Nature’s Chemo for Lung Cancer

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When it comes to cancer, it doesn’t get much scarier than lung cancer.

But now an herb has shown to not only stop the growth of cancerous cells but to also prevent any more from forming.1

The research comes out of Colorado, where researchers tested this herb on mice. Scientists injected 90 mice with a chemical that causes lung cancer. Two weeks later, they divided the mice up and fed them various amounts of the herb.

After four and a half months scientists checked the mice for inflammation, cancer cell growth, and death. The mice that consumed the herb fared significantly better. How significant? An amazing 93 percent fewer large lung tumors.

But that’s not all the herb did.

At 27 weeks, the cancer growth percentage remained but the mice that ate the herb also had fewer new blood vessels in their lung tumors and lower levels of cancer-promoting chemicals. The herb actually stopped lung cancer! And with no side effects. You don’t get those types of results with chemo and drugs.

What is this cancer-preventing herb?

Milk thistle.

Milk thistle has been used for over 2,000 years.2 You may have heard about it in connection with liver disease. It contains a flavonoid in its seeds called silymarin. Silymarin is the active compound that helps flush the liver of toxins. And now we’re finding that it may help prevent lung cancer.

Colorado researchers continued studying the effects of milk thistle on lung cancer cells in mice and published another study in Molecular Carcinogenesis.3 Yet again, the herb stopped the spread of lung cancer.

They found that milk thistle stops inflammation that speeds up cancer growth. And it does this by breaking a link in the chain of signals that leads to inflammatory enzymes that promote tissue damage. So by interrupting the cell signals it halts cancer growth.

Researchers are continuing to study milk thistle as a chemopreventive treatment.

But for now the studies show promising results. The herb is safe. So you have nothing to lose. Add some natural milk thistle into your daily supplement regimen to help ward off the deadliest cancers. It may just save your life.

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  1. Information on Stage 4 Lung Cancer. How do I go about getting the book that tells me what to do to cure Stage 4 of Lung Cancer, can you also tell me what a person should take to cure it. I am already a member of INH.

    Thank You
    John Bryant

    1. John, there are a lot of natural treatments out there that I have researched. What you might like to look at is things like, alkalizing your body, a diet of raw vegetables or very lightly steamed, lots of dark green leafy vegetables, lyposomal vit C, Hydrogen Peroxide treatment (to get oxygen to your cells), the normal things like no sugar or starchy foods, no coffee, no smoking, no prossessed foods, depending on the size of the tumours no protien. Check out a treatment by Dr Breuss.

      1. Go to you will find all the info. you need.

        1. James I have some information that might be of help to you. E-mail me as soon as possible. I have given you my info. God Bless You. Your sister in Christ Julie…

    2. John, how has everything worked out for you? do you still need information?

  2. I have searched for info. on Apricot seeds and Laetril, but your site has NO info. on the subject, it is a know fact that it does cure and can prevent Cancer, why do you not have any info. on this for your subscribers???????????????

    1. Author


      Thank you for your comment and we will definitely look into the health properties of apricot seeds and laetril and see if there are any studies backing them up for us to report on.


      INH Research Team

      1. Hi guys check out this protocol.Do a search on the “Bill Henderson Protocol”.Looks very interesting.Kind Regards.

      2. I know the apricot seed treatment was available in Mexico 30 some years ago…I knew somebody who was diagnosed with stage 4 and given 6 months to live…went to Mexico and got the treatment and to my knowledge is still alive and cancer free today

  3. Hello all of you, my son had stage four cancer and he used Apricot seed they really help him they gave him six months and he lived four year. Taking the seed and taking the pills helped him to live.
    Baking Soda and syrup, also was very powerful. He stop taking it and the cancer started back growing. It help him.

  4. see everything but how to order , could you please to me how to order milk thistle

    1. Hi Madeline,

      Thanks for reaching out. Milk thistle is easy to find nowadays. In fact, you’ll likely see it with the other supplements at your local supermarket or drugstore. Always purchase from a reputable brand that uses high-quality ingredients.

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