High or low blood pressure readings aren’t the only vital signs putting your life at risk. One overlooked factor could increase your odds of dying by 60%.

How Uneven Blood Pressure Readings Hint at Heart Danger

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Your doctor puts that Velcro cuff around your arm and checks your blood pressure (BP) at every visit. And there’s a good reason for that…

High blood pressure—hypertension—killed 61,762 Americans in 2009.1 It may also tip you off to serious health problems… Like heart disease and stroke.

And although it doesn’t get as much attention, studies show low BP is a threat, too. If your reading is always below 85/55… A heart attack—or heart failure—could be in your future.2

But there’s another factor that’s easy to overlook… And that could be a fatal mistake.

According to new findings from the University of Alabama, fluctuations in your blood pressure—up or down—may be just as menacing. About 26,000 people participated in a study. The results were shocking…

People whose BP went up or down by about 15 points over the course of seven doctors’ visits were 25% more likely to experience heart failure.3 They were also 30% more likely to die from heart disease or to have a nonfatal heart attack. This group was also 50% more likely to have a stroke…and 60% more likely to die from any cause.

The average doctor won’t do anything for a 7-point change in BP. And if they did, their “solution” would be a dangerous medication you must take for the foreseeable future. No thanks…

You can take your blood pressure into your own hands. That means doing more than focusing on either lowering or raising it. Rather, you want to keep it balanced—or in a healthy range.

You can do this by combining certain foods and supplements to help keep blood pressure in check… Not too high, not too low.

Spirulina is a legitimate superfood. And it can lower your BP. In fact, it outperforms 14 different ACE inhibitors. The main differences are that it comes with zero side effects and works by nourishing your body… Not by masking symptoms. You can find spirulina in capsule or liquid form at your local vitamin and supplement store. It’s also sold as a powder that you can scoop into your raw juices and smoothies.

And despite what you’ve heard, salt can help you maintain a healthy BP. But getting the right kind is critical. Try replacing chemical-refined table salt with Himalayan sea salt. It’s rich in minerals you won’t get from the processed stuff. And because it’s lower in sodium, it can gently help bring up blood pressure levels.

How do you keep your blood pressure in the right range? Let us know in the comments below. And if you have a friend or loved one struggling to control their blood pressure, make sure to share this article with them.

Fortunately, there are a ton of natural ways to keep your BP in a healthy range. Many you’ll even find in your kitchen. The tasty vegetable that researchers found lowered blood pressure by five points—and proved to be a better choice than beta blockers… The “unhealthy” food that the Huffington Post agrees works the same way as ACE inhibitors to control BP and reduce the risk of heart attack…

But more important, these solutions are backed by real, scientific studies. And we’ve pulled together the five most important and most easily accessible weapons for keeping your blood pressure in check. It’s a report unlike any we’ve ever put together. Find out more HERE.

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