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The Tragic Truth About Prescription Painkillers

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So much death… So much addiction… So much misery… 

It all could have been avoided…  

If only doctors hadn’t made a tragic assumption. 

Since 1999, more than 400,000 Americans have died from opioid overdoses. And that number grows by the hour.  

An average of 130 of us die every day from opioids. And every day, 1,000 Americans are rushed to the hospital after overdosing.Read More

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COVID Alert: Many Prescription Drugs Reduce Vaccine Response

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Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that people who take certain prescription medications may not get full protection from COVID vaccines.[1]

The drugs include common steroid anti-inflammatory medications, autoimmune drugs, cancer drugs, and immunosuppressants taken by organ recipients.[2]

Nearly 3% of Americans over 65 take at least one of these drugs, the researchers said.

Are Your Medications Thwarting the COVID Vaccine?

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The Dirty Little Secret Behind Cancer Drugs

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If you got cancer, how would your doctors decide what treatment to give you?

It’s likely they would turn to guidelines from the U.S. National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN). It’s a little-known group of doctors with big clout. They recommend what cancer drugs should be used in which situations.

The NCCN frequently recommends that cancer medications be used beyond the situations for which they were approved by the FDA.… Read More

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Natural Alternatives to the Most-Prescribed Drugs

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America has become a nation of pill poppers.

Some 66% of American adults now take at least one drug daily. That’s up from 51% just 15 years earlier.[1] [2]

The inside of many medicine cabinets in the U.S. looks like a pharmacy. About 13% of Americans are on five or more prescription drugs.[3]

Big Pharma spends millions every year on advertising and marketing.… Read More