunlight each day. For a light-skinned person, all it takes is roughly 10 minutes of direct skin exposure to get a healthy daily dose.

If you live where the sun likes to hide—or have a darker complexion—your best option is to take a whole food-sourced vitamin D3 supplement. Look for one that gives you a 5,000 IU dose each day. Avoid supplements with the D2 form of the vitamin. It’s not as potent.5

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