The Bedroom Meltdown Affecting Half of Men with Diabetes

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Men who have diabetes have more than one problem. They’re also three times less likely to get an erection.

But it’s no coincidence. High blood sugar levels wreak havoc on multiple parts of a man’s body. It can damage nerves, blood vessels, and muscles and even impair sexual performance for life.

When that happens some men turn to Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. But those drugs won’t help with diabetes…they’ll only cause more problems. And we’ve told you before how ED drugs eventually stop working anyway.

But there’s a plant that has tonic properties and it offers a viable solution. The Chinese have used it for more than 2,000 years.

And it can actually lower blood sugar levels, which will help bring back your sexual vitality.

Dr. Biljana Musicki is the man behind this research. He works at the Brady Urological Institute at Johns Hopkins University and has spent his career studying ED and his research appears in many scientific journals.

One of his latest studies looked at the diabetes and ED connection. And his results prove what we’ve been saying about ED drugs all along.

40% Smaller Erections with Diabetes

Dr. Musicki was investigating why diabetic men have sexual problems and he began to believe that there was a breakdown in the chain of events that causes erections.

So he began testing animals with Type 1 diabetes to find out why.

He compared diabetic animals to non-diabetic ones.

The diabetic ones had 30 percent lower – and 40 percent smaller – erections than non-diabetic ones. Achieving an erection also took 70 percent longer for the diabetic animals.

After analyzing penile activity, Dr. Musicki found that a type of blood (called O-linked N-acetylglucosamine or O-GlcNAc) hinders the activation of endothelial nitric oxide (eNOS). eNOS is an enzyme that relaxes penis muscles long enough to allow more blood flow. More blood flow means harder, stronger erections.

Lowering Blood Sugar to End ED

Dr. Musicki realized the best way to combat ED is to lower blood sugar levels. He believes that lowering blood sugar may be more effective for diabetic ED sufferers than taking ED drugs.

He used one specific herb to prove this. And the herb he used was ginseng…and that herb helped the diabetic animals enjoy harder and fuller erections.

So if you want to lower your blood sugar, and get the added boost of stronger erections, ginseng is your herb of choice.

The American version is also known as Panax quinquefolius. It comes in various forms and you can find it online or at a health foods store.