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The Cause of Your High Blood Pressure Is Not What You Think 

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If your blood pressure reading is high during a check-up, your doctor will likely ask you to do one or all of these three things:

  1. Cut down on salt.
  2. Exercise more.
  3. Take a hypertension drug.

An eye-opening study shows that you may not need to do any of that to bring down your blood pressure.

It found that increasing your intake of one crucial mineral may lower your blood pressure to normal levels.… Read More

How Climate Change Is Damaging Your Immune System

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When we think about climate change, things like rising seas, higher temperatures, and stronger storms come to mind. 

But global warming is also affecting our bodies.  

And it’s doing it from the inside out, by changing what’s in the food we eat, according to a major Harvard study.i 

Climate Change Is Making Us Deficient in a Crucial Mineral 

Climate change is caused by rising levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. Read More