Studies prove people can lose a significant amount of weight with black licorice.

Black Magic for Weight Loss

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As most of us know all too well, losing weight sure isn’t easy. Especially as we get older.

Of course the solution isn’t in quick weight loss and fad diets. They can cause bone loss and heart complications.1 Weight loss drugs are dangerous and cause horrible side effects like vomiting, rapid heart rate, hives, and difficulty breathing.2

The key, as always, lies in your diet. But here’s the twist…  Instead of cutting out all the “good” stuff to shed pounds, there is a safer, sweeter way to burn fat and lose weight. And it’s found in—of all things—candy.

The compound found in this common candy flavoring helps you increase your metabolic rate and burn more fat…

It goes by the name “sweet root” or black licorice.

The active compound in black licorice is glycyrrhetinic acid. This compound is actually about 50 times sweeter than sugar but increases fat burning in your body.

The key is to take it in small, safe doses.

It took only took 3.5 grams of black licorice for a group of people to lose significant body fat in two months, according to one study at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

In another study, subjects rubbed licorice cream on their thighs daily for three months. In the end, they lost fat.3

For women, this is especially good news. Thigh and buttock fat is often the most difficult to lose.

Forget about the candy in the grocery store. It’s not even real licorice. They now make that stuff with anise extract to give that taste and aroma.

You can find the black licorice that burns fat in health food stores in a pill or oil form.

Don’t overdo it on the amount or take it for a long time. Too much licorice root can cause heath issues.4

Of course, nothing can replace a healthy diet—one that’s low in carbs and rich in proteins and good fats. But if you’re looking for an extra “oomph” to kick your efforts into high gear, licorice root may do the trick.

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