The American Heart Association may soon tell you to lower your blood pressure below 120 mm Hg… But getting there may put your health in danger.

What Doctors Won’t Tell You About the New Blood Pressure Study

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Big Pharma’s at it again…

A new study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) could prompt yet another revision to the American Heart Association’s (AHA) guidelines.

The current systolic (top number) blood pressure (SBP) they tell you to aim for is 140 mm Hg. But the new findings suggest lowering SBP to 120 mm Hg reduced heart attack, heart failure, and stroke risk by about a third. Researchers also claim it dropped death risk by almost 25%.1

There’s no doubt lowering your blood pressure helps you take control of your health. But for Big Pharma, these findings mean only one thing… Just one big money grab.

The NIH started their study in 2009. It included more than 9,300 participants ages 50 and older. They all had high blood pressure and at least one other major risk factor for heart disease.

Researchers split the participants into two groups. The first group had to lower their SBP to 140 mm Hg or below. The second group had to hit 120 mm HG or lower. They didn’t do this with lifestyle changes… Both groups were put on prescription drugs to reach their goals. In fact, most people in the second group took about three different drugs at the same time.

Sure, the medications helped participants reach their target SBP number. But taking these drugs set them up for unnecessary—and dangerous—risks… Not to mention, the NIH pulled the plug on the study the moment they got the results they wanted. A whole year early. Which also means participants had less time for the side effects to kick in…

One common blood pressure drug causes rapid heartbeat, chest pain, and lightheadedness. Not exactly things you want to worry about when you have high blood pressure… Another causes confusion, blurred vision, and nausea. Combine one of these with other drugs your doctor may put you on… Like ACE inhibitors or beta-blockers… And the side effects could make it hard to function.

Don’t rely on your doctor’s prescription pad for an answer. You can take charge of your heart health today… Without the fear of side effects.

Your best solution is exercise. You can reduce your risk of high blood pressure by 20% with just 15 minutes of high-intensity exercise a day.4 Another easy trick is to eat more beets. They’re high in natural nitrates that help lower blood pressure. One study found drinking 500 mL of beet juice helped subjects drop their blood pressure by 10 points in 3 hours.5

There are tests you can request at your next doctor’s visit to help you know if your heart’s at risk… But I’m not talking about blood pressure readings…

About half of them are wrong. And doctors disagree 42% of the time about whether or not an angiogram test shows any cause for concern.

Even the AHA admits more than half of men who die of heart disease show no symptoms. But it’s not because the symptoms weren’t there… Doctors just couldn’t find them.

Discover the little-known test that detects heart disease quicker than the ones used in every doctors’ office and hospital across the country… And how a natural “warrior extract” can treat it without any toxic statins or dangerous surgeries.

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