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It’s in the Air…and It’s Damaging Your Heart

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You may have read the news stories about cities in India and China that have air pollution so thick that people have to stay inside their homes to avoid getting sick.i 

Anyone who has visited Los Angeles can tell you that the U.S. has its own air pollution problems.  

You may figure you’re not being harmed by air pollution if you don’t live a big city with smog. Read More

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The World’s Leading Killer Is Not What You Think

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You’d probably never guess what the world’s biggest killer is.

It’s not heart disease… Or cancer… Or malaria… Or war.

It’s not even COVID-19.

A study in the journal The Lancet found that pollution causes an estimated 9 million premature deaths a year. That’s 15 times more than all wars and terrorism combined.

It’s eight times more than COVID-19.[1]

It’s three times more than malaria, AIDS, and tuberculosis combined.… Read More