Processed Meats Too Dangerous for Human Consumption

Processed Meats

Update: The World Cancer Research Fund caught wind of this article just after it went live. They scrambled to let people know they had nothing to do with it. In fact, their official response was “The articles talking about processed meat being ‘too dangerous for human consumption’ are unhelpful and scaremongering.” Yet in the same post, they tell you to avoid this stuff because it can cause bowel cancer.

We’re not scaremongering. But we’re not afraid to tell our readers the truth.

The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has completed a detailed review of more than 7,000 clinical studies covering links between diet and cancer.1 Bottom line: Processed meats are too dangerous for human consumption. Consumers should stop buying and eating all processed meat products for the rest of their lives.

Processed meats include bacon, sausage, hot dogs, sandwich meat, packaged ham, pepperoni, salami and virtually all red meat used in frozen prepared meals. They are usually manufactured with a carcinogenic ingredient known as sodium nitrite.2 This is used as a color fixer by meat companies to turn packaged meats a bright red color so they look fresh. Unfortunately, sodium nitrite also results in the formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines in the human body. And this leads to a sharp increase in cancer risk for those who eat them.

A 2005 University of Hawaii study found that processed meats increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67 percent.3 Another study revealed that every 50 grams of processed meat consumed daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 21 percent.4 These are alarming numbers. Note that these cancer risks do not come from eating fresh, non-processed meats. They only appear in people who regularly consume processed meat products containing sodium nitrite.

Sodium nitrite appears predominantly in red meat products (you won’t find it in chicken or fish products). Here’s a short list of food items to check carefully for sodium nitrite and monosodium glutamate (MSG), another dangerous additive:

  • Beef jerky
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Hot dogs
  • Sandwich meat
  • Frozen pizza with meat
  • Canned soups with meat
  • Frozen meals with meat
  • Ravioli and meat pasta foods
  • Kid’s meals containing red meat
  • Sandwich meat used at popular restaurants
  • Nearly all red meats sold at public schools, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and theme parks

If sodium nitrite is so dangerous to humans, why do the FDA and USDA continue to allow this cancer-causing chemical to be used? The answer, of course, is that food industry interests now dominate the actions by U.S. government regulators. The USDA, for example, tried to ban sodium nitrite in the late 1970′s but was overridden by the meat industry.5 It insisted the chemical was safe and accused the USDA of trying to “ban bacon.”

Today, the corporations that dominate American food and agricultural interests hold tremendous influence over the FDA and USDA. Consumers are offered no real protection from dangerous chemicals intentionally added to foods, medicines and personal care products.

You can protect yourself and your family from the dangers of processed meats by following a few simple rules:

  1. Always read ingredient labels.
  2. Don’t buy anything made with sodium nitrite or monosodium glutamate.
  3. Don’t eat processed meats served by restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels or other institutions.

And finally, eat more fresh produce with every meal. There is evidence that natural vitamin C found in citrus fruits and exotic berries (like camu camu) helps prevent the formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines, protecting you from the devastating health effects of sodium nitrite in processed meats. The best defense, of course, is to avoid eating processed meats altogether.

These are great ways to start lowering your risk. But they aren’t the only natural ways to fight cancer… Some cancer-killers may already be in your kitchen.

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  1. matthew lamotte says:

    Reading this post on my phone probably have me cancer

    • Harris Bockoven says:

      “defines processed meat as “meat preserved by smoking, curing or salting, or addition of chemical preservatives.”…I am all against chemical preservatives, but before refrigeration, smoking, curing, and salting was the only way to preserve meat…and the cancer rates in the “Little House on the Prairie Days” was not even close to the cancers we have now. Cooking meats properly also removed a lot of food borne illnesses, and yet it is said that increases cancer causing chemicals. The human body was not designed for a vegetarian only diet, our teeth show that. I see a vegetarian vegan agenda…and I have never seen a completely healthy vegetarian or vegan…just sickly smug ones.

      • kathleen bartholomew says:

        I am vegan: seriously I am healthy and 75yrs of age. 10 years ago I had 19cm of bowel removed for rectal cancer 18 months after I had most of the left lung removed. Both cancers were not connected. I know I will not have cancer any more with a vegan diet and Juniper charcoal as my medicine. If we wan to live we have to do some thing about it. I used to think like you.I thought too that vegans were weirdos. How ignorant I was. I wrote a book to pass on what I am living proof os. ‘What Did I Eat Today? Kathleen Bartholomew or Amazon
        I had already lost prematurely my Dad and mum through cancer and two brothers Tony died with colon cancer at 33 yrs old and David at 38yrs old. Hope you don’t have any of these problems, but some people do and it is a wicked disease that we need to face and do something about it. Die by all means painfree not of cancer.

    • wade white says:

      I want a lawyer lawsuit against pork ans beef processing companies And USDA drug and food administration for saying it was safe to eat . I am Wade P. White Sr.

  2. Helen says:

    I believe in taking everything I read or hear with a grain of salt. In my opinion this article is taking the original researc and re-wording it to advocate their own point of view. Just because some have chosen to eat a certain way doesn’t mean that everyone needs or must do the same. Even vegetarians get sick & yes get cancer. What about the man that ate nothing but Mcdonalds for years and is perfectly healthy? He has shown no adverse affects what so ever. While I personally wouldn’t choose this as my main meal choice. I do think that everything in moderation is

    • Michael says:

      Helen: If the USDA and the FDA are being controlled by meat corporations, how can you rely on government studies of sodium nitrite? I hope you take it with a grain of salt. There is preference and then there is fundamentally healthy. The two can cross over but usually do not. I believe you are referring to the movie SuperSize Me? The man ate Mcdonalds for only one month solid and displayed a myriad of health problems. He was by no means perfectly healthy.

      • Bostonjunk says:

        Oh dear,
        the ‘corporations’ are out to get us!
        All government and independent research is just playing to the big corporationz for profit!!!1!1! The Illuminati is trying to poison our minds in preparation for the reptilian new world order!

        Oh, please! According to conspiracy theorists, the goverment is in league with every industry imaginable just to kill us all for profit. Because killing customers is GREAT for business!

        What a load of paranoid delusional bollocks.

        Processed meat is bad for you, of course it is, it’s fatty and salty and made with poor quality cuts. But no one is suggesting that you eat this stuff all the time.

        Many people have eaten processed meats and McDonald’s and gone on to live perfectly normal, healthy lives.

        • none of your business says:

          so the truth is paranoia? do you work for the processed meat industry or what? yup mcdonalds is completely healthy. you are delusional

      • rick says:

        I cant believe that people choose not to look at the facts. I dont think, there are may politions in any country, that really give a damn about us. Once they are in office all they care about is staying on the gravy train. Please people wake up before it is too late, we have to get back to eating more wholesome foods.

        • DAvid says:

          Yes, the reptilians whatever. That isn´t a very strong point for me. I will not believe everything only because there´s a weak youtube video with stupid proofs out there. To begin with people live longer today than years ago, that´s something that you can see by yourself unless you believe in the blible. Work in your inner self instead of trust in every stupid comic-like apocaliptic story (they exist since the first dawn).

          • Ryan says:

            Keep in mind people are living longer than ever before today because of modern medicine, treatments for diseases and better surgery etc. We could extend our lives greatly if we just put a little extra effort into looking at what we eat and eating more wholesome foods. I personally would like to be around for my Grandkids to grow up, and to just have a good quality of life with as little pharmuceuticals as needed to keep me alive. I know which path I will take

        • Patrick says:

          You’re right we do. But nobody mentions the healthy vaccine and health-disease prevention called “exercise”. I guess they just expect everybody to quit this stuff cold turkey. But also, our bodies weren’t made to sit on our ass all the time. If some1 ate mcdonalds “trans fats and all” for a whole year and exercised regularly, yes I believe he’d be healthy as a horse.

    • Maury says:

      Helen, people like you irritate me. You pretend to play devil’s advocate, but you can not recognize the devil. Get an education first, before you spout wrong, vague, and un-useful information.

      McDonalds food is not food–it is processed garbage with flavorings to make you think it taste good. But it has no taste nor nutrients. You should record the ingredients in everything you eat and use on your skin for 1 day, and let me know how that list looks at the end of the day. Or week, or year.

      Yes vegetarians get cancer, but that does not prove your not-well-thought-out thought. Compare the rates and look at the diet, even by country. I am guessing you do not read anything about health or nutrition, yet I am sure you have many opinions. Why are you trusting people who profit from keeping you in the dark, just because you can’t stop eating garbage?

      • Barack Obama says:

        Maury you are the most pretentious dumb f*** on this whole entire message board.
        Go choke on some vegetables, or maybe we will get lucky and a stampede of cows will trample you.

        • Barry Soeteroro says:

          Hey commenter above with the OBVIOUSLY STUPID FAKE NAME… go and give yourself an uppercut and stop hassling people. YOU are the biggest d!psh!7 on this board, sunshine. Now go fug off. Thank you. clappity clap.

          • Phoenix Wright says:

            No, that was definitely Obama. It’s well known that the President frequents comment sections of fringe articles to call out loons for their inanities.

        • SASSYtheSASQUATCH says:

          All hail barack obama.
          Your health care will cure are cancer.
          bacon for life.

      • john vitela says:

        Do not listen to anyone in medicine, pay close attention instead to the fly the gnat and the natural process of decomposing. These bugs have the God given ability to sniff out any no good food much better than our friend the dog,Take 2 or 3 pcs of processed meats place them on your garage floor in summer leave them there for three days, If nothing lands on it, beware!

      • Bostonjunk says:

        Maury, people like you irritate me.
        Your arrogance does your argument no favors.

        You dismiss Helen’s point out of hand but provide nothing in return but hot air.

        Helen has a good point – skepticism is a good thing and is a sign of an educated mind. You could learn from her.

        You did say this:
        “Why are you trusting people who profit from keeping you in the dark”
        What about the vested interests of websites like this?
        Isn’t that exactly what they’re doing?

        Websites like this profit from your mistrust of mainstream medicine. It’s in their best interests to keep you distrustful of mainstream medical knowledge – because then they can sell you their ‘medicine’ and ‘medical knowledge’ instead.

        What makes this site and it’s vested interests more trustworthy?

      • Elizabeth says:

        Maury, your comment is incredibly true! Keep track of what you eat and defiantly consume more vegetables…”Barak Obama” below you is obviously a raging idiot…and also please do not choke on any vegetables.

      • G says:

        Helen was talking about the guy who has eaten a big mac every day for years(no fries) and is perfectly healthy. Look it up. She was not referring to “supersize me”. Everything in moderation. Quit the conspiracy theories and cries for attention.

      • SASSYtheSASQUATCH says:

        Where do i subscribe to ur health care magazine.

        BTW i think i saw u on food network on tv. :O

    • Jamie says:

      I haven’t heard of any man who ate Mcdonalds and lived a long age. But I know of a woman who got her life saved because she ate fast food for every meal. You know why? Because the woman ordered stuff from this same fast food joint. She ate them all day. One day the shop didn’t get the order. So the restaurant staff were worried so they sent the food anyway just to check why the order was not there. You know what the staff found out? They found the woman collapsed from a heart attack or stroke or something. Because she didn’t order the fast food that day, her life got saved. So all those years of eating fast food made her life short but got saved because she didn’t order fast food that day. :-) This is a true story. You may find the source in the web.

      • Joe says:

        Good story, but if she was eating healthy in the first place she wouldn’t suffer from a heart attack or stroke, think straight here the fast food she been eating cause her to have those symptoms, she built a customer relation with that fast food chain , so she skip an order they brought it to her and realized that she on the floor from either a heart attack or stroke, Yes she got save, but her fast food eating cause
        those symptoms. Corporate America has blind you folks that’s all.

    • Ty says:

      Helen, here is a good rule of thumb to live by. If the meat did not grow in that package then you should not eat it. Now, it is true that everyone has to make their own decisions on what they do with their bodies but McDonalds? Really? Tell ya what take a McDonalds French fry and put it under the seat of your car today and then come back the day before Christmas and ask yourself “Why does it still like as fresh as the day I bought it” REAL FOOD does not do that!!

    • Irini says:

      That would be labeled as a “Study of 1″ in the medical profession. You cannot base science on “some guy who ate nothing but mcdonalds and is perfectly fine.”

      Its like basing medical decisions on that uncle who “smoked and drank his entire life but lived to be 100″ We all have that “uncle” in our family dont we? lol.

      Processed meat is Un-natural. My brother in law is a Colorectal Surgeon and is now seeing colon cancer as young as 17 years old. Guess what? Kids are eating hot dogs, processed school foods etc so young that by the time they are in their 30′s they have advanced stages of colon cancer. I’ll go by a colorectal surgeons advice and not eat processed food… seeing as he has 22 years of experience seeing inside of diseased bowels.

      I also take the time to read “real” medical journals that study thousands of patients and have real results. Curing food with nitrites/nitrates has been directly linked to colon cancer. However, most people live in a state of denial. I’d love to see what would happen when they have to put a “Warning; consumption of this product will have adverse affects and may cause cancer.” Just like cigarettes and Alcohol have warning labels. I’m sure people will still deny it in their minds.

      Eat organic, eat raw fresh food, eat organically raised free range animals who are not pumped with poisons… its logical. Real food tastes good. We breathe polution, we smoke, drink, eat chemicals and expect our health to be A-Okay. Typical.

      • Donia says:

        Amen, Irini–you said it all!

      • Tcell says:

        Irini, you’re a very logical and smart person. I agree 100%. We can only put our best foot forward and hope that the uneducated will see the painfully obvious truth. Until then, let the fittest survive. It’s how nature intended. Funny how people want to fight against mother nature and think they can win. She always wins. If you’re not playing by her rules … checkmate!

    • Dana says:

      I tend to agree with Helen. Besides not all processed meats are manufactured with nitrates.

      • Rhonda says:

        Dana, umm yea I think they are

        • Carol Beall says:

          Yes Rhonda, there are some.I have bought nitrite & nitrate free bacon,for example. Spoils faster and costs more. Kind of like buying organic-higher cost, and harder to find what you want. Carol.

    • Brandon says:

      I don’t think they are saying dont eat meat. But what you have to take in is the risks that it involves. And yea you can eat in moderation which is a lot healthier than indulging. But the question is “why risk putting it in your body if you don’t have to?” People need to be more conscience of what they are putting in their body. For the ones who live a longer life that do eat meat…..ask yourself, how many people are that fortunate compared to the ones that do get sick and are laying around waiting for a heart transplant or medical treatment.

    • Tony Spiers says:

      My introduction to INH was an article on reducing blood pressure with beetroot juice! The active ingredient being the large concentration of NaNO3 (sodium nitrate) which the body converts to NO (nitrous oxide) which relaxes the walls of blood vessels, lowering BP within minutes. NaNO3 is also in carrot, celery, cucumber, lettuce, spinach … . you can chase it down in pubmed. search “beetroot” for med jnl papers on the subject going back as far as 1985.

      Ive started blasting myself off in the morning with a good cocktail of this lot, I thank you for that, and I am going to keep on doing it.

      What you say here about processed meat as unhealthy is fine, but is NaNO3 the real culprit? Can we see some data?

  3. Kristen says:

    You know that sodium nitrite is found in most vegetables and is completely safe for human consumption, right? You would have to consume just about an entire teaspoon in one sitting to poison yourself with it and most companies only use about 2-10 ppm of it in processed meats-which is close to the amount found in many of your daily fruits and vegetables. It also makes most of the meats you buy at the grocery store safe for consumption. It almost completely stunts the growth of bacteria and other hazardous diseases, which would other wise have an insanely higher chance at being present in any meat products.As far as producing nitrosamines goes, this has never been proven. There IS a link between ALL meat products and nitrosamines, but there is more proof that it may be caused from the meat decomposing in your stomach which produces chemicals that are not safe for the human body. This has never been linked to sodium itrite, however, it has only been linked to the consumption of meat products. While processed meats may not be good for you because of their nutritional value, I highly doubt that sodium nitrite or monosodium glutamate are the actual causes of half of these “studies”. As far as producing nitrosamines goes, this has never been proven.

    Monosodium glutamate is actually not bad for you at all and has been used for well over 100 years as a flavor additive in packaged foods. It is a naturally occurring amino acid, and amino acids are good for you. Monosodium glutamate is even considered better for you than salt. There have been multiple studies on “MSG Symptom Complex” which is where various people believe that MSG is the cause of their illnesses, but none of these claims have any backing and the belief that MSG can make you sick has been debunked dozens of times in the last 20 years. It is, purely, the placebo effect.

    So none of these additives are actually bad for you unless consumed in quantities that would far outweigh their use.

    Sources: and

    And if you are going to get on my case for using wiki, I can go back and find all of the sources on these pages and post them all individually for you.

    • Kristen says:

      That first paragraph was really redundant, sorry about that. I was trying to rearrange my words in a more sensible fashion and didn’t finish editing.

    • Josh says:

      Kristen, you’ve posted a great comment that’s not sensationalist and is backed up by clinical data. Unfortunately it will likely fall on deaf ears as people who zealously claim MSG is harmful are too stupid to actually do their own research and find out it is harmless (as you mentioned.)

      I have a hard time seeing stuff like this on places like Facebook – all it does is propagate ignorance. Ironically, the internet is simultaneously making people both smarter and dumber at the same time, because knowledge is out there but sensationalist fluff like this spreads like wildfire.

    • Vero says:

      please do research for monosodium glutamate & lupus;

    • Raymond Kim says:

      Thanks for the informative post. I was ready to pretty much abandon all canned meats, and burgers from fast food restaurants, but then I ran into your comment, and did some digging of information of my own (for example, all of McDonald’s beef patties are 100% beef; I’m assuming they would list sodium nitrate as an ingredient if indeed it was a part of the meat, as McDonald’s does with other ingredients, such as preservatives, in their other food products), and now it seems the problem is made out to be more than what it is.

      Oh, and I checked the actual source of this article, that is this webpage. When it’s named “Institute for Natural Healing”, which isn’t so bad on its own, and then there are articles like “20 years of aging gone in 6 months? These long-held secrets are now out in the open…”… yes, I’m willing to guess the source is making the problem to be more than it really is.

    • Rhonda says:

      Now that I’ve almost stopped laughing, Kristen, you just keep believing that. Remember though that on the internet you can find anything to “prove” any position.

  4. Helen says:

    fine. I keep informed and choose what I eat accordingly. But not based on biased over the top statements. We could die of many things in this lifetime. The risk of being in a car accident for instance isn’t going to stop me from driving. I highly doubt a couple of pieces of bacon once in awhile is going to make as huge an impact as this article would lead us to believe. Besides I like bacon, sausage, hotdogs & pickles. I’m not going to stop eating them because of a possibilty that I may get cancer. Lol, life is to short to worry about what may kill me in the long run.

    • Maury says:

      Life isn’t that short, and it doesn’t have to be. Refined and processed foods have caused death and harm to many. The problem is that you have been raised by commercials lying to you. Real food in this country is scarce.

      Car accidents have nothing to do with this at all. If you knew there was small amounts of rat poison, linked to deaths, in a type of candy, would you say “oh well life is too short to worry about little poisons!”. Or would you change your perspective on what people call food in this country? Any idea at all what is going on with the small farms in this country, under the attacks of Monsanto?

  5. Strayfly says:

    Everything with a grain of salt. Salt, helps preserve meat, taste and breakdown good meats and vegetables. I say that because whether the “health advocates” want to admit or not, we are omnivores. I know this drives a lot of people crazy, knowing that humans require both meat and vegetables to survive, and apparantly they would love to evolve beyond that, but it would require mutation in our basic cell structure, so, be careful what you ask from these scientists.

    Two other points, 1 the arguement that life is precious, and “killing is wrong”, as reason not to kill an animal to eat is so presumptuously wrong. Look, believe it or not, that vegetable that you are eating, was alive before you killed it. Number 2, if you really believe that all you have to do to avoid cancer is be a vegan, why not ask Linda McCartney her thought on the subject. She was a vegan her entire life, yet she died of cancer. Look, you may not want to admit it, you live on this planet and you are a carbon based animal, you are born with cancer cells. You got them from your parents, they got them from thiers, so on all the way back to where that cell/gene was mutated in our cell structure in our past history.

    Ok done, off the soap box.

  6. Clara says:

    @ ROSS:
    As much as Science is respected, you have neglected another entity called COMMONSENSE.
    Norman is trying to say, you don’t have to become a scientist or a doctor to come to reasoned, logical conclusions.
    I see no reason why any intelligent being mocking Norman for this reasonable claim.

    It makes you look quite dumb for you to always kiss the ground where scientists’ walk on. Even scientists are humans whom sometimes ever so conveniently tweak their experiments to favour the desired outcomes of their sponsor – Big pharmaceutical and tobacco firms and many more.

  7. Douglas Campbell says:

    I’m going to die of something (as are we all). If I cut out everything that they’ve said caused cancer (some of which they have other studies that contradict), I wouldn’t have too much to eat, couldn’t use a cell or cordless phone, nor watch TV. Screw it, I’ll do what I want.

  8. Bob says:

    Many articles worldwide states that the people of Okinawa, Japan live the longest versus any other culture in the is world. They eat lots of pork everyday with eggs and Goya ( bitter melon) along with their white rice.
    It all boils down to your DNA everyone. If you are not of Okinawan ancestry, then you are vulnerable to cancers diseases and a shortened life. Sorry, but thats the true reality of it.
    Then again, I have known of people who smoked a pack of cigarrettes a day, ate lots of canned foods and lived to be 103 or 112! It all boils down to each individuals DNA.

  9. Barbara says:

    I really wish people would stop name-calling. Great informative comments. I believe we were all brought to this page for the same reasons and should work much harder to communicate lovingly with each other, whether our opinions are the same or not. Thanks everyone, great article. <3

  10. mrwallyrooster says:

    Compared with 100 years ago, people are living longer life spans these days. Also they are eating more processed foods treated with preservatives. Obviously the preservatives are keeping people fresh longer, just like they help the food to stay fresh longer.

  11. says:

    I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too. This sort of clever work and coverage!
    Keep up the very good works guys I’ve added you guys to our blogroll.

  12. cb says:

    I have celiac i cant eat shit cause they poison ,our food my mom is also we didn’t find out until it was to late.she used to be a model now she cant even walk or talk causes us symptoms such as thinking improper to ibs. i am an emt in memphis. open your eyes. its bad for you but makes life impossible for us

  13. Michael dry says:

    Purchase B-15 from which is the possible cure for cancer.

  14. Mel says:

    Ya’ll don’t get it!There is a special interest group for every type of food out there that can find something wrong with that particular item that they researched.Common sense must prevail.Yes,sodium nitrate isn’t good for you,but like every thing in food out there,moderation prevails.Remember that there was research on aspartame which has been written about many times and different statements went back an forth about whether it was bad for and ok to consume.Bottom line,one hot dog every other week or a couple of slices of bacon one Sunday a month,or a slice of ham on a holiday isn’t gong to make a difference.And meat in small quantities a couple of times a week is ok as well.There are a lot of essential amino acids in lean red meat.Always eat fresh produce.

  15. Don says:

    I just started eating processed foods again, I had stopped for at least 30 yrs. I know people who have been eating processed foods for a lot longer and the only thing that is different is their weight, they are a little fatter, but healthy, so I find this very hard to believe.

  16. Shawn says:

    Are there any safety issues with consumption of nitrates?

    • Most of the concern about safety of nitrates has arisen from epidemiological data and the potential to form N-Nitrosoamines which are thought to be cancer causing as well as causing “blue-baby” syndrome. However, one must be careful in evaluating the data and reaching any conclusions.

    • It is important that in any scientific debate to understand the strengths and limits of epidemiological research.

    • Let us review the data for both these concerns.

    i) In the case of methemoglobinemia- one case back in the 1950’s caused considerable sensation when a baby’s hemoglobin was thought to be compromised by supposedly excessive nitrates in well water and converting the hemoglobin to a form that was not able to transport oxygen easily. However, the infant was living in a rural area and the well water had higher burden of bacterial load that was likely the culprit and not the nitrates per se.
    Additionally, there have few if any cases of methemoglobinemia. Moreover, when nitrates and/or nitrites are injected i.v. there is little or no change in the hemoglobin status. In other words there is little or no conversion of hemoglobin into methemoglobin. So nitrates causing blue-baby syndrome seems highly unlikely as a health concern.
    ii) In the case of N-Nitrosamine formation associated with consumption of “cured” meats (meat treated with nitrates/nitrites for preservation) one must review the data carefully.

    • Foods are heterogenous and complex in terms of their composition and contribution to the overall diet, ascribing an individual component of food as ‘‘good” or ‘‘bad” is fraught with difficulty due to many confounders.

    • There are other components (or confounders) that are likely to be present in the consumption of meat that unfortunately and erroneously implicate nitrates as posing a health risk?
    ) Saturated fats
    ) Pesticides
    ) Hormones
    ) Biological e.g. high bacterial loads
    ) Other harmful chemicals
    ) Toxins
    ) Cooking practices e.g. charring of food which produces known carcinogens.

    • Interpretation of epidemiological studies demands careful criteria:
    1. Strength of association i.e. magnitude of the effect
    2. Exposure must precede the disease
    3. Consistency- similar findings in many studies without contradictory results
    4. Theoretical plausibility i.e. biological/physiological/metabolic knowledge supports the findings
    5. Coherence i.e. no alternate hypotheses
    6. Specificity i.e. no confounding factors are found
    7. Dose–response i.e. higher risk with higher exposure
    8. Experimental i.e. animal and in-vitro studies show the effect.

    • Some misconceptions about interpreting such studies include:
    1. Statistical significance should not be mistaken for evidence of a substantial association.
    2. Association does not prove causation (other evidence must also be considered).
    3. Uncertainty about whether there is a causal relationship (or even an association) is not sufficient to suggest action should not be taken.

    • In the last 20 years there is accumulating evidence that nitrates are beneficial for health. These include:
    ) Mediterranean, Japanese and DASH diets are ALL very high in nitrate content. In some cases up to 20 times! All these diets are supported in the literature for their health benefits. In fact most physicians recommend such diets to their patients.
    ) Many TCM formulas for heart health are extremely high in nitrate content. In fact their high nitrate content explains their benefit. These formulas have been used for over thousands of years as proof for their safety and efficacy.
    ) Mother’s milk is very rich in nitrate content by several folds which reduces as the infant ages. If nitrates were an issue for methemoglobinemia then why does nature ensure such high concentrations?
    • Recent data from the UK, Sweden and the US supports that certain vegetables rich in nitrates like kale, spinach, bok-choy, celery and beet root have extremely high nitrate content and are beneficial when consumed. For example a typical plate of salad contains around 1200mg of nitrate which is 3-4 folds higher than allowed by WHO or Health Canada. Yet, how often has eating salads been associated with disease or health risk?
    • Other studies:

    i) Occupational exposure to very high levels of nitrate occurs in fertilizer workers, who have elevated body burdens of nitrate and elevated salivary nitrate and nitrite levels show no increased incidence of gastric cancers.
    ii) Studies in Canada, Italy, Sweden and Germany involving thousands of study subjects have failed to show an association or demonstrated an inverse association between estimated nitrate intake and gastric cancer.
    iii) In a review of 14 epidemiological studies, 13 of which were case-control studies, Blot et al. could not conclude a relationship between cured meat consumption during pregnancy and brain or any other cancers. It may be that in the limited number of epidemiological studies linking nitrate, nitrite or cured meats to a specific cancer site, other as yet
    uncharacterized dietary or environmental factors may be
    ​ involved.
    • Animal data does not support the contention that nitrates are toxic or carcinogenic! For example:
    a) In 2000, the results of a comprehensive battery of rodent carcinogenicity and mutagenicity studies by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP), including a standard, 2-year chronic cancer bioassay of sodium nitrite in rats and mice, were presented to the NTP Technical Reports Review Subcommittee for evaluation. The final NTP Technical Report indicated that the only adverse finding in both rats and mice was an ‘‘equivocal evidence” finding that sodium nitrite weakly increased the number of forestomach tumors in female mice but not in male mice or male or female rats. All other organ sites in both rats and mice showed no evidence of carcinogenicity. In short, any suspicion of sodium nitrite’s carcinogenicity in rodents was not supported by this state-of-the-art cancer bioassay study. Shortly thereafter, in 2000, nitrite was also reviewed and evaluated for potential listing as a developmental and reproductive toxicant under the Proposition 65 Statute in California. A review of 99 studies on sodium nitrite led the state’s Developmental and Reproductive Toxicant Identification Committee of eight independent scientists to conclude that sodium nitrite should not be listed as a developmental toxicant or as a male or female reproductive toxicant under California’s Proposition 65 law.
    • Nitrate/nitrite is a reservoir for NO an important signalling molecule with a myriad of health benefits including:
    • Immunity and increasing resistance to pathogens
    • Reduction of blood pressure
    • Improvement of functioning of endothelial cells possibly the hall-mark in cardiovascular health.
    • Improvement of cardiovascular functioning in conditions of poor circulation
    • Counteracts the effects ischemic heart disease like angina
    • Improves exercise physiology of muscles i.e. has an oxygen sparing effect.
    • Effective in disease conditions where there is poor oxygen status e.g. asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), angina, chronic kidney disease and high altitude or mountain-sickness.
    • Gastric protection against H pylori and healing of inflamed mucous membranes.

    • In summary nitrates have been incorrectly projected as villains yet in reality they have key health promoting health effects.


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  17. charles Handford says:

    i grew up in the 1930′s and 1940′s and went to the store for my mother hundreds of times and the foods that
    were in the grocery stores in those days(and especially in bulk like dried beans and rice sugar and many other
    food items) were infested with bugs and the bins were dirty,however items such as fresh meat and canned foods were alright,and the dairy foods were good.
    they did not have frozen foods in those days and canned foods were limited in variety (not much canned meat or poultry) and the canned foods did not contain preserveatives as they do today. many people in those days
    raised chickens and pigs and almost everyone had vegetable gardens and there was millions of family farms
    that grew truck crops and grains so these people were self sufficent .there is not many family farms today so
    i would say that the food then was very good and it did not have all the things that are added to food these days for various reasons..

  18. CC says:

    As a professional in the healthcare industry, and a writer, I have two comments to make. First, in order for this article to be credible in making such broad statements, more than seven sources should have been used in its creation-from peer reviewed publications. The second point is that I believe in and align with the article’s objective, to inform the masses about the dangers inherent in processed foods. This is more like a blog post for the general public, not a news article for research critics. If people refuse to acknowledge that weird ingredients are bad for them, who cares. Let them eat all the spam they want and pray to the gods that federalized health care doesn’t make it.

  19. Larry says:

    usa is the cancer of this planet.

  20. Roger says:

    I heard sunlight gives you cancer. Best to avoid that as well…

  21. Meat Man says:

    Hate to break it to everyone, but nitrites/nitrates have been in processed foods since the beginning of processed foods. It’s a natural occurring event in the fermentation and drying process of all sausages. The nitrites/nitrates help inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria making the product edible. Of course your diet shouldn’t consist of sausage, bacon, and hotdogs on the regular. Anything in excess will eventually be bad for you. Yes, the meat companies are consolidating and getting bigger, but it’s not a conspiracy that they’re intentionally put in sodium nitrite to get people sick. Also, I find it funny that there was a pop up ad on this site for Cape Cod potato chips, they make their product with sea salt. Anyone in the food business will tell you that if you want to avoid putting “sodium nitrite” on your label, you replace it with “sea salt”. They are the same thing except sea salt has more impurities and are usually cooked off during processing. Yes sodium nitrite isn’t the best thing for you, but you can still enjoy all the glories of processed meats, just in moderation.

  22. Johna590 says:

    I’ve long suggested that people seeking to gett a good understanding of this speciific topic spread their research acrooss many blogs ffkafdebdecc

  23. Edward says:

    I agree! Processed meat is very harmful to your health! I would try to ban processed meat too!

  24. greg says:

    Living longer but with more chronic health problems earlier.

  25. nubwaxer says:

    sitting is the new smoking, i just read, and if you buy into the whole food nazi propaganda babble then you’d most likely be better off smoking than to ingest any sugar whatsoever. i even read today that smoking had a couple of medical benefits. i swear i did read that.
    anyway, what were we talking about? oh yeah, get off my back!

  26. kanye2020 says:

    Dam these comments have got me confused. ?????

  27. Sarah says:

    I have been trying to validate the statement that the World Cancer Research Fund states that “Processed meats are too dangerous for human consumption. Consumers should stop buying and eating all processed meat products for the rest of their lives.” This is simply not true. They say that processed meat should be avoided, and nothing else. Please check your facts. If they DID say this, provide a link to the source!

  28. Nalliah Thayabharan says:

    Cancer is less a disease than a condition existing in the whole human body. Cancer would be almost unheard of if no devitalized food or meats were eaten since cancer cannot exist where there is a pure bloodstream. Avoid meat in all forms including dairy. Meat is a dead matter, low in minerals, and produces uric acid in excess which is a waste product. The incidence of cancer is in direct proportion to the amount of meat and meat products in the diet. Regular meat eaters (especially red meat) have a higher probability of getting cancers, such as colon cancer and prostate cancer. Digestion of meat uses trypsin and chymotrypsin, which are two critical enzymes in the human body to allow the immune system to kill cancer cells. Vegetable proteins do not use up those enzymes. Cancer patient should not eat anything that is not building the immunity system or killing cancer cells. Meat does not contribute to curing the cancer, so meat is should be avoided by cancer patients. There are plenty of foods that help cure cancer, so there is no need to eat meat. Pancreatin enzymes can be destroyed by contact with acids. Diet comprised mostly of processed refined foods and meats may result in lower pH that depletes these enzymes in the human body. Cancer cells metabolize foods very inefficiently and produce acidic wastes. This extra acidity can further lower the pH levels in an already acidic environment for pancreatin enzymes. The lower pH level also enables the cancer to spread by using acid dissolved normal cells as its food source. This strongly acidic lower pH environment, especially local to the cancer is the primary reason that cancer does not normally heal on its own. The colon should be relatively clear during a cancer treatment so that the body can absorb as many nutrients as possible.

    All foods like meat which ferment in the bowel should be avoided to prevent the accumulation of fecal matter in the colon. The hormones in meat like artificial sex hormone widely used in cattle – Diethylstilbestrol cause cancer of the uterus, breast and other reproductive organs. Dangerous residues of stilbestrol are in 85% of all the meat sold in North America. This is the main reason why fifteen countries around the world now refuse to import meat produced in the US; and twenty one countries have a total ban on the use of stilbestrol in food production or processing. When chemical preservatives and color enhancers are ingested, they cause the body to produce nitrosamines which cause cancer of the liver, stomach, brain, bladder, kidneys and several other organs. Nitrates and nitrites are heavily added to meat during processing. Runoff of nitrates and nitrites from fields sprayed with chemical fertilizers get into drinking water and cause cancer. can lead to cancer. If the digestive system is weak, digestion of meat could produce toxins in blood.

    Though devitalized, processed, and sugared food can also cause cancer even in vegetarians. People, communities and groups who consume less meat have less cancer. Seventh-day Adventists, who eat little or no meat, suffer far less from cancer than the average meat-eating American. High protein diet of Americans is linked to the high incidence of cancer in the US. Anyone who does not eat meat, eats only good food, and does all he can to protect his liver, may never get cancer.

    The second solution is to introduce the appropriate calciums into the body since the body uses calcium as the chief alkalinizer of all body fluids including the intra-cellular fluids. Cancers and tumors can only exist in a predominantly lower pH (acidic) environment caused by a diet rich in dairy foods, meats, grain products, sweets and strong condiments such as black pepper. This is always accompanied by an acute lack of living fruits and vegetables. High acidity destroys bones, because the body has to use alkalizing minerals from bones to keep the blood pH from dropping into the acid range.

    Lactobacillus acidophilus is a friendly organism which helps the body fight disease and restores health. Acidophilus kills the harmful bacteria strain of E. coli in the intestinal tract. Acidophilus breaks milk sugar down into lactic acid. Bacteria which produce putrefaction and gas in the intestines cannot live in lactic acid. Acidophilus also has the unique ability to help the body synthesize, or manufacture all of the ‘B’ vitamins in the system. This makes it especially valuable since there is literally a host of agents which destroy B vitamins. A few are antibiotics, birth control pills, eating sugar and refined foods and drinking coffee. A diet high in red meat will destroy the beneficial bacteria, due to the concentration of antibiotics and steroids given to the animals before they are slaughtered.

    Cancer is fundamentally involved with mal-utilization of protein. Oncologists generally agree that the actual cause of death in cancer patients is cachexia, a condition of severe weight loss and wasting associated with protein mal-absorption. In fact cancer cells are able to grow by making the amino acids of protein available for their growth at the expense of the body as a whole. Meat, especially red meat, being the most readily assimilable protein, becomes a banquet for cancer cells. Emphasizing the use of plant sources of vegetable protein such as legumes and beans that contain cancer-fighting compounds should be a prominent part of an anti-cancer diet.

    The most damaging evidence that meat is a major cause of cancer are studies of people who went into spontaneous remission solely because of a change in their diet. These people almost universally went from a cooked food, meat-centered diet and gave up their meat, their dairy products and their refined sugar and switched to a raw food vegetarian diet, and by simply changing diets their bodies were able to cure their cancer.

  29. Bill Johnson says:

    No one noticed the date of this article…

  30. Who wrote this? Vegetarians. Vegans. says:

    There is also article on the internet somewhere that states the majority of articles on the net only contain partial truths and made-up statistics. For example, if eating processed meats increases my chances of cancer by 50% then please tell me what my chances of getting cancer are in a totally healthy lifestyle? 1 in 50,000? 1 in 100,000?

    To other posters, cancer is caused by cell mutation. You can get cancer by any cellular damage from anything, including viruses and bacteria.

  31. Brenda Manger says:

    Well I am confused as hell!!!! Is processed meat good or bad or should you just not eat as much…

  32. phil says:

    ”The answer, of course, is that food industry interests now dominate the actions by U.S. government regulators. The USDA, for example, tried to ban sodium nitrite in the late 1970′s but was overridden by the meat industry. It insisted the chemical was safe and accused the USDA of trying to “ban bacon.” Today, the corporations that dominate American food and agricultural interests hold tremendous influence over the FDA and USDA”

    - what a load of rubbish!!!! anyone who works in the food industry (as i do) knows what little (read zero) influence our industry has over the the FDA & USDA. the food (& pharma) industries operate with a fear of these regulatory bodies who have the ultimate power as to whether any one organization can supply product to the market. as written this article is nothing short of sensationalism!

  33. John Worthington says:

    I find this hard to believe.

    If we gave regard to all the warnings we receive about foods that are bad for us, we would starve to death.

  34. Karanvir says:

    My first reaction when I read the comments of people against this article is that looks like the food industry is trying to protect its interest and these guys seem to be working for them. It’s a fact the diseases spread an acidic environment. Diseases cannot spread in an alkaline state!!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I think this is the study they are trying to link:

  36. ned says:

    I wish the veggies were the solution. They use so much pesticides on them these days that you will only end up with different type of cancer.

  37. JP says:

    Nalliah says, “Avoid meat in all forms including dairy. Meat is a dead matter, low in minerals, and produces uric acid in excess which is a waste product.”

    That’s completely wrong. Just this month a study was released in Europe that states that a small amount of meat is very important to health, “presumably because red meat does contain important vitamins and nutrients (protein, iron, zinc, vitamins A and B, essential fatty acids).”

  38. JP says:

    Steen says, “It’s normal that vegans and vegetarians live to be more than 90 with excellent health until the end.”

    I hate to burst your bubble.

    According to a detailed look at the effects of vegitarianism, a study concludes that “Eating little or no red meat, like beef and pork, was actually associated with higher all-cause mortality than very moderate consumption…”

  39. Michael says:

    Misleading article. Its about the possible danger of sodium nitrite not meat. idiots.

  40. avagrace81 says:

    Too bad it’s not possible for everyone to grow their own meat and vegetables like I do. That way you know exactly what goes into them.

  41. diet pills says:

    Thank you for some other informative web page. The spot else could I purchase in which variety of information and facts designed in a real perfect fashion? I’ve a project that we’re at the moment implementing, and I’ve been on the looks away to get these kinds of info.

  42. AnalGod says:

    People have been eating Salami, Pepperoni, and other “processed” meats for centuries. This is such bs.

  43. info overload says:

    Use common sense and eat healthy, the Canadian Food Guide has to be the simplest way to ensure a healthy diet. Why do we make it so confusing? Eat to live, not, live to eat! We need to consume calories for our bodies and brains to function so eat healthy food when your body tells you that you are hungry. Don’t over indulge on foods that you know aren’t good for you, moderation! I’m sure a few slices of bacon every once in a while aren’t going to give anyone cancer. A diet with fewer processed meats is surly better for you, but I am sure we already knew that!

  44. Poetic Justice says:

    Surprisingly, not a single mention of the fact that 90% of all produce in North America has been genetically altered and lack an increasing amount of vitamins and minerals. Genetically altered seeds and grains provide less food value than their formerly untampered varieties.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this ENTIRE article was produced by a vegan member of PETA, who also failed to realize that if you simply made chemical food dyes and coloring illegal in foods, less preservatives like MSG and sodium nitrite would be allowed on the market…

    Write a completely unbiased article while you eat a thick slice of prime rib that you just grilled on your BBQ, with a glass of red wine and steamed asparagus, and I might take it seriously. Until then I’ll just remind you that pharmaceutical companies have had a cure for cancer for almost 15 years, but REFUSE to put it on the market because the chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments for cancer are making them insanely rich.

  45. Dan says:

    This, This, a thousand times this!

  46. Shawshank says:

    Who did the research, vegans? Blaming the meat, but not processed foods like soda, macaroni and cheese, all grains, margarine, soy products?

    People are curing themselves of the illnesses cited in this “report” by eating more meat and less grains, etc.

  47. Kenny says:

    The food industry has no influence on the FDA?!?! One word: monsanto. You ass. There are more cancer cases now than ever. Don’t tell me that our diets don’t affect that. Processed meat became popular in the early 20th century & as the amount of processed meat was produced, so raised the amount of people diagnosed with cancer. This world is f’d.

  48. Kenny says:

    Poetic justice: actually, 5 cures for cancer were found in the 1940′s. Although, you’re right about the fact that the cures will never be released. Just as the HIV cure will never be released, because the pharmaceutical companies are- as you said- getting filthy rich.

  49. richard says:

    I think there is a lot to this a couple of years ago my cousin left the door opened on his lobster boat at north lake P E I he had some processed sandwich meats bread and some caramel cakes and other food when he returned to the boat the next day he discovered the racoons had gotten into the boat and they ate everything except the processed meats which makes me wander which is the dumb animals and which is the intelligent beings

  50. Tigresse says:

    The problem is that ALL modern food, unless you produce itself yourself on your own farm/land, has been altered in some form, either genetically, chemically or with preservatives, to some degree, just to meet the demands of growing populations and modern lifestyle that prioritizes leisure and convenience. The agribusiness giant Monsanto owns 90% of the world’s seed supply and pushed the hardest for GMO seeds – which apparently are more expensive, and supposedly more resistant to drought and flooding. The pesticide industry is behind the dramatic decline in bee populations in North American, Britain and other European nations. The American meat industry relies on growth hormones to produce bigger animals faster; the same can be said for dairy products which also contain bovine growth hormone (BGH), both which are linked to birth defects and certain kinds of cancers. Then there’s processed foods, which contain hidden salt, sugar and fat, as well as hydrolized proteins, MSG and other preservatives that are contributing to the rampant increase in obesity and diabetes. Finally the increases in ADHD among children has been linked to food preservatives, growth hormones and excess refined sugars (high-fructose corn syrup). It always bums me out that you super-rational and the head in the sand types, want scientific studies to prove these statements and allegations. Scientists can and ARE bought off and careers are destroyed – particulary by corporate giants who fund a lot of scientific research – all the time. I don’t know why people continue to believe the corporate lies and buy into the fact that agribusiness and big pharma are all about profit – at any cost. Time to wake up folks. Consider investing in a group greenhouse to protect your crops and avoid fall-out from chem spraying heavy metal residue. That is the only real way to ensure what you eat isn’t tainted, and stay away from processed food, including processed meats, as much as possible. Yes, we should eat to enjoy ourselves but the main reason is for nutrition. The problem is that most people eat the other way around and their palate becomes desensitized by all the salty and sugary foods they eat and cannot appreciate the natural sweetness of fruits and other non-chemical sweet foods.

  51. Doug Stipple says:

    Human beings were not designed to eat meat. Our intestines are too long. When comparing length of intestines with animals of other species, the human intestine is the comparable length of an herbivore. Our intestines are too long and meat rots in our gut. That’s why meat eaters have stinky rotten gas and vegans do not. Haven’t you people ever wondered why true carnivores like tigers and wolves need to eat raw meat while humans must cook their meat to avoid getting sick? And fire came on the scene at the time meat was first eaten. Therefore we were primarily vegan until fire. We are not supposed to eat meat. We are not omnivores or carnivores. We are herbivores. Sure you can eat meat, just like rabbits can if there is a famine. But you will stink, deplete the environment 9 times faster (take 9th grade bio), and die an earlier death. Is it worth it? A dunce may find this to be a dilemmatic question.

  52. Doug Stipple says:

    If the WRCF says after a review of 7,000 studies that meat should be avoided, any rational person would take that to mean that you should not eat the stuff. Things you should not eat are dangerous to eat. Duh that’s why you should avoid them. You would also be wise to avoid feeding us semantic distinctions without a practical difference that are dangerous to our health and that we should avoid.

  53. Amalia says:

    Ergh, just eat healthy guys, indulge once in a while but don’t overdo it. Simple as that. My grandma is 98 years old, healthy as hell, never went to a hospital except when she was in labour or when she wants to visit sick relatives :) She eats a well balanced meal, a little bit of meat, lots of veggies (raw and steamed) that comes from her backyard and rice. Eat, live life but in moderation. Cancer..slow..painful death. Stay away from it!

  54. Couldn't Agree More says:

    Well said.

  55. Sarel says:

    Ugh. This acid/alkaline nonsense drives me crazy. Especially since it’s practically impossible to convince someone that it’s rubbish once they are a convert. I suggest you do some research regarding acid-base homeostasis in the body. If you could affect your body’s pH in any meaningful way via a normal diet you’d be dead so fast you won’t have time to give an accusing look. The pH of the body is regulated to fall into a very narrow range. If you do anything that nudges your pH into any unwanted direction your body will auto-correct it via your lungs and kidneys. Stop listening to health gurus who are only out to get your money.

  56. Dennon says:

    Agree with Amalia, please eat everything in moderation and balance.

    Disease like cancer may occurs from the food we eat but our body are capable to fight it or control it provided our nervous system are healthy. To do that, we need to control our stress, negative emotions, worries, anger etc and regular exercise!

    Finally, eat in moderation. Whether it’s meat or veg. So your body has a chance to detox itself.

    Source: My own experiences.

  57. me too says:

    My favourite part of your comment is where you smugly imply that that proves something JP said was wrong rather than recognizing that you are just an exception to the rule.

  58. Jerimiah Istafarce says:

    Try reading a comment now and then, eh? (I always open up public discourse with a friendly insult too. To lighten the mood.) She never said that it wasn’t true that processed meats increase the chance of cancer, she said that the WCRF never said “Consumers should stop buying and eating all processed meat products for the rest of their lives”, just that processed meats should be avoided. And they should be. But a stick of beef jerky once in a while isn’t likely going to be the final nail in the coffin. Or maybe it will be. You could also be hit by a bus, or a sparrow could drop a coconut on your head. Moderation in all things.

    I can f***** read.

  59. Jerimiah Istafarce says:

    Man. Sodium nitrite sure sounds scary… Better look it up…

    Salt. Hm. Alright… Well there’s got to be more to it than that…

    Salt that kills microbes. Holy hell, is this stuff good for you?

    What’s this? Fruits contain sodium nitrate? Which is then converted to sodium nitrite in your body? So I shouldn’t eat fruits in excess either? I’d better stop eating altogether if I want to be healthy. Seems like too much of anything will kill you.

    And MSG isn’t a preservative, it’s a chemical that tricks your body into thinking what you’re eating is good. And yeah, that is bad.

  60. cali says:

    whatever some of you are eating is making you mean, jeez.

    Read labels, if you don’t know what it is don’t eat it (I would not recognize a nitrate in the wild). Eat organic. And calm down–being a tightly wound, judgmental stressball cannot be good for anyone’s health.

  61. George Puharich says:

    Keep your hands off my bacon and no- gets hurt!

  62. Rose says:

    I think they are all too absorbed in insulting on another to see the irony here. I on the other hand am getting weeks worth of entertainment watching all the ignorance unravel. Bring on the popcorn. Oh April fools, I love you.

  63. AmazedHuman says:

    The very fact that the FDA a the USDA continue to allow this poison to be sold is why nobody in their right mind trusts them. They TRIED to ban them but backed down under threat from the meat industry? Well…that sure says a whole lot for the integrity involved here, doesn’t it? People wonder why there is so much cancer, so much Autism, so much going wrong with American’s health….take a good look at that list and I do believe the answers can be found right in there.

  64. Danna McMath says:

    I am nearly 60, just an ordinary person with slightly higher than normal IQ and I read a lot. Let me just make a few statements, with no references to cite, as these are just observations. Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, articles and information appeared about how sodium nitrites in processed mystery meat products was not good for you, not only from a cancer standpoint but also from a “sodium” standpoint. Hidden sugars, hidden salts are not good for anyonee with health issues. This is not new information, just a rehash of old news. Same with artificial sweeteners which are a necessary thing for some people with diet issues. The key to it all is MODERATION. It does not have to be all one way or the other. Moderation is such an easy concept. So stop the nitpicking about sources and studies,etc. We all agree that high fatty foods, high sugar foods, too many artificial chemicals, too much corn syrup, too many carbonated drinks, etc is bad for you. So practice moderation and we will all live longer,more enjoyable lives.

  65. B says:

    So all red meat basically.

  66. B says:

    “Beef jerky
    Hot dogs
    Sandwich meat
    Frozen pizza with meat
    Canned soups with meat
    Frozen meals with meat
    Ravioli and meat pasta foods
    Kid’s meals containing red meat
    Sandwich meat used at popular restaurants
    Nearly all red meats sold at public schools, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and theme parks”

    So basically you’re telling me to go vegetarian?

  67. Just says:

    Stop eating…..Bacon????

    F*CK NO!

  68. Derek says:

    Why do we live longer today then ever in history? Be smart. Meat isnt the problem. Maybe the fertilizers used on what our meat eats amd then runs into our drinking water. That may be a problem. No one lives forever. Enjoy life. You deserve it

  69. terp says:

    I am so tired of tyrannical public sector heretics and their drama– ask Bill Gates about the 60K children in India his vaccines paralyzed–he doesn’t think that is any big deal–and these trolls doing these studies will cook any statistic to back up their lunacy…

  70. Angie Richards says:

    There isn’t much I hate, but comment fields on any alternative food/medicine/health website has to be one of them. Loads of righteousness and arrogance and loud mouth know it alls, seldom any meanful or constuctve conversations happening. Its a shame, because our health should be a conversation of learning, support, healthy debate and sharing ideas as a community in a respectful and safe environment.

  71. Chris says:

    Blah blah blah…we

  72. hk22 says:


  73. Lydia says:

    Iheartfood, did you honestly just claim that plants have cardiovascular systems? As in, heart/blood? Credibility lost.

    And I personally hate the “plants are alive” argument. If you think it is appropriate to compare consumption of plants to animals, may I also remind you that HUMANS are animals, and bear more resemblance to our diet that a carrot does?

  74. prolapse says:

    I ate a cold cut sammage and died, but now I’m back…. and have learned my lesson

  75. Michael Cohen says:

    Nitrites causing cancer are a myth. The formation of Nitroamines in the human body from nitrites is a theory. Nitrosamines have never been found in the body as a result of ingesting nitrite. If nitrites caused cancer we would all be dead of cancer. A hot dog ends up having between 10 to 15 parts per million of free nitrite. We get about 200 this ampunt from a serving of vegetables like celery,arugula,spinach,radishes, andd EVERY DAYwe get about 500x this amount from THE BACTERIA IN OUR OWN SALIVA

  76. steve Caldwell says:

    I agree

    It looks like there are a lot of anti-meat ragers verbally attacking anyone that doesn’t agree with them, which shows them to be self-righteous and culturally offensive. Getting frustrated because one can’t articulate one’s point doesn’t give one license to abusively attack the other side. Some people still need to grow up, I suppose.

    I wonder how these same people would behave so obnoxiously if we took them to some of the Inuit tribes that survive on seal meat for like 9 months out of the year. Or perhaps some of the areas in 3rd world countries where they view vegetarianism as an elitist stance of the rich, lol

  77. casey says:

    Can someone please tell me exactly at which point a plant becomes an animal? What about insects? What about all the in betweens?

  78. Maria says:

    advances in modern medicine keep us all alive this long now-a-days. Not what we eat (or don’t eat). If it wasn’t for medical treatments, a lot of very unhealthy people would be dead already. Think of how many people you know on cholesterol medication to keep it down. If we didn’t have those meds alone, a lot of people would not survive.

  79. Giorgio Novelli says:

    What about ham? Is that dangerous too?

  80. Science says:

    It is neutral.

  81. Sn says:

    That veggie lover, meat hater is nalliah – probably a Hindu
    Who cannot eat meat for religious purposes who then
    Wants to criticize everything about meat and making false statements
    About meats and cancer. Lots of things cause cancer – we don’t have any data on half of them- saccharin, dyes, formaldehyde in keratin treatments, probably even Botox.

    The point is to do things in moderation. Eat some meat don’t eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner
    Hot dogs and processes meats are worse than real organic lean meats and chicken that you take the time to prepare yourself. Food in boxes are worse than cooking from scratch using real ingredients. People just don’t use their heads when it comes to food- they just wAnt an easy boxed meal or fast food and then pop a pill when their Bp or cholesterol goes up… On the other spectrum you have vegans and vegetarians who shun meats and are looking to eat fake meats to make up for the lack of nutrients from a totally plant based diet…

  82. Baddog57 says:

    I’m going to eat as mush of this no good food as I can get my hands on just to prove them WRONG ! See you at 100yrs.

  83. jeremy says:

    whatever you all say vegetarian or meat eater you all are eating this stuff and only one of you knows it. vegetables are loaded with nitrites and make the much larger part of our nitrite consumption.

    here’s a citation of info for you who are to lazy to google ( yes only one example. how lazy are you? do i have to do your research for you?) there’s lots of debate on this stuff but since nitrites and nitrates have existed longer then we have i’m inclined to not side with the doomsayers this time.

  84. Marv says:

    Living can be hazardous to your health !

  85. Jon says:

    I heard that there’s no way to avoid death.

  86. anonymous says:

    OOH OOH OOH!!!!! While your’e at it, you should all sign the petition again dihydrogen monoxide! It’s one of the world’s leading killers and those evil conspirators in the government try to make you believe you need it every day to live! Prove them wrong! Sign the petition agains dihydrogen monoxide!

    (For those of you who are looking that up right now, I think you’ve proven my point for me… duh.)

    The point is, a weak person will believe anything put in front of them if someone expresses it right. And I sense a lot of weak people here.

  87. actualdude says:

    why is this article mentioning MSG when the research is about sodium nitrate?!?

  88. Dan says:

    Everything causes cancer! Eat whatever you want and enjoy life while you can!

  89. Source Material says:

    WCRF do not say that processed meats are too dangerous for human consumption. They didn’t in 2012 and they don’t this year either. If this article had linked to the source material then they would’ve written a different headline.

    Here is their actual statement, which includes a link to the source material:

    Here is a general overview:

    And here is a leaflet with slightly more detail:

    I think the IN Research Team need to amend the article or withdraw it as, in its current form, its misleading.

  90. Kory says:

    To the author of this article can you please let us know where we can find the original document from the WCRF?

  91. TW says:

    If you want to avoid nitrates (and that is a big if…), stay away from many vegetables…

  92. Martin Gregg says:

    Now I’m really confused, is that public schools in the USA or the UK? I’m sure the quality of meat is very different in a public school in the UK compared to a public school in the USA.

  93. Ryan says:

    This article is chalked full of old, outdated science. More significant is the problem with the source. Are you people not seeing that this site is a business site selling you health products?

    Here is another article from a more reliable source ( a real doctor) with accurate, reliable footnotes. You can find countless additional studies that debunk the sodium nitrate myth. The following article is not the only one. You can find many more or just contact the FDA and USDA. I can’t believe how many people are blindly buying into everything they read on the internet, especially from revenue producing sites like this one. Understand that money is being made from revenue produced by your fear. You come here and click on these stories and hopefully for the site owners you click on their ads, and/or buy their products. You really need to check the footnotes and study the site to determine what the motivation is. There are some accurate internet sites that do use ads. So just because you see an ad, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. However when you have such outdated, mickey mouse footnotes, or god forbid no footnotes in addition to a revenue streamed site with ads and products – then you should run the other way.

    Yes, sodium nitrate was, up until not too long ago, postulated to be a carcinogen. Hard science has since debunked that. I don’t know a single professional who still thinks this way.

  94. Josh says:

    How about we read the actual studies and which says to limit consumption of red meat to less than 500g a week. NOT stop consuming it altogether. Always be skeptical of a site that has products for sale.

  95. Greg says:

    Bob, here’s one study you can read regarding sodium nitrite leading to nitrosamines leading to cancer!

  96. Craig says:

    Ummmm. Tomorrow I think I’m going to go buy a nice steak and eat it along with corn on the cob and a baked potato. For desert I shall have cherry pie and ice cream. I don’t want to live forever, when it is time for me to go I hope that it’s quick and painless. If its not that is ashame but I will not live my life fearing death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. CommonSenseReigns says:

    Got a tinfoil hat to think me from thinkin’
    Gonna wrap my meat, read natural healin’
    Got a picture of bacon to remind me why
    To put down processed meats till the day I die!

    Keep preaching, INH, I’ll be eating whatever the f%$# I want because I really can’t be bothered to NOT eat good food. If you want to do some crazy health diet, so be it, but don’t claim processed food will kill you, you probably think that unpasturized milk is good for you and that the big mean corporation is poisioning you and making you addicted to.. to god knows what!

    If processed food gave everyone cancer, then there wouldn’t be a child from here to India without a cancer riddled body. And I’m pretty sure that my family isn’t dying of horrible cancers. Unless I’m more out of the loop than ever.

    Also, trying reading into your sources. The WCRF didn’t say that any kind of meat was bad for you, they said that eating things in the right proportions was BETTER for you. As far as I’m concerned, if this article is anything like the rest of the website, you’re advising people make even worse diet choices than they already are!

    So much for healing people.

  98. Ray Tindell says:

    If all this is true one would think the life expectancy rate in the USA would be decreasing, with all the red processed meat sold in stores and fast food chains……instead it is vastly increasing

  99. Paul William Fassett says:

    Now while I agree this article is a scare tactic, which it obviously is, as someone in a movie once said: “Wanting people to listen, you can’t just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledge hammer. Then you’ll notice you’ve got their strict attention.”

    I think that is what I am seeing on this site, and it’s not wholly effective. What I would like to see instead is a more level headed approach that shows the data that the WCRF has come up with, and how it correlates with processed foods, and preservatives. What is the net risk increase of cancer, and so on.

    This article is lying, and bold faced at that by saying absolutely ridiculous things like, “Every 50 grams of processed meat consumed increases your chance for colorectal cancer by 21%” Then why doesn’t everyone in the USA have cancer right now, because last I checked 100% meant a certainty.

    A quick reference:

    It says increased risk, but it doesn’t give any percentages, and any percentages it does give is based off of a research group of 7000 people, which is a pretty decent sample, but the numbers they give will be an average percentage risk, and can only be abstractly applied to your life as your physiology determines your destiny when it comes to cancer.

    I think it’s a safe bet to stay away from processed foods of just about any kind, when you can. Plus, red meat cut fresh from the bone is so much healthier, and delicious than that packaged, bleached, and died shit anyway. Feed your body good foods, and you won’t have to worry about all this s#@# out on the internet, because it doesn’t affect you.

  100. largo says:

    I declare too much of a bad thing is bad for you. I also declare that too much of a good thing is bad for you. I also declare that I don’t own a cat. I also declare that I try not to declare anything that falls outside my own purview.

  101. ron burgundy says:

    this just in…hotdogs can cure internet bullies…

  102. Mustafa says:

    Doug, it is you who seems to have misunderstood pretty much everything in that reply. Radiation therapy goes hand in hand with chemo therapy. There is hardly any radiation therapy proposed without chemo first…and with chemo therapy comes money for big pharma. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  103. Wesley Laughing says:

    Comments strayed into talk of corn and other vegetables plus the length of the human intestine. Too bad you did not learn that nearly all the vegetables eaten in the world came from the Americas. Visit the Six Nations Museum in Onchiota, New York for your many links. Following your limited knowledge, that means 3/4 of the races mostly ate something else for most of the history of the world. In terms of the white race that was human meat, limited game and a few limited items they had access to grow. Which explains why they were stunted until they invaded the Americas. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the Americas ate much wild game and many veggies, including washed white corn. Washed white corn was shown on a PBS documentary to be a super food. Washed white corn is traditionally washed with hard wood ashes. Watch the documentary, that’s your link. I still have my copy. Wild game is never mentioned by a commenter, but it is the proper form of meat to eat. But, that is becoming dangerous partially thanks to the massive pollution of the Tar Sands Oil project in Alberta and the oil spill results being hidden out of sight all over the world. Also due to every large corporation’s and government’s lack of care for the environment. Whose race is responsible for that I wonder? It appears to be those cannibals previously mentioned. So, eat the original vegetables (grow heirloom seeds if you have them) and wild game that are not affected by the pollution appears to be proper. Replace wild game with home grown domesticated animals, if necessary. Make sure they are grass fed, feed lot free and cage free. For your links, ask nicely for the oral history of the nice people growing their food on those little reservations dotted around the Americas.

  104. Matt says:

    Search march against monsanto on youtube and tell me that its all a scam….half the people on thIs comment feed are probably w

  105. lukedavidjohnson says:

    This is total BS. There is no science behind nitrates having any adverse health affects and you get just as much or more of it from eating celery. Just because you find a correlation between cancer and consumption rates of processed meats does not conclude causality. People who eat processed meats most certainly have hundreds of other cancer related consumption habits and lifestyles. A bacon burger munching guy is more likely to be an alcoholic smoker with diabetes and works in a coal mine than a celery crunching vegan who teaches yoga and love lentils and sprouted grains. They both eat tons of nitrates but singling out processed meats as an indicator only gets a correlation that seems to support your claim. Don’t spread lies to get people to stop eating animals. If you have an issue with that, then address it.

  106. Gabe says:

    The author of this posting seems to be confused about the difference between Sodium Nitrite, which is used to preserve and flavour uncooked meats such as dry cured salami, and Sodium Nitrate, which is primarily used as a color fixer. They both do produce nitrosamines in the body but this confusion does nothing to lend credence to the author’s claims.

  107. Burp says:

    This is ridiculous. Did no one actually read the source report (including this article’s author)? It can be found here:

    Here’s a direct quote on the recommendation to “limit intake of red meat and avoid processed meat” from the report (there are 8 recommendations in total):
    An integrated approach to the evidence also shows that many foods of animal origin are nourishing and healthy if consumed in modest amounts (oh wow! Nourishing and healthy… I guess bacon is back on). People who eat various forms of vegetarian diets are at low risk of some diseases including some cancers (yay for vegans!), although it is not easy to separate out these benefits of the diets from other aspects of their ways of life, such as not smoking, drinking little if any alcohol, and so forth (ahhh… so vegans find other vices that kill them anyway. Dang! All sorts of shit can kill you!). In addition, meat can be a valuable source of nutrients, in particular protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 (Surprise! Meat can be good for you, Human Omnivore). The Panel emphasises that this overall recommendation is not for diets containing no meat — or diets containing no foods of animal origin (ah… the “oh shit” moment for all the vegans in this forum). The amounts are for weight of meat as eaten… (blah blah on conversion of raw meat weights) … Red or processed meats are convincing or probable causes of some cancers (Ta Da! The real result of their review). Diets with high levels of animal fats are often relatively high in energy, increasing the risk of weight gain (and the report says getting fat increases risk of cancer too).
    I got all this in about 15min of basic research. Imagine if the rest of you actually used your energy for good instead of spinning your wheels ranting… perhaps we’d have a cure for cancer by now (not). Don’t believe everything on the internet… it may give you brain cancer!! ;)

    PS. The report has a special recommendation that moms breastfeed and babies are breastfed (presumably human). So, are they saying our human babies should have nourishment from animals… i.e., meat-derived food???!! I thought our intestines couldn’t handle that? :p

  108. Colin says:

    Well, their website says nothing of the sort…typical hysterical bs.

  109. Peter Beckley says:

    Wow, the comments were worth reading the excruciatingly hyperbolic article. I’m not weighing in on whether processed meat is “bad” or “good”. There are probably better sources of whatever you get from those kinds of foods, like the nitrite and phosphate-free versions.

    What I will say is the this thread is another example of a disturbing trend in online human interaction, others might call it a form of trolling, but I call it “anonymous incivility”, which is where when someone is not forced to verify who they are in comments, they tend to be less civil the more their comfortable world view is threatened by the thread of the comments. This applies to everyone, even “scientists”.

    A quick lesson for folks, when you’re making claims of a scientific nature, you should cite your sources. If you’re going to purport an article as “news”, and certainly on a website which is at least pretending to be run by an academic, or at least educational group (“Institute”), then you owe it to your audience to have the integrity to back up the claims with these basics of journalism–real journalism, don’t get side tracked on what others who call themselves journalists are doing, be better than them.

    If you can’t be bothered to do that, then at least mark the piece as “opinion” or “uncited crap, consume at your own risk” (pun not intended). Anyone with an ounce of intellectual honesty knows that the burden of proof is on the people making a claim, or regurgitating it; it’s not on the people asking for that proof, UNLESS they actually make a counter claim. Asking for proof is NOT itself a counter claim.

    We can all learn so much more about this issue if we’re nicer to each other, cite our sources, and are willing to have a civil discussion. Notice, however, that this article probably isn’t even written by a person, at least one who is confident enough in the accuracy of it to identify themselves. Yet another reason to not trust it without verifiable citations from PRIMARY sources. Agenda-based movies and “books” are seldom, if ever, considered such sources.

  110. Mike says:

    A man cannot simply give up eating meat after a life of doing it……..I’m going to need rehab to do something that drastic to my daily diet. lol

  111. BMG says:

    This article is a total distortion of what was actually reported by the World Cancer Research Fund.

    Animal foods

    Limit intake of red meat1 and avoid processed meat2
    Public health goal

    • Population average consumption of red meat to be no more than 300 g (11 oz) a week, very little if any of which to be processed
    Personal recommendation

    • People who eat red meat1 to consume less than 500 g (18 oz) a week, very little if any to be processed2
    1. ‘Red meat’ refers to beef, pork, lamb, and goat from domesticated animals including that contained in processed foods

    2. ‘Processed meat’ refers to meat preserved by smoking, curing or salting, or addition of chemical preservatives, including that contained in processed foods

    Here is some additional information to put your nitrate fears to rest:

  112. Norman Benson says:

    It doesn’t take a scientist to realize that ever since they have been messing with our food, cancer and other plagues have risen. Everyone has been touched by cancer. We need to get our heads out of our asses, seriously. This IS a problem and just because you’re going to college to work in Chemical Engineering and make these f%$#$% poisons that they put in our food and make “good” money, doesn’t make it any less serious. I’m sick of this. I’m doing my own thing.

  113. Ross Presser says:

    I was going to post …

    “Anyone who begins a sentence with ‘it doesn’t take a scientist to realize’ is someone who clearly has zero respect for science. I have zero respect for such people. Go ahead and do your own thing, Norman. I’ll continue to ignore you.”

    But then I realized, you can’t fight stupid. Unfortunately it was too late; I had already posted my comment.

  114. David Bannister says:

    We eat and then we die. Two well-researched and provable facts. Are they linked? Must be plenty of scope for futher good scientific research.

  115. deer says:

    Hurray for being a healthy vegetarian when there’s speculation like this!

    * Should I properly cite a source for my vegetarianism too? LOL

  116. Andy Wilks says:

    World Cancer Research Fund response

    22 May 2013

    We are aware of a story circulating social media and blog sites claiming to represent World Cancer Research Fund’s position on processed meat. We had no involvement in the production of this article. The statement below is a true reflection of our stance on processed meat:

    World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) recommends avoiding processed meat. This is the conclusion of an independent panel of leading scientists who, following the biggest review of international research ever undertaken, judged the evidence that processed meat increases the risk of bowel cancer to be convincing. This review was done in 2007 and was subsequently confirmed in 2011.

    There is a continual, growing body of scientific evidence that highlights the health risks of eating processed meat. It is estimated that there would be 4,000 fewer cases of bowel cancer in the UK if people consumed less than 70g of processed meat a week (equivalent to three rashers of bacon). This is why we recommend people avoid it. The articles talking about processed meat being ‘too dangerous for human consumption’ are unhelpful and scaremongering. We would say that if people can’t cut out processed meat completely they should cut down. WCRF advocates a sensible, healthy, balanced diet.

  117. Cindy says:

    Who wants to live forever anyway?

  118. C Eric says:

    I did not take time to check all the footnotes in this article. But I did follow the link at footnote #5, and it did not support the statement in the article. I’m all for people and organizations looking out for our health and attempting to inform the public, but these kinds of statements should be clearly supported and verified. There are independent researchers out there. If the evidence is clear, that story will be told.

  119. Benson says:

    This article is rather misinformed in several ways.

    1. It is indeed correct in stating humans should avoid nitrates and nitrites.
    However, there are many meats that do not contain such. I can buy uncured (read no nitrates)bacon in my local super market. So reading the label is important.

    2. MSG has nothing whatsoever to do with nitrates and it does not cause cancer. Many foods such as tomatoes and hard cheeses contain glutimates naturally. And it is a traditional food additive in South East Asia. In small, reasonable quantities, it is completely harmless. However, it should be avoided, as it is really not necessary in cooking. Companies like to use it since it is a flavor enhancer, similar to salt.

  120. Source Material says:

    Hi Again INH ‘Lack of’ Research Team

    The advice given is that eating less than 70g of processed per week could prevent 4,000 cases of cancer in the UK.

    The new source you’ve added (BMC journal) estimated that in their study 3.3% of deaths (869) could be prevented if all study participants had a processed meat consumption of less than 20 g/day.

    So eating processed meat in moderation/small quantities isn’t guaranteed to kill you, according to the sources you cite. So your article is still incorrect.

    Advising people to live a healthier life is worthy of publication. The problem is when you blatantly mis-represent valid scientific research.

    It would be nice to see another update where you finally write the article properly.


  121. MrPete says:

    In addition to all of the below…

    a) this is NOT news. First reported in 2007 (!)
    b) WCRF has an axe of their own to grind.
    c) They ignore the largest study of them all… which showed NO such correlation.
    d) It is incredible how many people fail to understand that correlation does NOT say anything about causation. Just because two things are seen together does not mean one caused the other.

  122. MrPete says:

    Now that I’ve looked a bit deeper, this is worse than I thought.

    For non-scientist readers, a simple summary of what follows: this study (like too many) is sadly suspect because the work done apparently overstates its conclusions. It is a “fishing expedition” study, looking for Bad Stuff. And once something Bad is found, it is highlighted. Without going into detail, that doesn’t work (some explanation is below.)

    The issue is called the Texas Sharpshooter fallacy: imagine a gunman aiming at the side of a barn. Blam Blam Blam!!!! A hundred times… then he goes up to the barn, finds a few bullets in a nice tight circle… and draws a bullseye around them. WOW! What a great sharpshooter!… NOT. That effect can be mathematically accounted for but too often it is not…

    A few details:

    If a semi-knowledgable reader (like me) digs in a bit more, this study (like WAY too many), appears to have overblown conclusions because they provide no evidence for having properly adjusted their conclusions due to the way the studies are done. (I will unequivocally state: maybe they did this right and either didn’t say so or I couldn’t find it. But the lack of obvious information about these always makes me cautious.)

    First factor… when there are a large number of independent variables in a study, you can’t use the 95% (0.05) confidence value. IIRC, the not-exactly-accurate-but-simple adjustment is to take 0.05 divided by N where N is the number of independent variables. In other words, if your hypothesis is “which of N foods will cause cancer” you must take 0.05 and divide by N. From the list on page 21, there were 50 independent variables, so the equivalent required CI is 1-(0.05/50) = 1-(.001) = 99.9% instead of 95%.

    Second factor… a continuous-collection study is far more likely to generate false positives… because the tendency is to keep collecting until you have a “significant” result. That alone increases the likelihood of false positive to more than 50%. I don’t have the reference handy right now but this is such a serious issue that Stanford has commissioned a major effort to discern flaws in “normal” scientific publishing methods and recommend improvements.

    (The funny-if-not-horrifying paper that brought this to light… a Psych journal study, using 100% of approved methods, that “proves” you can literally reduce your age depending on the kind of music you listen to!)

    Finally, one last comment. Page 143 of the paper shows how they got their results for red meat. It’s funny/sad.

    Nine studies were reviewed. Two provide 2/3 of the weight of the results.Five studies are lightly weighted, that don’t show any significant impact of red meat on cancer (and even potential slight benefit!) One study showed potential (but not statistically significant) very real benefit from eating red meat, and only contributed 1% to the result. I haven’t found how they justify their weightings… But it just goes to show:

    Out of nine studies,
    - three suggest there may be a problem with red meat
    - five suggest there probably is NOT a problem
    - one suggests eating red meat may actually help

    –>the result is a conclusion that red meat is “convincingly” responsible

    And this blog post takes that VERY sketchy result and concludes processed meat is too dangerous for human consumption.

    Reality: the results are quite mixed. One major study even showed that eating red meat reduced cancer probability!

  123. MrPete says:

    (oops. My previous comment, currently in moderation, has a typo. The chart on p 143 is about “processed” meat not “red” meat.)

  124. MrPete says:

    Your update claims processed meat “is directly linked to 4000 cases of bowel cancer” in the UK. WRONG. That’s not what they said.

    They said statistically, in the future, it MIGHT be attributable in such a way. That’s not direct. That’s not even cause-and-effect. That’s not measured in any way. It is just a statistical analysis of a bunch of numbers. And if those numbers are from the report, the stats were done incorrectly as I showed above.

  125. Carinne Gee says:

    Interesting and a good reminder…although this only a blog and not a scientific journal. All further articles linked, were all blogs/opinion articles as well. Its important to note 2 things – causation and links are two completely different things. It seems pretty obvious to me that there is way more to this that ‘hot dogs cause cancer’. Which isn’t true – at least there is no proof its true. The 2nd is that any common sense would tell you that its always healthier – for so many reasons to eat fresh foods. If you’re eating fast food/processed food every day, that isn’t good. You could die early from any number of health problems – including obesity. I try to make sure that my family eats fresh as much as possible – for all the health benefit. I think making a blanket statement such as ‘you should never ever eat any processed meats because it could increase your risk of cancer, is like saying you should never ever drive in a car because its increases your risk of dying in a car accident. We all have to live. We can’t obsess. Something out there is always going to kill us. I’m a firm believer in ‘moderation in all things’ (unless of course we get different specific information from our doctors such as my daughter that who will literally die if she eats gluten. Not because gluten is evil, but because her body cannot have it.) Here’s another article – although again, not a scientific journal, that tells a different story. and this one too

  126. Just Me says:

    I cannot believe what people will post on the internet. Last time I knew if you want some one to believe you use credible sources and make sure you look through all the information out there, not just what you want people to believe. That is the problem with people thinking they are doing good for others but when in fact they are just trying to push there own opinions. If you want to write an article make sure that you do not has a bias approach to what you are writing about and if you do have a bias find someone else to research and write the article.

  127. Magda says:

    can you guys mention the link of the review? I couldn`t find it.

  128. K Lug says:

    HOW DARE YOU SLANDER BACON! Bacon would never harm you, bacon loves you as much as you love bacon!

  129. marcellusman says:


    Take the information you want and crap on the rest., You are all full of crap because every single one of you (including myself) has been given blurred information from other sources that have been blurred..EVERYTHING is bad for you…we have literally changed our bodies and DNA from all of the crap we eat. be conscious of what you stick into your hole and eat in moderation. and obviously fruits and nuts and legumes are good for you but other research some meats and dairy is too..WHO CARES!! you are all going to burn in hell anyway(even the vegetarians and vegans) for being gluttons and piling all of those green peppers in your face!!..Don’t be a pig or be a pig..IDC!! you should not be so hateful..Statistics show that 75% of all of you are full of crap(I just made that

  130. Steen Rasmussen says:

    Utter scientific nonsense, anonymous! Cancer/cell mutations are not caused randomly or by anything or everything. Try to remain focused.

    Meat and the contents thereof will give you at least 50 types of cancer. Meat comes from death production and will eventually give you death. Statistics and science is VERY clear on that point. The duration and quality of lives for non-meat/milk eaters is of no comparison to those that eat meat. Period. It’s normal that vegans and vegetarians live to be more than 90 with excellent health until the end.

    Whether or not you are able to think clearly through your brain fog and meat addiction is another matter entirely.

  131. Anonymous says:

    it is bad

  132. Ilo vameet says:

    It is good.

  133. Science says:

    It is neutral.

  134. David says:

    Oh wow, your overwhelming LACK of cited sources on all these ridiculous claims completely blows my mind. If your premises are just as unfounded (and sometimes incorrect) as your conclusions. Chymotrypsin and trypsin are cancer fighting enzymes? Wrong. There are plenty of foods that help cure cancer? Like what (and please cite your source)? Cancer can only exist in a lower pH? This is the most ridiculous claim in the whole article. So much you have said is false, and if you still want to hold to your claims then by all means then do something that this article never did either: cite a damn source.

  135. Jay says:

    My family has lived on the same farm for more than 4 generations. All meat products that we eat are pork and beef and some chicken which are raised here. In these 4 generations of 31 family members there hasn’t been 1 death from cancer. Beef and pork are eaten more than once a day in this family so where you people get your info from interests me a lot cause its wrong. For you veg. heads you may want to look at all the vegetable and fruit recalls , for all the poisons that are put on them…

  136. Stephan says:

    Wow, that’s a bunch of crap.

  137. Garrett says:

    Well, just a few comments and we have “that guy,” militant vegetarian. And you wonder why we all fucking hate you. It’s like all those hipster 70′s, “Well I don’t even OWN a TV” idiots. I hope you get cross-eyed looking down your nose at everyone.

  138. Coldpoint says:

    Explain Kenyans, they don’t have heart problems we do in the US or cancer like we do. I will let you goggle their diet, here’s a hint tho they like them cows! This goes back to what one of the other commentors had said about each sides story. Point blank if they don’t process food (add crap to it) we don’t get sick as much. end of argument. There’s a reason why they hide this from the label you know.

  139. andrew says:

    Everything this person said IS true. I don’t care if you need to cite my sources but I was blown away by how accurate this statement was. It was so well condensed here it was truly a gift. It was a combination of all documentaries and books I’ve read on the subject. The closer we get to Fruits, Vegetables, AND Meat that is closest to the most healthy forms they can be produced, the better off we will be.

  140. DC says:

    Nalliah – My mom became a vegetarian when she was in elementary school and she died of cancer 18 months ago, so… False.

  141. David says:

    If “statistics and science is very clear” on the fact that meat causes cancer, would you mind pointing me in the direction of the study that told you that? Obviously that point has been researched, right? Or else you wouldn’t be quoting it on this board?

  142. Charlie says:

    Steen Rasmussen is an idiot. Diet CAN increase risk factors for CERTAIN types of cancer. Plenty types of cancer have natural causes.

  143. IHEARTFOOD says:

    Ummmmmmmmmmm you do realize it is referred to as PLANT LIFE for a reason right? It is ALIVE. You KILL it so that you can eat it. Plants have nervous systems,reproductive systems,cardiovascular systems and respiratory systems. But let’s ignore the fact that the simple fact is that LIFE FEEDS ON LIFE. F’ing vegans and their brainwashed,narrow minded ignorant BS. Plants rot and ferment as well,yet ANOTHER thing you have chosen to ignore.

  144. Aubrey Hatt says:

    Canada food guide has been saying this for years. I agree, all of the above is bad for the human body. with regular exercise, and a good diet, one can do o k ….just have to stick with it.(the hardest part)It is not good enough, for one to say, I will go on a 5 mile walk, and then ,like alot of us,lets go to A AND W and celabrate our walk with a Monza burger….it all works hand and hand. sort of like a Leaf hockey player…..skate from one end of the rink to the other, dodging players from the oposing team, the whole way….then shoot the puck, and miss the net…one must score, or all is in vain…cant have one without the other

  145. Science says:

    Aaaaaactually, cell mutations can be caused randomly. When DNA replicates, there are many types of errors that can be introduced, such as insertions, deletions, transitions, translations, etc. If any of these mutations are not corrected and occur on an oncogene (of which there are several), it can change the amino acid sequence of the corresponding protein. If the protein becomes dysfunctional, then a cancerous mutation has occurred.

    Source: Science.

  146. anonymous says:

    How about skin cancer? I guess we should stop adding MSGs to the sun, right? For the record, my father-in-law only eats organic, fresh meats and food straight from the farm, and he got skin cancer. Read that again. CANCER. FROM A NATURAL SOURCE WITH NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED. Good argument there you fool.

  147. Anonymous says:

    Wikipedia can be written by anyone and is not a reliable source of information

  148. me says:

    well then, I’m dead, because eating ANY form of animal, including dairy, sends me straight into anaphylactic shock. So I am definitely going to live longer as a vegan, thank you

  149. lol says:

    Do you grow your own meat bro

  150. Mar says:

    Try reading a book now and then…

    The China Study

    Forks Over Knives

    The Engine 2 Diet

    Eat to Live

    In fact, there HAS been research and studies done to prove this. Stop being so naive and use your own brain. The meat and health industry make money off your poor choices. Think about it.

  151. Court For Short says:

    There isn’t a source, that’s the kicker. The closest thing I can find on the WCRF website is a study from 2010 saying basically that they have been able to better pinpoint the specific health risks caused by processed and red meats. Wasn’t saying anything new, just that it’s bad for you. Well, duh. Anyone who thought bacon and hotdogs was good for them is a moron. We don’t eat them for their health value, we eat them cuz they’re delicious. Sunlight can be bad for you too, does that mean you should never go outside?

    Thank you for having the sense to think about the article, so many people are sharing it on Facebook like it’s gospel and it make-a me crazy.

  152. Taylor says:

    Seems to me that…the best way to ‘avoid processed meat,’ would be to stop buying it or eating it…forever.

    Isn’t this exactly the same thing as what this article is saying?

  153. May says:

    Your comment made me laugh a little. No, you shouldn’t stop eating these meats for the REST of your lives! Just stop using them until, you know, sodium nitrite stops causing cancer.

    By all means, please continue to eat processed meats for the rest of your life. When you die a cancerous premature death, the internet will not miss you.

  154. mitch says:


    (“Cured, smoked and salt-preserved foods

    Preservatives are used to increase the life of foods by controlling the growth of undesirable moulds, yeast and bacteria in food that can cause spoilage and illnesses. Most food is processed and packaged to stop it from going bad. These foods tend to be high in fat, sugar and calories. Eating too much processed food can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

    Processed meat generally refers to meat preserved by curing, smoking or salting, or by the addition of preservatives. Examples of processed meats are ham, bacon, pastrami, salami, hot dogs and sausages. Processed meats are often high in fat and salt. Fish can also be preserved with salting, smoking or adding preservatives.

    The evidence is convincing that processed meat increases the risk of colorectal cancer. The possible reasons why eating processed meat increases the risk of colorectal cancer are currently being studied. Eating salt-preserved or pickled foods is linked to stomach cancer, especially in cultures that eat more of this type of food. Studies have shown that the rates of nasopharyngeal cancer are high in areas where eating salt-cured food is very common.
    Cured and smoked foods

    Curing and smoking have been used for thousands of years to preserve foods like meat and fish.

    Foods may be cured using nitrites or nitrates. These act as preservatives to prevent food from spoiling, and they also add colour to the meat. Nitrites and nitrates are not cancer-causing by themselves, but in certain conditions in the body they can be changed into by-products called N-nitroso compounds, such as nitrosamines and nitrosamides. N-nitroso compounds are associated with an increased risk of cancer. In Canada, vitamin C may be added to some preserved meats. Vitamin C keeps nitrites from changing into nitrosamines, which may help reduce the risk of cancer associated with these chemicals.

    Meats and fish may also be smoked. Smoking exposes meat or fish to the smoke of a wood or charcoal fire. The foods absorb large amounts of the tar that comes off the smoke. These tars may contain cancer-causing compounds.

    It is often difficult to determine the risk of cancer related to cured and smoked foods because they are often salted and cured foods like bacon may also be cooked at a high temperature. All of these may be factors in increasing cancer risk. The evidence linking cured or smoked meats to colorectal cancer is strong, but it is limited for other types of cancer like stomach cancer.

    Preserved meats like bacon, salami, hot dogs and bologna are often high in fat and salt.
    Salt-preserved foods

    Preserving or pickling food with salt is an ancient practice. Salt contains sodium, a mineral that is needed to help maintain proper fluid balance in our bodies. Salt often contains iodine, which is also needed for good health. Too much salt has been linked to high blood pressure (hypertension).

    Preserved foods such as salted fish, salted meats and pickled foods are very high in salt.
    Studies have shown that rates of nasopharyngeal cancer are high in areas where Chinese-style salted fish is very common.
    Studies have linked eating large amounts of foods preserved by salting and pickling with an increased risk of stomach cancer. The incidence of stomach cancer is greater in parts of the world (such as Japan) where diets traditionally include foods that are salt-preserved.

    There is no evidence that suggests using small amounts of salt in cooking or flavouring foods affects cancer risk.
    Reducing your risk

    If you eat cured, smoked meats or processed meat or fish, have them in small amounts and less often.

    Do not add salt to these foods at the table or in cooking.

    Eat salt-preserved foods in small amounts and only once in a while.”)


    Cancer information / Cancer 101 / What is a risk factor? / Diet / Cured, smoked and salt-preserved foods

    American Cancer Society. (2006, September 28). The Complete Guide – Nutrition and Physical Activity. Atlanta: American Cancer Society, Inc.
    Bastide NM, Pierre FH, and Corpet DE. Heme iron from meat and risk of colorectal cancer: a meta-analysis and a review of the mechanisms involved. (2011, February). Cancer Prevention Research. American Association for Cancer Research, Inc.. 4(2): pp: 177-84. (PMID 21209396).
    Cross AJ, Ferrucci LM, Risch A, et al. A large prospective study of meat consumption and colorectal cancer risk: an investigation of potential mechanisms underlying this association. (2010, March 15). Cancer Research. American Association for Cancer Research. 70(6): pp: 2406-14 (PMID:20215514).
    Ferguson LR. Meat and cancer. (2010, February). Meat Science. Elsevier. 84(2): pp: 308-13 (PMID:20374790).
    Greenwald P. Cancer prevention: diet and chemopreventative agents: dietary carcinogens. DeVita, V. T., Jr., Hellman, S., & Rosenberg, S. A., (Eds.). (2005). Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology. (7th Edition). Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 20.5: pp. 536-540.

  155. Misty says:

    I agree Sarah
    No mention of the fact that curing with celery frequently shows the nitrate levels to be far higher than that of cured with sodium nitrate.

    This is a poorly sourced article.

  156. Alex says:

    I, too, agree with your comment Sarah. I would like to see more credible sources as well as links to the research papers and/or scientific journals.

    Yes I am skeptical, but it’s justified considering such an extreme statement.

  157. INH Research says:

    Please see the updated article above for our response to the WCRF press release.


    INH Research Team

  158. Sunny Shervey says:

    I agree with this post.. I agree with much of what this article is saying, but I don’t understand why the study isn’t posted in their references if they are citing it as the source of their findings…

    Can you please post the research study so we can read on..?

  159. Doug Stipple says:

    Your example of your family is an outlier, unless you are stupid enough to redden your meat with nitrites before you eat it, which for your hillbilly family’s sake one would hope is not the case, since meat-reddeners are the main cause of cancer in read meat, just as the article stated. did you READ it? Jeez where do you GET your lack of information syndrome?

  160. mitch says:

    I’ts processed foods just research sodium nitrate which is on all those foods because im always looking at whats in what I eat and you know what is in almost everything. Something modified and s%$# to keep the food last longer and for the color not to change. MSDS is updated every three years and thats because alot of things cause cancer so there’s constant research to find ways not to harm yourself.

  161. Janice says:

    I thought the article was about processes meat. So you’re fine eating “fresh” meat.
    Whether the article is all true or not, it does bring to attention that our society consumes more processed meat than ever…and do our children. You can heat a hotdog or bacon once in awhile, but our kids, they eat hotdog, burgers, ravioli whatever…5 days a week…in school.

    So maybe the article is 40% correct..that’s fine…at least there’s a little more awareness for further research.

  162. Doug Stipple says:

    Your reply, frankly, suffers from bad reasoning. For example, you say emphatically that you would not be surprised if the ENTIRE article was written by one person from some Peta(?). Surely whoever it was written by it was one person lol. Another example is that pharmaceutical companies do not make money from radiation therapy. I mean REALLY?! These reasoning errors called me into doubt about the soundness of you the author.

  163. Rick says:

    You are a moron. If that were true, I have a feeling it would be proven by now, and disease would be all but wiped out…

    You know what, I don’t have the time to deal with you. See my original statement.

  164. IHEARTFOOD says:

    “That’s why meat eaters have stinky rotten gas and vegans do not.”

    I know some vegans personally and their gas smells just as bad if not worse than anybody elses. Nice ignorance.

  165. Jerimiah Istafarce says:

    Oh hey there Doug. Check out this other vegan: They’re pretty smart, fair, and reasonable. Though I disagree with them they’re at least knowledgeable of the subjects they’re talking about, and not liars.

  166. Very wrong says:

    What you say is interesting, but also very wrong. Humans are omnivores, not herbivores or carnivores. Humans were meant to eat meat and if you ate raw meat fresh off the animal like a tiger then it’s considered much like a sterile environment. It’s the packaging and preserving that allows the meat to become the perfect breeding ground to bacteria. There are some foods that were not meant for human consumption. Grains, soy, corn and certain nuts are really hard on the digestive tract or cannot be digested at all. Ever wondered why corn and peanuts come out looking the same way as they went in? Lol

    And as for cancer caused by process meats? Sheesh in the world we live in what DOESN’T cause cancer…

  167. Travis - Minneapolis Video Production says:


    For all of the things that “cause cancer” or “increase by 30, 50, 60%” the risk of cancer, I am shocked I am still alive.

    For gosh sake, I drink water out of a plastic cup, I don’t eat organic food because the “organic industry” has priced it so expensive, I get shots and drink alcohol from time to time, I don’t work out every single day, and I eat processed food on a weekly basis, we use teflon pans and use a microwave here or there!

    Sure, I garden, I go on walks pushing our double stroller, I have an active career in photography and video production that gets me outside and hauling camera gear, I go for the occasional bike ride and I have a walk behind lawn mower, plus we like to shop at a local meat and produce market to “keep it local”.

    Perhaps your life is just whatever you decide to call it and focus on. I try to focus on the positives and cut down on the negatives as much as I can. And like you said John, if I were to take everything the health nuts said 100% of the time – I’d never be able to eat or drink anything!


  168. Barry says:

    Very well said

  169. Yourebs says:

    Maybe so but they weren’t preserving their meets with MSG and sodium nitrite!

  170. Larry says:

    He’s not referring to the article dip%#% but the person above who comments that meat in general is bad. If anything he is defending the main article.

    Learn how to read forum comments!!

  171. Eli A says:

    Doug, you are rude to the point of showing your stupidity. To call someone a hillbilly because they live on a generational farm is really and truly contributing to the problem we have in the US of people having no relationship with their food. I suppose you live in the city, and therefore view yourself as sophisticated and urban? Doug, have you, by chance, had the opportunity to raise, feed, nurture, slaughter, butcher and cure your own dinner? I’m betting the answer is no. And if it is, then you need to jump down off your highhorse and shut the ____ up.

  172. Lu says:

    Wow. I totally agree about how harmful nitrites are, but everyone (in almost all of these comments) is so mean and rude to each other – I really don’t see how sharing and conversing about health information should be the cause of so much insult and abrasive, aggressive tone. I think it’s a good thing to be researching and knowing what is in our food and what is being distributed–being educated about what goes into our bodies and what implications that has for our health is an extremely important matter. No one is going to listen when they are being insulted though–that totally goes for both sides of this argument. It makes it really hard to read and respect either viewpoint when they are being presented this way.

  173. Bob says:

    Excellent discourse! Insult people online, that’ll win them over! :D

  174. Ben says:

    Doug Stipple’s insulting reply speaks volumes about who he is, and what he has to contribute to the conversation here: big, fat, zilch.

  175. jackson hunter says:

    umm how bout we stop reading books and actually try to understand the science, instead of have it dumbed down and packaged for easy reading? im a biologist. i dont read ‘books’ to get important information. i read peer reviewed journals. PRIMARY sources. i know almost next to nothing about the aforementioned research on processed food. i dont care. i dont eat it anyways. the problem is that people on both sides of the argument bastardize the research to create their own propaganda. im pretty sure that the meat is bad for you. im pretty sure that the corporations have a hand in controlling legislature regarding that meat. but i am also pretty sure that few of you have taken the time to read the literature and come to your own conclusions. dont let either side dictate what you believe. and for the love of jebus, reference your statements.

  176. Tony says:

    Thanks, but your efforts will be of no avail; noticed a lot of FOX NEWS fans here.

  177. stoplookingatmeswan says:

    Well put

  178. Cat says:

    Thank you for your well worded and educated view on this issue.

  179. Laken says:

    Thank you for an intelligent reply. This is exactly my response to many such “news” articles that have obviously biased references where they have references at all. This is extremely frustrating to those of us who work in the sciences and see the immediate flaw in the argument above. In the professional science world, you can’t just spout your opinion as fact and not back in up with primary sources. You would be taken apart by your peers and laughed out of legitimate research circles in a heartbeat.

  180. Jeff says:

    LOL, Good job Jackson Hunter!!! Its so true, you can take “Facts” from either camp and “Bastardize” them to create your own “Valid Point of view”, Ive done it!!!

  181. Paul William Fassett says:

    It’s a pretty well known fact that companie hire Doctors, and researchers to release favorable reviews to both the FDA, and the public. Many documentaries released with actual FDA regulators saying it. So as they say, right from the horses mouth. Also I enjoyed quite a laugh from: “umm how bout we stop reading books” Yes, that is exactly what this retarded three ring circus of a society needs, even less well informed citizens.

    If you look at the numbers, cancer has gone up exponentially after the introduction of preservatives, and dyes into our diets. I guess though you would have to read those nasty ole BOOKS to get that info.

  182. Bill says:

    Paul William Fasset:

    Please provide some documentation to back up your statements.

    Jackson Hunter is not suggesting that people not educate themselves, he’s suggesting that they go to the primary sources to do so, not to pop science publications.

  183. arimrc says:

    ok, you’re just a self righteous ass. sorry, someone had to say it. if you are are so educated and knowledgable then be a good steward and help inform others instead of putting them down. you are nothing if you do not use your influences for that of good. i really don’t care what your spiritual beliefs are either, but just wondering? who is jebus? if you are referring to jesus, he is an actual man, check you references.

  184. Ryan says:

    Perhaps some things lack the documentation necessary for you to qualify it as ‘actually happening’. By the time documentation has been produced, the thing has happened. Are any of you interested in stopping something terrible before it occurs? And a simple search will turn up hundreds of documents proving doctors are in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. Here’s one about gifting. Found it by typing with my toes and face, that’s how easily it turned up:

    Some things don’t need a document to be true, you lazy bastards. Some things shimmer and glow with the truth. Be your own primary source every once and a while and you might get ahead in life.

  185. Danny says:

    Ryan, did you just recommend that people be their own resources? I am all about original thought, but I realize that my thoughts in my head are not proof of anything. I also think that proving one fact to be true does not prove another fact. If doctors take money, does not prove that sodium nitrite causes cancer and whatever else you want to prove to be true etc. The reality is THAT is religion, take some true things and prove those and mix it in with whatever you want the other party to believe (or believe yourself) based on completely circumstantial evidence. This document DOESN’T include references, and DOESN’T make any scientific or logical sense or argument. Saying “Something is bad, cause the bible tells me so” doesn’t make it so, no matter how much YOU want to believe it.

  186. KH says:

    I fear for people who so want to be scared that they’ll twist the truth and then stick to their own fictions with such vigour.

    > Also I enjoyed quite a laugh from: “umm how bout we stop reading books” Yes, that is exactly what this retarded three ring circus of a society needs

    No, he objected to people reading books that are

    > dumbed down and packaged for easy reading

    … rather than properly informed.

    Seriously, anyone who can’t even read a short post and understand what it says is probably going to struggle with a whole book.

    And in general, I *love* that the World Cancer Research Fund have written to this website and said that it’s distorting the science and mis-attributing to them statements they didn’t make, and yet the author is still determined to stick to his/her story.

    A triumph of fear-mongering over reality.

  187. Phil says:

    Here, I took the liberty of actually looking this stuff up for you guys. This is information directly from a 2007 study by the World Cancer Research Fund called, Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective. To view the full report, go here ( and register. All you need is an e-mail address. Then go to the “Second Expert Report” page and download what you like in pdf format. Read this if you’re actually interested in this stuff and draw YOUR OWN conclusions. You’re Welcome.
    Page 41
    “Some N-nitroso compounds are carcinogens, and are formed in foods containing added nitrates or nitrites; examples include fish and meat preserved with salting or preservatives, and smoking or drying. These carcinogens can also be generated from ingested foods containing nitrate or nitrite. N-nitroso compounds are also produced endogenously in the stomach and colon of people who eat large amounts of red meat or take nitrite supplements.”
    Page 118
    “Nitrate occurs naturally in plants; levels vary between species and with different soil conditions and the amount of fertiliser used. In high-income countries, vegetables account for 70–97 per cent of dietary nitrate intake. Between 5 and 20 per cent of the nitrate in diets is converted by the body into nitrite, a substance that is also found in some vegetables (notably potatoes). Nitrite is used to preserve processed meats (it is extremely toxic to bacteria) and gives cured meats their recognisable colour and flavours. The addition of nitrite and nitrate to food is regulated and monitored in most countries. Nitrite can react with the degradation products of amino acids to form N-nitroso compounds (nitrosamines or nitrosamides). These may be formed in meat during the curing process or in the body (particularly in the stomach) from dietary nitrite (or nitrate). Several N-nitroso compounds are known human or animal carcinogens. There is concern that nitrite, from processed meats for example, nitrates in vegetables, and preformed nitrosamines may be involved in carcinogenesis, particularly in the stomach (see Chapter 2). Dietary nitrates and nitrites are probable human carcinogens because they are converted in the body to N-nitroso compounds.”

  188. John Dernham says:

    I really hate to read comments on an article like this and see people that deny the claims. I also hate to see people that clamor for primary sources but themselves say they don’t read books but peer reviews… Anyway don’t take it personally. To those who read this head the message from this article, America has gone too long sitting idle in the lap of the corporations that use the people as animals. It’s not conspiracy, it’s not uneducated, it’s not up for debate, really. Look at your society America 50 years ago America was number one in pretty much every category. Today however we are too fat and sick (with cancer) to stand up and say NO. So ease I urge you, sit an think for a moment, can you make a difference, in your life or that of your children? And stop listening to biologists who read peer reviews and call them primary sources. THIS ARTICAL IS A PRIMARY RESOURES.

  189. Scott Hamilton says:

    EXACTLY. Where is the link to the primary source. PLEASE. I want to believe you, but you give me no reason to

  190. troyboy says:

    Not that I’m disagreeing with everything…but plants do not have a cardiovascular system, as they do not have hearts. (No artichoke jokes please!) But a VASCULAR system, yes. I’m also pretty certain plants do not have a nervous system as they neither have nerves nor brains to process information. This soap box presentation was brought to you by…fourth grade science!

  191. Danny says:

    So, is it the cardiovascular system that causes cancer?

  192. Anonymous says:

    MSG is not a preservative, it’s a flavour enhancer and responsible for the flavour “umami”. Also, it’s a naturally occurring amino acid.

  193. Lu says:

    As I am reading through the different comments and statements just out of curiosity as to different people’s opinions, I notice you seem to really care about citing sources, yet you haven’t cited any sources here as to why you think these things are unfounded and incorrect. It’s got to go both ways–both sides should be citing the sources that have lead them to believe one way or another is true.

  194. greg says:

    david, common sense tells us most of that article is valid. can you cite any sources disproving the article?

  195. vicki says:

    “Chymotrypsin and trypsin are cancer fighting enzymes? Wrong.”

    How do you know this is wrong. You are clearly calling this person out on misinformation. You want the readers of your comments to believe YOU. Then where is your information coming from? You must also cite your source of that info. And there are a few other comments you made in your statement. Can’t call someone out on not citing their source and then do EXACTLY the same thing!!

  196. Beef Jerky says:

    After correction for measurement error, higher all-cause mortality remained significant only for processed meat. We estimated that 3.3% (95% CI 1.5% to 5.0%) of deaths could be prevented if all participants had a processed meat consumption of less than 20 g/day. Significant associations with processed meat intake were observed for cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and ‘other causes of death’.

  197. jeremy says:

    the worst part of all this is it distracts from the real problems in the meat industry.. you all should be more worried about the hormones, and animal feed used in our meat more then what is used to preserve it.

  198. Bob says:

    No, this article is using scare tactics and cheap tricks to twist the meaning of their “researched materials”.

    Also, the other links on this site about fat turning to muscle? Wtf?

  199. Bob says:

    That’s not how it works… You don’t need to cite a source that proves you have to cite sources.

    If someone makes a claim, they have to back that claim up. I don’t need “evidence” to prove that citations are required for claims…

  200. Bill says:

    The burden of proof lies on the person making claims of factual statements.

  201. Bob says:

    Common sense? I didn’t know the common public were all biologists and doctors.

    The very first sentence claims the World Cancer Research Fund says we should NEVER AGAIN eat red meat FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES.

    And yet, if you follow the footnote and then seek out that article on the WCRF site, it says we should AVOID it.

    This article uses scare tactics and makes bogus claims.

  202. Craig says:

    Common sense tells me the earth is flat and that the sun goes around the Earth. There are a couple of important facts about common sense – few people have it, though almost everyone thinks they do and common sense is very often just plain wrong. More often than not, what people claim is common sense is nothing more than opinion which is dressed up in bullying logical fallacies to make them either seem more plausible or make others feel small for not accepting them out of hand.

    Here’s the thing about someone making a claim – it is up to the person making the claim to provide evidence for the claim. Or do the flying spaghetti monster and the invisible teapot in space exist because I say they do until you prove they don’t?

    Sure, if someone comes out and says that this stuff is all just plain bollocks, they can be expected to give good justification, but equally, anyone claiming the article’s claims are true (and the article) must equally provide evidence. Or admit that it’s just opinion and should not be treated as fact.

  203. jonah says:

    lol…dont be mean

  204. Ryan says:

    awesome. these people cling very tight to their bacon. IT’S NOT GOOD FOR YOU. Sodium Nitrate is VERY linked to cancer. That’s all.

  205. Source Material says:

    Hi INH Research Team,

    Are you also concerned about the problems with online media/blogs and how they mis-represent scientific findings to further their own agendas?

    I guess not, otherwise you would have changed the headline and deleted the first paragraph by now.

  206. Source Material says:

    Dear INH Research Team,

    Thank you for updating at least one of your sources. The problem is that you link to source material that contradicts your article. Therefore you still need to amend your headline and the ridiculous statement that,

    “Consumers should stop buying and eating all processed meat products for the rest of their lives.”

    The actual research states that it could cause cancer.

    BTW – I love your disclaimer,

    “We are not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, effectiveness, or correct use of information you receive through our product, or for any health problems that may result from training programs, products, or events you learn about through the site. The publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions.”

    Basically, what you’re saying is that what you write is rubbish and not sub-edited.

    If you can’t write, blog.
    If you can’t research, make it up.

  207. Hypocratus says:

    Yes, please eat your poisons in moderation. Also, only punch a baby once a month, and it’s okay to steal once every three days.


  208. Matt says:

    *working for that company. Look at how mansanto is BANNED in hundreds of countries around the world…NOT NORTH AMERICA! Do your own fricken research before you start arguing EITHER side. Ill make it easy for you. Search Monsanto, and you will have all the information you need. 20$ says this comment last 10 minutes before one of those fools steps in and removes it so please copy paste. Have a wonderful day!!
    -a well informed Canadian

  209. jess says:

    If I don’t own a TV that doesn’t mean I’m looking down my nose at everyone. I don’t own a TV and therefore I don’t watch TV. When I visit family, I may kick back and enjoy a TV marathon from time to time. Likewise if I’m in a bar and a TV is on I’m likely to watch it. But it’s not on my top list of desires. It doesn’t mean I’m judging anyone who spends time watching TV. It’s just my own preference. But thanks for judging me. Hate away.

  210. INH Research says:

    Please see the updated article above for our response to the WCRF press release.


    INH Research Team

  211. INH Research says:

    Please see the updated article above for our response to the WCRF press release.


    INH Research Team

  212. Danny says:

    Did you know that Nitrates are converted to Nitrites in the body? Did you know that vegetables are full of nitrates? Have you actually done ANY research at all?

  213. Danny says:

    Perhaps if he would have just said “prove it” it would have made you feel better? Same end goal.

  214. Danny says:

    Bold conclusion.. I guess there were no other possible reasons for a difference.. at all.. right?

  215. Danny says:

    Do you? Do you see every mineral that goes into the growth of your food? I guarantee you don’t.

  216. Danny says:

    Could that be the only problem? So food is the cause of the cancer increase? Could it be more sunlight, air pollution, genetic mutation, genetics in general, discovery of types of cancer that were not discovered before, smoking…. Na… none of that or the billion other possible reasons.. you nailed the reason I’m sure.

  217. Danny says:

    After a review of the human body and its processing mechanics, like cuspids, I have determined that it was designed to eat both plants AND animals. Based on 7000 studies (people) I have met having them. Science!? :D

  218. Danny says:

    Yes, lets call something poison that is not, and then extrapolate from there. SCIENCE!

  219. Danny says:

    If the “healthy” side were not so arrogant for no reason, you’d probably have a better debate.. albeit a shorter one.

  220. Danny says:

    A plant never becomes an animal, and insects are animals.. so are humans… commonly confused idea.

  221. Justine says:

    The update is helpful, but where is the “study”? This is the basis for the article and should be listed in the references.

  222. Phil says:

    look up at my previous post for an excerpt from the actual study.

  223. Jared says:

    I completely agree. All this anti-meat talk is perplexing. Although it is obvious that processed meat is not as healthy or as safe as fresh meat, meat consumption is the primary reason for homo sapien brain development. We would never have evolved such a large brain with advanced cognitive function without it.
    This source talks about how fresh, lean meat is actually healthy
    This source discusses the reasons for and advantages of eating meet by early hominids
    This source talks directly about how important protein, amino acids, and other micro nutrients are to human brain development for millions of years.
    The optimum human diet, based on hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution is the paleo- diet (so its nick named) and it does include meat. Can similarly optimum diets be achieved without meat in today’s society? I’m sure its feasible, just far more difficult and probably more expensive.

  224. Sarah says:

    hahahaha! Ross, I love how you ignored Norman by replying.

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