Arsenic in Chicken

FDA Confirms Deadly Additive in Chicken

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It’s cheap, easy to prepare, and a good source of protein. No wonder chicken is so popular.

Bodybuilders eat it by the truckload to pack on mass. People trying to lose weight use it in their diet to help burn fat and feel full while cutting calories. It’s the perfect food… right? Think about it…

Other than undercooking it, chicken doesn’t present any real risks to your health.

Or so we thought.

This frightening confirmation of what’s really in your chicken may have you swearing it off for good…

And this time, if you can believe it, even the FDA admits there’s a problem…

The government now admits that commercial chicken contains arsenic.1

And the chickens are getting it from their chicken feed. It contains an ingredient called Roxarsone. A product of Pfizer Inc., Roxarsone makes chickens gain weight faster.2 But we already know that inorganic arsenic causes lung cancer in humans…3

The good news? Both Pfizer and the FDA say that the ingredient will no longer be used in the United States. Of course, it doesn’t change the fact that we have been eating this poison for years.

The FDA says there isn’t enough arsenic in chicken to cause any health problems…4 No surprise there.

But whether you have a couple servings of chicken here and there or eat it every day, any amount of arsenic is too much.

Making things worse—and gross—is that most cattle feed contains chicken litter… Otherwise known as chicken poop.

If the chickens are eating arsenic…  And the cattle are eating chicken litter… That means that you’re eating arsenic (and probably feces) whether you’re eating chicken OR beef.5

So what can you do to avoid eating chicken that contains arsenic?

If you buy conventional chicken in a grocery store, then probably not much. Your best bet is to get fresh eggs or chicken from a local farm if you can.

Until you can be sure that you aren’t eating a mouthful of arsenic, it might be wise to spend a little more money on organic chicken and beef.

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