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Is it possible that there is a cure for cancer?

A Cleveland State University professor believes there is. And a panel of independent reviewers at both the Cleveland Clinic and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) agree.

Professor Michael Kalafatis, as we noted on Tuesday, heads up research for Cleveland State University (CSU). For over 10 years he’s led CSU research into blood coagulation.

And he stumbled onto his cancer breakthrough by chance.

“Your best discoveries are from something you weren’t expecting,” says David Anderson, the associate dean of Cleveland State University.

That’s exactly how this breakthrough happened.
Kalafatis was working on a research project related to genes and blood coagulation. His students added a special compound to human cancer cells in a petri dish.

The compound killed the cells. This wasn’t the point of the experiment… or what Kalafatis expected. He thought his students had botched the experiment. So he had them do it again. And they got the same results. Shocked by the incredible possibility, he did the test himself. And got the same result. With disbelief… he did it again. And again the compound killed the cancer cells.

So he broadened the experiment. Using the compound that he now calls CancerX, Kalafatis applied it to different types of cancer.

Breast cancer… prostate cancer… leukemia… brain cancer…  CancerX killed them all.
But experiments in petri dishes don’t mean the same thing as they do in real life. So he took his experiments to the next level.

Discovering CancerX

Kalafatis injected human cancer cells into mice and allowed them to grow into full-blown tumors. Then he applied CancerX.

Nothing happened at first.

A week went by.

“Then I got a phone call,” says Kalafatis. “The tumor had disappeared.”

It was then that he knew he was onto something. He began running a gamut of tests. Every type of cancer he could test… and CancerX killed ALL of them.

He’s since tested almost 60 different types of cancer. Tumors dramatically shrink – or are entirely killed. And even better… there’s no damage to surrounding tissue or healthy cells.

He’s had his findings confirmed by the Cleveland Clinic and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The Clinic ran a series of tests on dozens of different types of cancer. These included brain, kidney, and liver. They found CancerX destroyed the tumors… with no harm to healthy cells.

The NIH conducted Phase I and II trials on over 50 different types of cancer. They got the same results – every time.

Now Professor Kalafatis is ready to take his trials to the final level – testing on human patients. If those trials prove successful… he believes a cure for cancer could be available within 10 years.

NHD will continue to follow his work… and report on his progress… as it happens.

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