Ramp Up Your Performance With 1 Exclusive Formula

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You probably don’t know this but we’ve been working with a top natural health lab in developing a product for men called Prime Performance. It is formulated to boost both physical and sexual performance and improves stamina, endurance and recovery time.

We did this because we weren’t thrilled with the supplements currently advertised in the marketplace. Some of them were decent. And many of them were just plain rubbish. But we’ve been researching the studies on natural health nutrients for men and we thought we could create something stronger and more effective than anything we’ve seen.

It took quite some time to do this, months longer than we had hoped. But we’ve double checked everything with our advisors and reviewed the final formulation…and we’re ready.

This is, we are happy to say, a unique product. It’s formulated with optimum clinical dosages of the key natural ingredients you need for better physical and sexual health.

Optimum clinical dosages – that’s the key phrase. Most manufacturers of health supplements are simply too concerned with costs and the advice they get from their advertising advisors to do what’s right. They cut back on key ingredients, often providing less than were in the studies. Less means less effective and, in some cases, not effective at all.

In designing formulas with our lab partners our number one rule is to use the actual clinical doses of every ingredient, shown to be effective in human trials.

If it costs more that doesn’t matter. We know what’s important to us and that’s performance. We believe that you feel the same way.

We’ve also included one extra ingredient that most other formulas don’t have. We’re not talking about fake energy from a sugary drink. It’s a natural supplement that is safe.

Reduce Tissue Damage in Just Three Weeks

Your body already produces L-Carnitine on its own, but only in small amounts.

The latest research on it – published in the American Journal of Physiology – shows some encouraging findings.

Although the study was small, the results are promising.

The research comes from Dr. William Kraemer at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. He’s studied performance medicine for years and won a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

He looked at 10 men who regularly weight train and he split them into two groups. He gave the first group two grams of LCLT once a day for three weeks. He gave the second group a placebo. But both groups took regular exercise tests.

Before each exercise, he took blood tests. Then he had them all do five sets of 15-20 squats. After their sets, he gave them a second blood test and an MRI to measure muscle tissue disruption.

After monitoring the men for three weeks, the guys taking LCLT had much less muscle tissue damage and disruption than the ones taking the placebo. That means fewer aches and pains…and they also recovered much quicker.

“We’re excited by the results which indicated that LCLT is effective in assisting recovery, allowing for less tissue damage, and significantly less muscle soreness following exercise,” says Dr. Kraemer.

So how does LCLT work?

It breaks down your fat and converts it into fuel.

It also helps with dilation, which widens blood vessels and improves circulation. Better circulation means more oxygen will get to your muscles and that helps repair damaged cells and tissues.

The Best Way to Get LCLT

Research shows that most people only generate about 20 mg of LCLT each day.

But to perform at your best, research suggests you need at least 200 mg of LCLT.

The average diet only gives you an extra 50 mg a day. So you’re still short by at least 130 mg.

Eating lean meats that are organic and grass-fed is a good way to start making up the shortfall.

But this still isn’t enough.

It’s difficult to get enough L-Carnitine just from dietary sources.

The easiest and most effective way is to take it as a supplement.

That’s why we’ve loaded Prime Performance with 2,000 mg of LCLT. So it literally gives you 10 times more than what you’re likely to get in a day.

It also contains special ingredients that can:

  • Boost your craving for sex
  • Produce stronger erections
  • Improve your blood flow so you can enjoy flushes of peak performance.

As we said, we are really excited about bringing this supplement to you. We are confident that you will notice a difference in a matter of days. Keep an eye on your inbox for more updates.

To your best health,

Michael Jelinek,

Managing Editor, NHD “Health Watch”