Everything You’re Doing for Your Prostate May Be Wrong!

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It’s possible that everything you hear about managing your prostate is wrong. That’s because most doctors believe that elevated testosterone levels cause prostate cancer cells to grow.

But emerging research says the exact opposite is true. New studies show that your prostate thrives on increased levels of “free” testosterone. In fact, higher levels can actually reverse the growth of cancer cells.

So who’s behind this new research? And does it stand up to scrutiny?

The study comes from Dr. Abraham Morgantaler. He’s a Clinical Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. And a practicing urologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. During his career he also founded Men’s Health Boston. Which focuses on male sexual health.

Dr. Morgentaler has just made his research public. He unveiled it to the American Urology Association (AUA) in San Francisco. His peers are now calling him a “visionary.”

New Theory Based on Simple Logic

Dr. Morgentaler is revolutionizing how we see prostate health. But he says his theory is simple logic.

He asks… how can raised testosterone cause prostate cancer? Prostate cancer is an older man’s problem. And younger men have much more testosterone than older men.

“Prostate cancer becomes prevalent exactly at the time of a man’s life when testosterone levels decline,” says Dr. Morgentaler.

If anything, he says, the reverse is true. Too little testosterone is the problem.

But the good news is… This is a problem that can be fixed. And Dr. Morgentaler has done that first hand. First with his own patients. And now in a published study. Just to prove his findings and get the word out there!

Theory in Practice

Dr. Morgentaler’s breakthrough began in 2004. He was working with male patients each day in his practice. He dealt with prostate cancer on a daily basis.

One day, an 84-year-old man came in with untreated prostate cancer. Doctor and patient began talking about the fact that most doctors believe elevated testosterone causes prostate cancer. And how it doesn’t make much sense.

By the end of the conversation, his patient was determined to test out that theory. He asked to be treated with testosterone. So together they began testing out the treatment.

They couldn’t believe the results. Dr. Morgentaler watched his “special” patient closely over two years. And during that time his PSA levels declined. More and more each month. The cancer stopped growing. In fact, it went into remission. And his patient gradually began to feel better. More like his old self.

Eager to get the word out there, Dr. Morgentaler wrote up his findings in the Harvard Medical Gazette.

There was still plenty of resistance to his radical approach. But that didn’t stop Dr. Morgentaler. And even though it’s taken another seven years… his peers are beginning to support his findings.

We’ll review how he’s backed up his theory on Friday. We’ll look at his findings… and explain how you can use them to protect your own prostate.

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