Eliminate plaque build-up with this oil used by the Ancients.

The Fat You Need to Beat Heart Disease

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Modern medicine still gets it wrong.

Low-fat diets are considered “healthy.” Even though research has shown for years that a low-fat just isn’t healthy. High-quality fats are good for you, especially your heart.

Here is one fat in particular that already has a reputation for being healthy. It’s probably in your kitchen right now.

You probably know about the omega-3 benefits of this Mediterranean staple. It’s no secret this oil is good for you. But there’s an even better reason to eat more of it.

It prevents plaque build-up and stops inflammation.

Eating more of this oil is not only healthy, it reverses heart disease.

We’re talking about olive oil. It’s one of your best weapons against oxidative stress and inflammation.

There are two powerful phenols in olive oil. Oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol prevent your arteries from getting blocked by reducing a dangerous group of molecules called matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs).

MMPs are enzymes that break down proteins. An overload of MMPs creates havoc. They dissolve the substances that hold cells together. This weakens blood vessel linings.

Inflammation and weaknesses within your blood vessel linings makes them more vulnerable to plaque buildup. Olive oil stops the inflammation in those specific blood vessel cells.1

As LDL “bad” cholesterol and free radicals pair, they become a terrible twosome—creating tissue damage and other problems like plaque formation. This can lead to a stroke or heart attack.

The monounsaturated fats of olive oil within LDL cholesterol are different from other fats. They’re less likely to pair up with free radicals. That means fatty deposits can’t collect on the walls of your arteries.

Need more proof that a higher fat diet is better than a lower-fat diet?

Researchers compared 7,400 people at high risk for heart disease. They ate either a low-fat diet or a higher-fat Mediterranean diet with olive oil. The higher-fat diet had lower blood pressure than the low-fat diet. High blood pressure is another factor in atherosclerosis.2

Enjoying olive oil in your diet isn’t just tasty, it reduces specific heart-damaging types of inflammation.

The healthiest type of olive oil is organic and cold-pressed. It should be extra virgin. The paler types you get at the grocery store are more refined. They don’t have the same amount of beneficial antioxidants.

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