Fight Arthritis with this Flower

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Cold winter mornings can make arthritis and joint pain unbearable. The smallest task—such as walking out to get the morning paper—becomes a challenge.

But relief may be just outside your window… in your garden.

Danish researchers tested this natural plant extract on 94 patients.1 All of them suffered from osteoarthritis of the hip or knee.

Sure enough, it worked. While taking the extract, patients reported a significant reduction in pain. And it only took three weeks for them to start noticing a difference. As they kept using it, they kept feeling better and better, too. Less stiffness, disability, and overall discomfort.

A natural pain reliever with lasting relief… it doesn’t get better than that.

What anti-inflammatory is growing in your flower garden?

Rose Hips.

Rose hips are the fruit of a rosebush.2 You can see the rose hips after all the petals have fallen off the flowers. They are the bright red or orange bulbs left standing. This fruit is high in vitamin C. But it’s the extract from the seeds and shells that contain the natural anti-inflammatory.

A German study also found rose hip helped treat rheumatoid arthritis.3 Patients received five grams of rose hip powder or a placebo for six months. Again, rose hip improved the quality of life as assessed by a questionnaire given at the end of treatment. Those taking it noted improvement in their disease, while the placebo group noted a decline.

Of course your doctor probably won’t tell you about this all-natural and side-effect-free solution. He’s probably never even heard of it. Instead, he’ll likely write you a prescription for a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. As you may have guessed, they come with severe side effects.

Even worse, you don’t even need a doctor or a script to get these drugs. If your knee hurts or your back aches you might pop a couple aspirin or ibuprofen. Over time the continued use can cause stomach problems—from ulcers to even internal bleeding. But even worse, they can affect your heart, liver, and kidneys… all resulting in death.4

It doesn’t make sense… Why take a drug that could do serious damage to your body when you can take a natural supplement and get relief without the dangers?

You can find rose hip extract at your local health food store. It comes in powder form and capsule. It’s even sold as a tea.

If you’re part of the one in five Americans suffering from arthritis, swap the aspirin for some rose hip extract. It’s not just effective in fighting inflammation… it’s safe!

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