Dynamite Compound Ignites Bedroom Explosion

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Over the course of the last year, we’ve been working with a top natural health lab to develop a product for men called Prime Performance. It is formulated to ignite both your physical and sexual performance.

We created this supplement because we weren’t impressed with the products that are currently available in the marketplace. Some of them were OK, but many of them were no good at all. So we decided to make our own stronger and more effective formula than anything else we’ve seen.

It took a lot longer than we thought but we’re happy to say that it’s been a big success so far.

This is a unique formula, one that’s packed with the actual dosages of the most natural ingredients have clinical research that indicate it improves sexual health.

Most health supplement makers worry more about costs and advertising advice than doing what’s right. They only put in tiny amounts of key ingredients, usually much less than what was used in the clinical studies. But if you don’t use the same dosages as the studies, then you won’t get the same great results.

That’s why we made sure our lab partners use the actual clinical doses of key ingredients that were used in human trials.

If it costs more, so what? What we really care about is performance and we know you do too.

We’ve been telling you about all the top ingredients included in this formula over the last few weeks. But there’s another one that works in a different way from the rest. And it’s vital to a man’s sexual health.

It fires up a chemical compound inside your body that declines as you age. That compound also happens to come from a component of dynamite. And our research shows it can ignite a new explosion in the bedroom.

Sexual Function Improves By 31%

This sex-boosting compound is called L-arginine. The latest research now shows it’s vital to your sexual health. That’s because it’s an amino acid that leads to an important bodily reaction, one that helps men get erections.

This discovery comes from Dr. Juza Chen. He’s a urologist at Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in Israel. He heads the Sexual Dysfunction Clinic there. And he’s been unraveling the mysteries of human sexuality for years.

He did a six-week study taking a closer look at the explosive compound and he found that it improved sexual performance. His work appeared in the British Journal of Urology.

Dr. Chen recruited 50 men for his study. The men were given five grams of L-arginine per day or a placebo.

Over six weeks, they gave their medical and sexual histories. They filled out a sexual function questionnaire and they kept diaries.

Researchers gave them a physical exam and tested the reflex and blood flow of their sexual organs.

31 percent of the men treated with L-arginine reported improvements in sexual function. Their improvement was nearly three times higher than those who took the placebo.

Compound Triggers Sex Molecule

So what makes L-arginine so powerful?

Think of it like a fuse for a bomb…and the bomb it triggers is called nitric oxide (NO). It’s a highly reactive gas found in plants and animals. NO plays a major role in many physiological and pathological processes.

Outside of the body, NO is a byproduct of combustion and chemical reactions in the atmosphere. And it can come from nitroglycerin, which is a major component of dynamite.

NO is crucial to a man’s sexual health. It’s so powerful that it was even named Molecule of the Year in 1992.

When NO is unleashed by the nerve cells, it stimulates chemicals that relax the smooth muscles in the arteries. That way, blood is able to flow freely to the penis for a more powerful erection.

It can be taken daily and it’s completely safe. L-arginine is available as a dietary supplement. To get the best effects, be sure you’re taking a dose that’s clinically proven to be effective.

To your best health,

Michael Jelinek,

Managing Editor, NHD “Health Watch”