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This “Lady Finger” Vegetable Lowers Blood Sugar

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Prepare to be shocked…

Nearly 30 million North Americans have type 2 diabetes. Another 90 million are prediabetic… And only 11% know it.

Worst of all, most cases are entirely preventable. A recent issue of Independent Healing revealed a unique protocol to reverse type 2 diabetes (even though the mainstream tells you it’s not possible).

But when thinking about prevention, most people focus on the things they shouldn’t eat. Things like sweets, bread, and too much fruit top the list. But just as important?  Eating more of the foods that can help keep blood sugar in check.

And there’s one vegetable that breaks down starches before they ever get the chance to turn into glucose in your bloodstream.1

It’s known as the “lady’s finger” of the vegetable world.

The blood sugar stabilizer is okra. The seeds are full of alpha-glucosidase inhibitors. They prevent starches from converting to glucose—sugar in your bloodstream.

Researchers say okra can dramatically lower blood sugar levels. They’re even looking at it as a potential alternative treatment for diabetes.2

The fiber in okra steadies your blood sugar by regulating the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the intestinal tract. A half-cup of cooked okra has about 4.1 grams of fiber.

It’s also heavy in vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

If you overcook okra, you’ll lose all those vitamins. And you’ll make it slimy. Which is how many people have tried—and hated—okra.

But if you make it correctly, okra will be crisp and flavorful. And it will give you a new appreciation for this misunderstood produce.

Two delicious and healthy ways to eat okra are grilling and very lightly steaming. (We don’t recommend frying it, of course).

To grill, toss the pods in some olive oil and seasoning. Throw on the grill for 10 minutes. You could add some minced garlic to the olive oil. Garlic pairs very well with the flavor of okra.

Speaking of garlic, slice it up and sauté in olive oil. After a minute, add sliced okra and a splash of water to lightly steam it. If you don’t overcook it, the result will be fresh, lightly crisp okra. Not slimy at all.

So if you’ve tried okra and didn’t like it, it’s time to give it another go. Like most vegetables, the way you cook it makes all the difference. And the difference could be better blood sugar health.

Look for organic, smaller pods. As okra matures and increases in size, it gets tougher.

What’s your favorite healthy way to prepare okra? Tell us about it in the comments section.

In Good Health,

Angela Salerno
Publisher, INH Health Watch

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  1. a more potent use of okra (lady finger) is, take two okra, slice them in two, leave them in cupful of water overnight. the next morning throw away the okra and drink the water on an empty stomach. it is going to be thick and slimy but tasteless. this exercise to be done once a day. I have found it quite effective.

    1. the use of okra (lady finger) in case of suffering from blood sugar

    2. Can you advise I have started taking Ladies Finger and putting this in water as you describe, however I have noticed in the morning when you lift the half slice out of water a clear fluid runs out from the Half stock.

      I have been draining this fluid into the glass where possible and drinking all the water / fluid.

      I am taking the Okra and discarding this with the seeds

      Is this the right way to get the best out of Okra


    3. Please I have lack of English language I want know about lady’s finger I have allergic so is that good for that

  2. Take 2 medium Okras Cut to 1 inch pieces, soak overnight in 1 glass water & drink the water early morning empty stomach. Warning the water will be very slippery in taste.

    1. for how many day do v have to take okra water or v hv to cntn it..???
      1 more question if the patient is suffering from thyroid how can he/she take the water before or after she taking medicine…

  3. I cut up 4 okras and put them in a glass overnight. I had a slimy liquid left but drank it. Had no taste but was pure slime. My first time. Tommorow I will change it a bit.

    1. You have to this every morning for 1 month or for as long as you need and want it.

  4. You have to this every morning for 1 month or for as long as you need and want it.

  5. Dear Sir,

    good morning how are you, Dear Sir, i am drinking lady finger jally and and cut piess also, it is ok for health. please telling me.

  6. This article further reinforces the problem with society today. The majority of the population would rather drink special water on a daily basis rather than exercise for 30-50minutes 3 times a week. If you want something that has been scientifically proven to lower blood glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity then ask your doctor if exercise is right for you. If they say no… Well it’s probably because they love the money that you and your government keeps forking out every time they examine your ever thickening arteries and expanding diabetic ulcers.

    If this treatment works as presented (and not a placebo effect) then we are simply treating the symptoms not the cause. Increased fat stores cause inflammation and liver damage both leading to insulin insensitivity. What reduces fat? If you said liposuction then keep looking for that one pill that cures all. The rest of us will eat properly and exercise and in the famous words of Spock, “live long and prosper”.

  7. hi i eat ladies finger raw completely early morning on empty stomach . two whole ladies finger on empty stomach is it good .let me know thamks


  8. hi

    let me know on empty stomach whole ladies finger two no is it good for diabetic ?

  9. My sugar level went down from 241 to 108 in a month’s time because of lady finger. I don’t know how but it was a miracle. I have been practicing karate for four years and only after taking lady finger that my sugar level dramatically went down. i still do karate for exercise and still take lady finger. By the way, this is my second month with my new lady. Please try it specially if you have type 2 diabetis. God Bless !

    1. Do you follow the regime for soaking okra overnight in a glass of water or have you simply added okra to your meals as described in the Health Watch article from the Institute for Natural Healing? How did you specifically use the okra plant to better control your blood sugar? I am amazed at the results you have seen in your life. Do you still follow this okra remedy and have you made any changes in your use of it during the past 18 months?

  10. Hi, I am so happy to hear that okra lowers blood sugar. I have suffered for so long and thank God for this wonderful information. Will start tonight and will keep you posted. Thanks and God bless you all.

  11. My sugar level is 144 in fasting .till when should i take okra early morning ..

  12. is Okra or Lady finger can lower blood pressure? how to prepare it thanks…

  13. I m diabitic since 2000 and taking medicines and lantus insulin still have high sugar levels and high BP .If okra in any way help in reducing my sugar levels.

  14. Hi I am living in Belgium, is there another name for Ladyfinger or Okra and can I buy it in Belgium?

    1. Go online and order the seeds, but organic. The plant grows fast, if you care well for the plantts you will have a few okra every day. Go to ORGANIC SEEDS online and choose a company.

  15. I have akras raw. Should’nt they be more valuable nutritionaly in the raw state?

  16. I have been eating lady’s finger more than six months. It’s excellent. Now I take 1/4 of medicine of my daily dose that the doctor prescribed me.

  17. i know is good, but knee cap problem aching or swollen
    ,i meant those cannot eat beam item people can drink this ?????

  18. iam thyroid patient and sugar patient can i have lady finger juice then tell me how plsssss.

  19. I have been draining this fluid into the glass where possible and drinking all the water / fluid.

    I am taking the Okra and discarding this with the seeds

    Is this the right way to get the best out of Okra


  20. Dear Friends. I was suffering from frequent urination at night. I tried to use 02 Nos ladies fingure cut in to pieces and put in water at night and drink early morning. Then leave for 45 minutes before next food. From the second day itself stop the frequent urination symptom. Now i feel very much difference in my sugar levels. Only problem i saw during this period, that after drinking this medicine at morning, i felt little tired or week and sleepy. May be due to the sugar level going down. Any way i feel happy for reducing the sugar level

  21. I tried this and my sugar levels reduced drastically. Does this have any side effect or one can continue the same forever ? Please advice

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