Defeating Diabetes: The Battle Is On

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There may finally be good news for the millions of people with diabetes. That’s because Toronto scientists believe they have made an incredible breakthrough. They were able to instantly correct insulin levels in mice… using a widely available household herb.

Dr. Hans Michael Dosch is a professor with the University of Toronto, where he heads up research. He’s a 30-year veteran who gained international repute after performing the first thymus transplant in Europe. In the years since, he’s published findings in several prestigious science journals. He’s also made world-leading progress in autoimmune diseases and multiple sclerosis.

But it’s his ongoing work into diabetes that may prove to be his biggest breakthrough.

Dozens of experts have reviewed his research – and are supporting his findings. Doctor Christian Stohler – a Dean at the University of Maryland – believes this game-changing research may transform the way we treat diabetes. He’s a celebrated specialist in pain with decades of research and publications behind him. And he says these new findings open “a novel and exciting door to address one of the [largest modern] diseases.”

Taking the First Step

Dr. Dosch was working at a Toronto-based medical center called The Sick Kids Hospital when he made his initial discovery.

He was studying mice that had been given diabetes. He injected them with a household compound…

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” says Dr. Dosch. Within just 24 hours, the mice were healthy.

It was the last result they expected.

“I couldn’t believe it,” says co-researcher and pain specialist Dr. Michael Salter. “Mice with diabetes suddenly didn’t have diabetes anymore.”

Their breakthrough offers hope for a cure. And completely revolutionizes our understanding of diabetes.

They quickly compiled their findings, which were published in several well-known journals including Cell and Nature Medicine. Their research suggests that our nervous systems trigger diabetes. That connection offers hope of a cure… in the near future.

It’s not surprising then that so many experts are stunned. The new therapy made diabetic mice completely healthy within just 24 hours. And the scientists behind the discovery believe it will do the same for human beings.

Find out more on Friday…

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  1. This article about Diabetes is such great news! My nine-year-old grandson has Type I diabetes and has had it since just before his third birthday. To see what that little guy goes through on a daily basis is heart-breaking. Then to hear him say “don’t worry Gramma, I’m going to grow out of diabetes”, maybe this is his dream-come-true. Thank you for sending this information.

  2. I can guess, that the “household herb” is one of these: onion/garlic, or American Ginseng, or cinnamon…or Bilberry…or Sweet Potato(japanese)….or.. actually there are quite a few herbs that heal diabetes.

    But since it’s a medical discovery, I can guarantee that BigPharmaMafia response to this “breakthrough” will be brutal. They will do everything they can to silence Dr.Dosch, they will scare him, they will threaten him, they will do what they have always done – intimidation on a highest level. Many outspoken doctors have no choice but to move to south of the border.

  3. I sure hope the diabetes ‘shot’ will be available SOMEWHERE soon. I did see the initial announcement – capsaicin was the ingredient. I would travel anywhere to give it a try.

  4. well for me that would be fantastic,diabetes 4 me has been a curse, really difficult to manage and this really a breakthrough or yet another con, like so many of these con artists junk cures. with some idiot posing in a white coat, claiming his years of research, finally ! will cure us of it.

  5. With information like this, why aren’t you screaming out more details.

  6. A lot of medicines for so called diabetic and associate
    diseases are published daily in this bulletin. But why
    not pass it on to 3rd world countries or the Doctors there
    to experement and practice these medicines. Until and unless
    this is not done there is no use of following it up like this.

    Thanks & Regards

  7. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    A lot of medicines for so called diabetic and associate
    diseases are published daily in this bulletin. But why
    not pass it on to 3rd world countries or the Doctors there
    to experement and practice these medicines. Until and unless
    this is not done there is no use of following it up.

  8. Thank You. 30 days, thats all; natural organic diet, one hour of exercise a day, 8 hours sleep, alkaloid and acid balance/PH, also magnetic therapy, every 3 days a check up. Councilling on addiction, lifestyle processes matching biological functions, example eating for function can also be FUN. Again, as always Knowledge sets you free to know who you can be. 30 days intention meets potential. Last thing GET RID OF COKE A COLA 108 years of profits Number ONE contributor to world Pandemic of Diabetes GIVE the the soft drink companies a hard time, make them pay for the damage of 108 years of preying on the public.

  9. Me again thank you, being, myself in the health industry for over 40 years all the above new and old treatments have failed No. 4 killer today is the medical field.
    All disease is malfunction of cells You are your CELLS. Do what is right for your Cells, like me 35 years no illness,now over 60, never medication, mindful eating and resting, exercise daily and cancer will not be your destiny, Do The Right Thing, no procrastination, more raw food, less alcohol, stop smoking, all this we all know, addiction is a social disease, obesity is the result of a consumer society that is ruled by profits. Coke/MacDonalds etc. Cancer loves Fat- for transportation, easy to move through fat, than bone and muscle, Cancer loves SUGAR/More SUGAR, and Cancer Loves unnecessary Stress, Yes clean up your Cells People Free yourself from Garbage.

  10. Someone gave me a kind of mushroom. I have tested its effects -my brother who is diabetic,(stopped insulin entirely & reading of blood glucose=4.6/ Mine is 4.3 mmol/L.

    Personally, I do not believe substituting Insulin which the Pancreas cannot make, is a solution. In fact the side-effects from my readings on current research on secondary problems with other organs, esp the heart, of diabetics, on Insulin seem to confirm my conviction further. The solution lies in tackling the fundamental root cause – reactivating the pancreas to start producing insulin for a more natural solution.

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