Nature’s “Aspirin” Prevents Heart Attacks and Strokes without the Side Effects

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Americans buy more than 44 million packages of aspirin a year to try and ward off heart attacks and strokes.1

But that daily aspirin may be doing more harm than good. Sure, aspirin acts as a blood thinner. But it also strips away the stomach lining, causing ulcers and bleeding. And if ulcers aren’t bad enough, bleeding can occur inside the brain, resulting in death.

If you are one of the millions worried about having a heart attack there’s another alternative. Minus the bleeding, ulcers, and death.

New research from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) found a natural alternative.2 Even the FDA deemed it safe and effective. So safe and effective, that they want it for themselves.3

Dr. Robert Flaumenhaft, a professor at Harvard Medical School, led the study. His group of researchers administered this natural supplement orally to rats. And they discovered that this natural cure had anti-thrombotic properties.

Thrombosis is commonly known as a blood clot. Clots block blood flow to the brain and to the heart. This leads to heart attack and/or stroke.

Researchers tested over 5,000 compounds and this particular one proved to be the most potent.

What is this life-saving compound?


Maybe you’ve never heard of it. But rutin is a flavonoid that proves the old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It can be found in many fruits and vegetables including onions, citrus fruits, and – you guessed it – apples. You can also buy it in supplement form.

And it does more good than any of those dangerous drugs…

Because rutin not only proved to prevent arterial clots. But it also showed effectiveness in preventing venous clots. Those can cause deep-vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms. Anti-clotting drugs such as aspirin, Plavix, and Coumadin only target one type of clotting.

“A safe and inexpensive drug that could reduce recurrent clots could help save thousands of lives,” said Dr. Flaumenhaft.

And rutin may just be the answer.

This isn’t the first study that has shown its effects on the body’s blood flow in veins.

In another study, published in the journal Minerva Cardioangiologica, researchers studied how rutin benefits people suffering from chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).4 CVI is when leg veins cannot pump enough blood back to the heart. It results in varicose veins, ankle swelling and leg cramping.

Researchers gave 30 patients with CVI a combination of rutin and other supplements including vitamin E. After just 30 days patients showed improvement.

What’s next for rutin?

Researchers still have to conduct clinical trials on humans. Since the FDA has already said rutin is safe, tests on humans can begin without the time and expense to establish the safety of a new drug.

But if you’re interested in this supplement, you may want to hurry and stock up.

The FDA has its sights set on it. This compound is so effective, the FDA wants to make it an approved drug. That would ban it as a supplement. You’d need a prescription to get it. And chances are, it’s going to cost a heck of a lot more too.

But you don’t have to wait for the FDA. Rutin is safe. So skip the aspirin and deathly side effects.

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  1. unable to read that site, because the pop-up window cannot be closed!!!! The x is beyond the screen and will move, as one tried to get to tick it….Urgent action required…Otherwise this site is beyond the public!!!!

    1. Author

      A pop-up like that is not from our site, so unfortunately it sounds like you may have some spyware or mal-ware on your computer.

  2. Does anybody know the recommended dosage for Rutin supplement? Rutin helps with varicose veins, ankle swelling and leg cramping. Very informative article.

    1. Author

      Typically people start off at 500 mg of rutin daily and from there adjust as needed. It is always better to start low and gradually increase the milligrams.

    1. Author

      Thanks for bringing that out PJ. Buckwheat groats is actually a great source of rutin.

      Anyone who is pregnant or thinks they may be should always consult their physician before they take ANY supplement!

      The side effects listed in that article above were linked (not proven) to very heavy doses of rutin, 6,000 mg or more. Anything in extreme is bad for you. Perfect example: the exercise article we just ran. Yes, exercise is great for you but taken to the extreme it can actually harm you.

  3. Bromelain, a protein-digesting enzyme in raw pineapple and raw papaya, and as a supplement, does as much good as rutin and more. Up through most of 2011, Wikipedia and some other sites and published findings stated that bromelain was an anti-thrombotic, anti-ischemic, anti-angina, fibrinolytic, apoptotic (cancer-cell killer), anti-inflammatory, COX-1/COX-2/5-LOX inhibitor, selective prostaglandin inhibitor (against joint tissue destructive prostaglandins but not against joint healing and colds/flu fighting prostaglandins), blood thinner, anti-inflammatory, protein digester, plaque reducer, blood pressure normalizer, joint pain reliever, blood pressure reducer, atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis reducer, digests away roughened surfaces of damaged blood platelets and makes platelets slipperier. Until at least part of 2011, Wikipedia and other sites stated flatly that it was anti-thrombotic, anti-ischemic, anti-angina, apoptotic, fibrinolytic, and so on. By 2012, Wikipedia and the other sites now only say bromelain is a digestive aid and anti-inflammatory joint pain reliever, period. Censorship!

    In my case, as a “brittle diabetes” elderly heart attack survivor who still smoked, in 3 weeks bromelain brought my 201/104 blood pressure and 2.8 blood thickness down to 134/80 and 1.0. In 6 weeks my life-threatening coronary artery blockage was gone, and my other issues of CAD/PAD/RLS were gone, too. My athero- and arterio-sclerosis were better, too, my cardiologist said. This despite still smoking. In a friend’s case, after a heart attack, 2 weeks on bromelain brought his blood pressure from stroke level to 125/75 and his other numbers normalized as well. He was back at work in less than a month. Puritan’s Pride and Swanson’s Vitamins online sell bromelain supplement pretty cheap and their quality is reliable. Or you can just eat raw pineapple (not canned or frozen–heat and cold kill enzymes). Raw papaya was even better–before GMO papaya came along. As a blood thinner, bromelain lets you eat all the healthy cancer-fighting foods that coumadin disallows. My brother-in-law believed his doctor after his stroke (he wouldn’t believe me BEFORE his stroke!) and after a couple of years on coumadin, he now has a small brain tumor growing. I bet he also won’t believe me that Essiac has a 98%-100% full and permanent recovery rate for all cancers they ever used it on, according to every source I ever read on it, including Dr. William C. Douglass II’s paid-subscription newsletter. And a flyer sent to me by the Sarasota Tea Co, Sarasota FL, in 1997 or 1998, stated that a 5-year study of terminal AIDS volunteers from the LA Projects found a 100% full recovery rate in all of them. They didn’t even have HIV remaining.

    A dear friend with terminal AIDS tried Essiac along with her AIDS meds in 2001-2002–and her plateaued 250 T cell count rose to 500 in one month, to 750 by the end of the 2nd month and to around 1,000 by the end of the 3rd month. But when she went off her AIDS meds and only used Essiac alone, it fell down to around 800. Thing is–medical science says that once T-cell count falls below 250, it can rise up to 250 again with AIDS meds, but cannot rise above 250 no matter what! No wonder the AMA hopped all over itself to get Essiac information squelched in the 1960s. I was old enough to watch President Kennedy and his doctor on national TV, in a Presidential Message, tell how the doctor used 4-herb “Indian Herbal Tea” as his “only intervention”, he said, to cure–“Not in remission–I’m CURED!” the doctor’s own colon cancer. He promised to tell the ingredients to anyone who called his office next day–and he said he got there at 7 a.m. Next day he came back on TV to say he couldn’t tell us the ingredients. He said that after his broadcast the previous day, the AMA had gotten Congress to create a new law overnight, which means start a bill, pass it through both houses, and vote it into law with a quorum too large for President Kennedy to veto, all before 7 a.m. the next morning. This new law made it a federal crime for anyone,even a doctor, to tell anyone, even his own patients, about anything that cured anything–or to tell what ingredients were in it. So said the two Secret Service men who met him at his office door at 7 a.m. the next morning to advise him of this new overnight law, and they said if he told anyone what was in the Indian Tea they would arrest him and put him in federal prison. President Kennedy introduced him and stood with him on both days. There’s your kind and caring government intervention–and your honest and trustworthy AMA, too. Thank goodness for the Internet!

    Bromelain and Essiac sheep-sorrel tea raw materials, recipes and supplements are all over the Web. Just don’t be pregnant, or trying to be pregnant, or nursing–sheep sorrel is an abortifacient, or so I read somewhere years ago. And, like bromelain, for it to do much good, it needs to be taken on an empty stomach, 5 nights a week, preferably as a liquid, sublingually, and held in the mouth awhile. Bromelain isn’t that picky, but it can either work for digestion or for the health stuff–but not both at once. Absorption is 40% on an empty stomach, but only 17% on a full stomach–it gets used up digesting protein in the food you ate. Too long a comment–but glad if it helps someone.

    1. What total BS.

      What was the name of that law? I’ll wait for the answer as the fact is that there’s NO SUCH LAW (Doctor Oz and other doctors) promote supplements on TV EVERY DAY.

      Everything that you say is BS. Essaic tea “may” have had a positive effect on cancer (it doesn’t… Research by ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE researchers have repeatedly shown NO improvement in cancer, with much research showing that Essaic tea actually INCREASE tumor growth! The renown naturalist doctor, Dr. Andrew Weill specifically recommends AGAINST its use – as do basically ALL reputable naturalist specialists).

      The “speech” on TV with JFK and his doctor (Dr. Brunch, who was JFK’s PERSONAL DOCTOR and NOT some kind of “best doctor in the country” just because he was the president’s personal doctor) NEVER happened!!! Dr. Brunch, years later,

      1. Larry, it’s not “total BS”. Google is your friend here (but I’ve done the work for you).

        There are in fact regulations (laws) about over-promising claims on dietary supplements. This is one of the reasons supplement retailers and manufactures must include a disclaimer: “This product is not intended to cure or prevent any disease” (or words to such effect). Look on your product labels!

        If you want an example of someone who ran afoul of the law, look no further than Kevin Trudeau. Among other issues, the author and promoter of natural health remedies has been sued for making overly-specific claims about non-FDA approved “cures”.

        If you watch Dr. Oz or anyone else who deals with non-drug approaches to health (e.g. supplements) you will see that they must walk a very fine line. It’s okay, for example, to tout a promising outcome in an animal study but state that humans will receive the same benefit and you risk violating FDA guidelines by making unsubstantiated claims. Listen closely to what the promoters and proponents of non-drug approaches say: They can say such-and-such study was promising because it showed X, Y, Z improvement. They cannot make a declarative statement that any of these non-drug approaches are will “cure” anything. The magazines covers with the headlines touting the benefits of a dietary approach don’t mention exactly what that “cure” is so the FDA can’t nail them. In contrast, publishers of newsletters that are linked to the sale of supplements, much like the claims of health care providers like Dr. Oz, are forced to walk a very fine line.

        Here’s a page on “Berkley Wellness” describing what is and is not lawful when it comes to dietary/health claims. Note how in reading the following page it refers to the FDA actually LOOSENING standards in 2004 because dietary supplement manufactures, doctors and others argued that the restrictions were too draconian and violated their First Amendment rights to make “qualified health claims”.

        As for Essiac, here’s what Natural News has to say (almost exactly as Gertrude “Trudy” relates it):

  4. I’ve been using Nattokinasse, a Japanese supplement made from fermented soy. I’ve been using it for years when I learned my fibrinogen was very high.
    I haven’t met an MD who heard of it yet it’s a popular supplement among holistic doctors.

  5. Bee pollen contains Rutin; eat about 1 teaspoon a day of the best quality pollen you can find.

  6. Tell energyhealingto just hit the ‘don arrow’ and read below the pop-up and see it all

  7. I am diabetic and hypertensive, will this natural supplement work for the two conditions?

  8. what are does for rutin..I have been taking baby aspirin but now know rutin may be a better alternative…due to a med I am taking I may be more susceptible to Rutin should help?

  9. I would like to start my elderly mother on Rutin 5oo mg for her broken blood vessels and her varicose veins. my thinking is this is not safe possibly due to her intake of her daily coumadin already thinning her blood is there any truth in this concern ?

  10. Why not eat at least an apple a day to provide rutin.

    1. it’s all good Edward but take me for instance, i love apples but can’t eat them, they give me heartburn. So its up to the individual what works best for you.

  11. Gertrude “Trudy”, I’m concerned that despite your anecdote there is no clinical evidence to support claims you make the mixture called “Essiac tea.” Essiac tea contains known toxins that can damage internal organs.

  12. Is it safe to assume that taking all of this while on birth control reduce the risk of blood clots?

    1. Hi Diane. We don’t know of a formulation for that. If you’re asking how much rutin you should take, simply follow the dosage directions on the bottle. Or make the foods mentioned in the article a daily part of your diet.

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