Eating This Lowers Your Risk for Mental and Physical Decline by 40 Percent

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And the controversy just keeps building…

Some people think that protein actually makes your bones weaker. Now some “experts” have decided that eating it is somehow just as dangerous as smoking.1

Now we’ve really heard everything.

Not eating enough protein is the real danger—even more so as you get older. It keeps you physically strong. People who eat more lower their risk for functional decline by 40 percent.2

This nutrient helps keep you in control of your body—and your independence—as you get older.

Protein prevents vision loss, decreased muscle strength, bone loss, incontinence, and dementia.3  But not just any protein will do—you need animal protein.

Researchers found that plant proteins did not provide the same protection against functional decline as animal proteins.4 This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat plant protein like broccoli, spinach, and collard greens. But they shouldn’t be your only source.

Animal protein keeps your levels of IGF-1 high. It’s a substance in your body responsible for bone growth and development. As you get older, you need more of it.

Your IGF-1 levels can decrease by over 20 percent in under a month if you don’t get enough.5 The result? Brittle bones. It could be the difference between a bruise and a fracture. If you’re older, you can increase your bone mineral density just by eating an additional three ounces of meat or fish every day.6 But where you get your animal protein makes a big difference.

Don’t settle for grain-fed beef or farmed fish. Grass-fed beef is higher in omega-3 fatty acids that fight inflammation and cognitive decline.7 Like wild-caught salmon, it’s also free of hormones and other nasty products of factory farming.

But eating more animal protein isn’t the only way to stay strong while you age…

Researchers in Wisconsin found a way to reverse up to 20 years of aging in just 6 months—in a random group of men as old as 81.

These men lost 14.4% of their body fat…gained 8.8% lean body mass…their skin thickened…and their bone density increased. And it was backed up, peer reviewed, and published in one of the world’s most respected medical journals.

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