This tropical secret boosts your immune system. Cancer patients reported feeling better after taking it. And this berry may even cut your cancer risk in half.

This Tropical Berry Cuts Cancer Risk in Half

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It looks like a bumpy, spotty green potato… But it’s not a new discovery. In fact, this strange fruit has been around for centuries. Ayurvedic healers mash it up to create a sun-protective skin ointment. Indian medicine practitioners use this weird berry to treat asthma and intestinal infections.1 Soldiers ate it for strength during World War II. And they were on to something…

Most people haven’t heard of it… Yet it may be the most potent superfood on the planet. It can help prevent cancer. The University of Illinois proved it. Researchers gave it to 200 smokers. It wiped out half of their cancerous DNA.2 But that’s not the only reason to eat it…

This fruit can also help with cancer treatment. Researchers found this berry reduces cancerous cells in the heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs. Scientists treated cancerous mice with it… Their lifespans doubled.3 It’s due to a unique polysaccharide the fruit carries.4 But that’s not the only potent nutrient in it…

This weird berry contains over 150 phytochemicals. They’re powerful compounds that fight cell damage.5 Experts believe the more of them you eat, the less chance you have of developing cancer.6 One study found just two of the compounds in this fruit stopped the production of cancer cells.7

It may not look like something you’d ever want to eat. Finding it may be difficult at first. But it’s worth the search. This funny-looking member of the coffee family may help keep you clear of cancer…

We’re talking about noni. It also goes by the name cheese fruit.

Today, noni is making an impact on cancer research. Its damnacanthal, selenium, and polysaccharides are of special interest. Studies show they all have anti-cancer properties.8

The fruit also contains proxeronine. It assists in the production of xeronine. This important enzyme helps the body absorb nutrients.9 It also boosts the immune system… This helps reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases.

Some say consuming it in excess causes liver damage… But there have only been a few reports of noni juice drinkers with liver problems. Experts aren’t even sure it’s the noni that caused it.10

Researchers at the University of Hawaii tested the toxicity of noni fruit in 29 cancer patients. Each took 10 grams a day of dehydrated noni extract. They found no side effects. In fact, patients reported feeling better after receiving higher doses.11

Further research suggests the noni fruit is safe enough for advanced cancer patients. Consuming 6-8 grams of it daily may help reduce fatigue and pain.12

There’s no denying it’s an antioxidant-rich superfood. In fact, it’s one of the highest-ranking fruits on the ORAC scale… Even higher than blueberries.13

This helps stabilize free radicals. It protects the body from cell mutations. Mutated cells deteriorate your health. And they’re more prone to cancer. Eating the noni berry can also help strengthen your immune system. This means decreasing your risk of ever facing cancer.

There are a few different ways to get the health benefits of noni… The main sources are supplements, juice, and dried fruit. The best way is to eat it raw or dehydrated.

Freeze-dried noni fruit has a 340,000 ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) score.14 That means major antioxidant power for fighting inflammation.15 Juices tend to have too much sugar… But you can find pure, organic noni juice. You can also get freeze-dried noni in supplement form. If you can’t find these at your local health store, you should be able to find them online.

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