Possible Cure for Cancer – Found!

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We have some exciting news to share with you about the battle to combat cancer. A Cleveland State University professor is convinced he’s discovered a cure. And the best medical institutes in the U.S. are confirming his findings.

The breakthrough comes from Professor Michael Kalafatis. He was born in Romania, but raised in France. And he earned his doctorate from The University of Paris. In the next 10 years, he made breakthroughs in blood coagulation and thrombosis research for Vermont University. And he was recognized for his work by the American Heart Association (AHA).  

For the last 10 years he’s headed up research for CSU. And it’s there that he stumbled on his cancer “cure”.

He has discovered a compound that he calls CancerX. In test after test it kills cancer cells. But doesn’t harm healthy tissue or cells.

He’s tested his compound in the petri dish. And on lab mice that he injected with human cancer cells. And again and again has found the same result: CancerX shrinks tumors and kills cancer cells.

The next step was submitting the compound for independent testing. So both the Cleveland Clinic and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) ran a series of exhaustive tests on CancerX.

In fact, NIH tested the compound on almost 60 different types of cancer: breast cancer… lung cancer… even prostate cancer. And all the tests came back the same. Cancer cells were killed… without any of the damage of chemo or radiation.

“This definitely has promise,” says Dr. Daniel Lindner. He heads up the Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Institute and Lerner Research Institute.

He’s convinced that if Kalafatis can get his compound out there… a cure is just years away.

“It’ll take about 10 years in total,” says Dr. Linder. “But there’s been a push to speed that up.”

We’ll bring you more on this in Friday’s Health Watch…

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    1. Author

      Glad you like our daily issues. You can receive some free reports when you sign up for our subscription-based monthly newsletter – located on the top right-hand side of our free daily issues.

  2. Your videa presentation turns out to be an audio which goes on and on and on; and there is no guide as to how far one has gone and when the trip will come to an end. Surely a written report would have been as effective and less costly in chewing up the remains of one’s gigabyte. I eventually gave up in exhaustion.

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      Thanks for your feedback. We’re kene to hear your thoughts. Out of interest, are you referring to our ‘You Heard it Here First’ podcast that we rolled out on Friday? It’s our first podcast so we’ll be refining the presentations as we move forward and any suggestions you have will be welcomed. I can confirm that we will be including a text version going forward.

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for your article, this is promising. However, doesn’t a cure for cancer mean that the pharmaceutical industry and the associated professionals will go out of business if lives are saved?

    Good luck pushing this through.

    1. Author

      You’re absolutely right: you’ve nailed the conflict of interest in one line. If a cure is successfully released… there’s no doubt that the medical industry will lose billions of dollars in research, drug sales, and expensive radiation / chemo treatments…
      That’s why there’s literally billions of reasons to keep a lid on emerging or potential cures. We’re currently writting a two-part series on what may be a very promising treatment for diabetes. While still in the testing stages, this treatment – if it lives up to expectations – could cure diabetes with just one shot. Again the loss of revenue for the pharmaceutical industry would be enormous…

  4. Keep releasing this valuable information. I am convinced that natural solutions to various illnesses are possible.

    Far too many folks just believe what their doctors tell them. There are cures for numerous illnesses that go back thousands of years. Modern societies are quick to put a stop on these valuable cures in the guise of (or disguise of) “we are doing the best we can for society” by protecting you from these “cures” for your health problems.

    Do yourself a favor and listen to what has worked for thousands of years. Add that knowledge to whatever you are going through and you might be far ahead of what you doctors might think is possible.

    Modern medicine should not be practiced in isolation. Combine that with the knowledge of the ancients to help you become healthier and more energetic.

  5. pharmaceutical companies aren’t going to let anyone be cured of anything they are to greedy even though they already have all the money they will ever need

  6. Oh and besides that the world will become overpopulated and everybody would starve to death. So do you want to die of disease or hunger; pick your poison,at least you’ll look good for a while before ya die of starvation and it won’t take as many pallbarers to tote your skinny butt to the boneyard.

  7. I agree C. I listened to it all and others articles and get so excited about ordering these thing so i listen patiently then go to order only to read that it is not shipped to Australia.

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