Research shows chocolate can help you lose weight without the hunger, fatigue, and sour mood. Thanks to a little-known compound. Discover it here.

Surprising Weight Loss Booster: Chocolate

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What if I told you the secret to successful weight loss was to eat more chocolate? No, this isn’t one of those too-good-to-be-true scenarios.

The main ingredient in chocolate is cacao powder. It’s rich in theobromine—a little-known compound that allows you to lose weight without feeling tired, grumpy, and hungry all the time.

Research out of the Netherlands found it combats mental fogginess, a common complaint of dieters.1 Another study found it can improve your mood and boost your brain power.2 It can also help you maintain healthy blood pressure.3

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…

Study participants in Denmark who ate dark chocolate were less hungry and had fewer food cravings than people who ate milk chocolate. That’s likely because dark chocolate contains more theobromine than any other type of chocolate.

It may even help raise healthy—HDL—cholesterol.4

So how do you start benefitting from the weight loss effects of theobromine?

Enjoy a little organic dark chocolate every day. Look for bars that contain 70-85% cacao. The higher the cacao content, the better. Just don’t fall for ones that have healthy-sounding additions like blueberries. These are often high in sugar.

Once you find a chocolate bar you like, try melting it over a double boiler and covering some raw, organic almonds with it. The healthy fats in the nuts can further help you say “no” to food cravings and stay satiated throughout the day.

Or you can scoop raw, organic cacao powder into your smoothies.

But the best way to use chocolate to help you lose weight is to take a supplement containing 18 mg of theobromine. Be sure it comes from the whole fruit of the Theobroma cacao tree… This is the purest form.

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