If you’re already eating these every day… Keep it up. New research from China reveals adding this to your meals just once a week may drop your overall death risk by 10%.

Eating This Weekly Could Add Years to Your Life

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Looking for an easy way to help add years to your life? Researchers in China have discovered a simple solution for lowering your overall death risk by 10%. You don’t have to give anything up. And you don’t need to make major lifestyle changes.

Researchers looked at medical data from 487,375 subjects between the ages of 30 and 79. After seven years, they found people who ate this just once a week were 10% less likely to die for any reason. And people eating this almost every day had even better results… They lowered their death risk by about 14%.1

Those are impressive numbers… But what makes them even more exciting is that the team also accounted for other lifestyle factors. That means people got this protective benefit regardless of age, physical activity level, or sex. In other words… Eating this kind of food may be the easiest thing you can do to start boosting your lifespan today.

So, what should you be eating more of if you want to live a longer life?

Hot peppers.

Chili peppers—dried or fresh—were the most commonly used method for spicing up meals. But the people using fresh chili peppers in their meals saw the most benefit.

The authors noted people eating it had lower risk of death from cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. They believe it’s because fresh chili pepper is a better source of nutrients like capsaicin and vitamin C.

Capsaicin is the compound that gives hot peppers their heat. But it’s not just there for you to feel the burn… Research shows capsaicin protects your heart by lowering LDL cholesterol. Its anti-inflammatory effect may also help prevent colorectal cancer from developing. And on top of that… Eating capsaicin-rich foods can speed up your metabolism by 20% for about 30 minutes.

This is great news for people who like their food to bring the heat. But a word of warning…

Adding too much of these foods could aggravate digestive disorders. So if you have an ulcer—or just a sensitive stomach—you’ll want to start slow. Don’t use concentrated hot sauces… Add fresh peppers to the foods you already enjoy.

Remember, fresh chili peppers offered the most benefit… But they aren’t the only peppers that contain capsaicin. Banana, cayenne, habanero, jalapeño, poblano, and serrano peppers all deliver varying amounts. And they do so at different heats. Bell peppers are the only ones that don’t deliver when it comes to capsaicin.

Do you have a favorite spicy recipe or tip for sneaking some heat into healthy meals? Let us know in the comments below.

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