Worried about cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s? There’s not much your doctor can do. But this herb has been fighting brain aging for centuries.

Do Doctors Know This Simple Herb Can Save Your Brain?

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Natural healers have relied on this herb for thousands of years.1 In China, legend has it an ancient herbalist lived for 200 years by taking it. We think that may be a stretch. But in Ayurveda, they say it boosts brain health.2 And that’s something we can get behind.

Because this herb actually improves circulation and drives nutrients into your brain.

But how powerful is it? If the newest studies are to be believed, it may help save your brain from Alzheimer’s.

This plant contains asiaticosides. Researchers in South Korea tested their effects on amyloid beta-induced cell death… It’s what kills brain cells when you have Alzheimer’s. They found the asiaticosides didn’t just protect cells from dying.

They also decreased free radical concentrations.3 And free radical damage to brain cells affects cognitive function… It could also play a role in developing Alzheimer’s.4

In a more recent study, researchers gave this supplement to seniors with mild cognitive decline. This condition can indicate—or develop into—Alzheimer’s.5

Each subject took two 500 mg capsules a day for six months. More than half had an improved sense of well-being after the treatment. This is likely because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This suggests the herb may prevent further cognitive decline…and slow its progression into Alzheimer’s disease.

So what’s this ancient solution for protecting your brain from damage and decline? Centella asiatica…or gotu kola. You may not find gotu kola supplements at your local health food store… But you should not have a problem finding one online.

And like we told you last week, this herb also has amazing spider vein-erasing benefits. Even if it won’t help you live to 200.

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